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  1. I have a theory that the length of the club affects how you miss hit the ball. If the club is too long, you'll tend to miss towards the toe, too short, you'll tend to miss toward the heel.
  2. When it comes to craftsmanship, these Japanese really knows what they are doing!
  3. It's better that I spend the money I have on golf than on another woman... thats what I tell my wife
  4. Here's mine. I'm a Scotty *****, but only for certain models. The Studio Select was bough about 2 years back because I wanted a zero offset and direct feel. However, I find that the sight line like most other blades is quite short, and this makes it harder to line up to the target. Mallets are easier to line up because there's more space to put in some sort of sight lines. However mallets requires a straight back and front swing, and an arc type of putting stroke don't work well with mallets. It was until the Del Mar came along. It has a slightly longer sight line, and favours an arc type of putting stroke. Both putters have quite a lot of toe hang, the Studio Select toe hangs at 4 o'clock position, while the Del Mar is 5 o'clock! That's the most toe hang I ever from any putters. If only it has no offset. Yeah, I still sux at putting, but no harm getting a nice putter. Others spend money on drivers, me? I'm a putter ho.
  5. I always tell my son among the biggest tragedies in life, is self delusion - so stop kidding yourself. I like this forum because it consist of real people, not "average" golfers who hits the ball 320 yards with a slight draw. We all have our struggles with the golf game and life, but we are united by our common love for the game, and of course, the joys of shiny new golf equipments Its the internet and you can be whatever you want, but here in MGS I can be myself without shame, that's what I like.
  6. I'll be changing driver and putter. I am quite keen in getting either a TM or Cobra AMP driver, something which is adjustable simply because that's the trend. I'm also thinking of getting a Scotty Del Mar putter, this would be my second Scotty in the past 2 years. With that, my bag would be set for the year.
  7. I'm not qualified to offer swing advices, as I have my hooks season and slice seasons. Problem is I can never tell when one ends and the other begins. Usually when your ball flight goes awry.... the best thing you can do is head down to the shops for a new driver
  8. I wonder if anybody's doing data storage around here? Data Storage is everybody's favourite whipping boy when things go awry in the IT environment. As long as they see a SCSI error somewhere in the logs, it's GOTTA be a storage issue.
  9. I thought for a limited edition $975 is quite good value, considering there are people who put down thousands for a set of Honma irons. Unfortunately I'm not really a collector, I buy golf clubs solely for the purpose to game them. The set is just too gorgeous to be ruined by my hacking.
  10. I think this is the absolutely best review I have seen. It's so relevant to my needs as I am in the market for a 3 wood, not just any 3 wood, but the longest I can find. I almost bought the Exotics because of it's prior reputation for being the longest. But thankfully this review came in and made me rethink my options.
  11. I am not sure how many of you are family with this great product called Speed Chain, http://www.golf-swing-tips.com/speed-chain-instructions.html. It looks like a good product with great reviews by many users. However it suffered from one very serious drawback. It requires quite a lot of room space to use. For people like me who lives in the city and in a tiny apartment, using the Speed Chain is not possible. So here's the challenge - re-invent the speed chain into a gadget that can be used indoors safely. Anybody up for it?
  12. Is that a kind of tripod stand for iPhone? I've been looking for something which I can used for recording my swing on the golf range.
  13. Getting fitted properly is fine and good if your swing is already consistent. But for me, I am in the process of working on my swing and improving my fitness level so I can crank up my drives. But my clubhead speed is not very consistent. When I have not warmed up enough or I am too tired, I clock about 102 - 105 mph. When I am optimal, I crank up about 108 - 112, and I max out about 118mph. So in this transition period, getting fitted seems a horrible idea and potentially waste of time and money. I'm also not a big fan of going for lessons, as finding the right teacher who won't put you one step forward, three steps back is unbelievably hard. Which is why doing my own research and adjustability is a good thing for folks like me. However, $399 for a fairway wood is a bit steep, that's a decent price for a driver or putter. But for a fairway wood which I only need for 2 holes per round - provided all the planets lines up correctly, is a bit overkill.
