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  1. Callaway and Taylor Made are simply killing themselves when they keep releasing new products every few months. Each new release are actually cannibalizing the older releases, and way before the development costs for these older products are fully recovered through sales.


    For consumers like me however, there are more upsides than downsides, as the fiercely competitive market forces the price of new products down.

  2. IMHO people are not so into golf because the learning curve is just so steep. I have a few colleagues who are just picking up the game, but it will be months before they are ready to bring their game from the lesson tee to a real golf course.


    Compare that to soccer, basketball, tennis, just about anybody can dive right into it and have some fun.

    I think the keys to getting people play golf for the long term are getting them good at it, and injury avoidance. And with proper techniques, one would be less likely to get injured.


    For this to happen, we need more affordable golf instructions. Starting out golf is not cheap, and I think if the major golf brands want to insure long term growth of the market, they should sponsor golf lessons. This would ultimately help grow the game, and sustain interest for the long term. Golf teachers would also need not worry so much about paying the bills, just concentrate on providing good instructions.

  3. I have a few random thoughts to share:


    First golf is not all about Tiger. Although I think it was Tiger who transformed golf from a rich old men game, to what us considered quite a cool pursuit nowadays.


    Second, the poor rookie was trying too hard to say the right thing, I'm sure if I were in his position I would have screwed up in much bigger ways than him.


    Finally Tiger's game is in transition, it's always a work in progress, isn't it the same with most of us? It'll be interesting if he gets it all together again, even if he don't, there are lots of other interesting drama on the course if you look hard enough.

  4. I totally agree ,there is too many good putters out there, such as heavy putter,cleveland etc. I am thinking about buying a cleveland putter new for $89.99. You cant beat that.I just cant see spending what they want for a sc putter.

    I use a Cleveland putter. For the price it puts many other brands which cost few times more to shame.


    But like I said in my earlier post, I ordered a Scotty putter for nothing more than vanity reasons.

  5. I ordered a new Scotty recently. To be really frank about it, part of the reason why I got a Scotty is just pure vanity.


    I might find that it doesn't work out well, and my cheapo Cleveland Classic makes more putts. But then again, since I blew good money on the putter, I'll commit even more time to improve my putting, which is the weakest part of my golf game.


    Everytime I walk down the driving range, I see people pounding away with their expensive drivers. Which makes some sense, because they spent good money on their flashy drivers, so why not use it more often? Even though for better or worse, it probably won't significantly help their scores.


    Taking the same approach, I chose to spend more money on a putter that I like. This would motivate me to spend much more time on my putter (and my short game as well). I believe this will translate to much better scoring and enjoyment of my golf game.

  6. The pictures looks good, but in my mind I still think the Studio Select Newport Series is the most classic. The new Tour Rat doesn't look all that much different in pictures compared to Newport.


    Anyway I have just ordered a Newport 2.6. Would be nice to be able to get the Tour Rat headcover tho.

  7. When I watch Golf Channel, the pros also have tonnes of lag putts to deal with in any round. But what sets them apart is their ability to lag the ball very close to the hole, and even occasionally holing out from long distances.


    The whole key here is to lag it really close, so that the second putt is pretty much a gimme. This plus occasional holing out from long distance, approach shots that land very near to the hole, anyone can score below par :)


    Alas, many things in golf is easier said than done. :D

  8. I purchased the app. It's simply brilliant! I play in a very undulating link style course and I think this app will help me a great deal.


    The coaching videos were also very clear and concise. If you download the free version you get just the coaching videos. The full app helps with club selection and alignment.


    Just playing with the app I realized why I missed so many greens because I did not account for the slope enough. Those sidehill + up/downhill lies are not as straight forward to figure out as I imagined after all.

  9. Not sure what is it about the SS350, the weight is just right, and the sweet spot is so easy to find. But I'm getting dialed in to my new Cleveland DST Tour. I suspect as long as the driver is well fitted to your swing, any driver can be just as good as others.


    But just like putters we eventually develop a love or hate relationship with it.

  10. There have been a lot of them...but which driver was the best you have ever hit?

    My previous driver which I used for over 6 years was a King Cobra SS 350 but I had to find a replacement recently when I realised a serious drop in performance in the driver. Only then I realised the driver face must have flattend over the years and lost much of it's trampoline effect. Fact that it remained in my bag for so long was because I could not find any modern driver that performed substantially better in term of distance and workability.