  14. I agree with you that moving up to the shorter tee box may not help, as the situation depends on the layout and your game. While I do not have the audacity to play from the Black tee, my aim for this year is to increase my driving distance so that I can comfortably play the Black tee if I so choose to - that's where the 450m par 4, and 550 par 5 comes into play. That's why I ask to tackle a course of this length, what would be a reasonable driving distance - assume all other parts of your game is in reasonable shape.
  15. I feel for you and my prayers are for you too! Hope you'll feel better soon!
  16. I know most of us like to drive as far as possible. In a perfect world all of us would be hitting a drive 270 m with a slight draw, reach par 5's in two strokes, and have a wedge or at most a short iron to the green for all Par 4s. In the real world, many would be happy (or lucky) to drive 220 m down the middle. With 220m getting home in two for longer Par 4s could be quite a tall order, and probably impossible if you got a downhill lie for the shot. My question is, is there a minimum driving distance that one can play on ANY course without giving a stroke away due to lack of distance? My gut feel tells me it's about 240 - 250m - that's roughly my driving distance on good days, and I struggle on long par 4s, and have almost no chance of getting on the green on Par 5 in two strokes.
  17. I find it hard to understand what fun is golf if you play from tee to green with 7 / 8 iron from tee to green? Yes your scores would be much better, but you leave the course feeling like you didn't quite had a round of golf. What's more, golf clubs comes in a set, whether you use it or not, you already paid for your Drivers, Woods and long irons, maybe that's why some people insist on using them on the course against all odds. But the best thing for hackers is to go take some lessons, not go to the golf course and slow other people down. After that, go to the driving range and get your swing working. Do not waste time and money playing in golf course when you really should be spending time at the practice tee / green. Not only you frustrate yourself, you frustrate others.
  18. I think shaft reviews are a good reference for me. There is no way to know for sure how a shaft might perform for me unless I buy the shaft and have it transplanted on my club head. And this would involve considerable time and expenses. Even a visit to the club fitter without committing to anything is going to cost me as nobody would do it for free. To make it worse, most of them try to push products which they already have in stock and try to "educate" the customer to conform their swing to their available shaft. For people like me, I like to have both comparison between brands, and well as comparison between shafts under the same brand. Also I like to look at objective stats like spin rates, launch angles, whether there's any impact on ball speed. Therefore having the shafts tested on a machine is preferred. Because nobody can swing exactly the same way every time, but with a machine like Iron Byron, you can program it to swing exactly the same speed, same club loading characteristics, same launch angle. And then you compare the results across different brands. That should be how you do a scientific comparison.
  19. I must be the most unfortunate guy in the world. I have golfers elbow on my right arm, plus tennis elbow on my left. The only thing that worked for appreciable length of time is cortisone injection to the sites. Other than that, I am very conscious of grip pressure when I play. I realized that higher grip pressure tend to result in more pain after the game.
  20. I rely on my 18 deg hybrid all the time. It's the club which gives me the most ROI of any clubs in the bag. When it absolutely has to get from here to there somehow, it's my trusty 18 deg hybrid. And the adage where taking more club when in doubt, the 18 deg hybrid is always the more club that gets it there. Whether it's a 140 m, or a 180 m to the flag, I will always somehow mishit the hybrid to get the ball there (my normal range distance for this club is around 190 m).
  21. For me, a 300 yard drive doesn't make a great hole, I have to learn not to be greedy and be happy with a 200 ish drive on the fairway.
  22. Please tell me... I'm not a physics / science guy. I always thought the question of whether something floats on water, is dependent on that object's density versus that of water? As for the question of whether the ball will fly far if it floats, it'll be interesting to explore as well.
  23. I would love to have it, just to cut it into halves. I know I'm weird, but I thought it looks so cool being hollow core
  24. And I thought the fake was the real, and the real was the fake One thing I know for sure, never ever buy anything from China
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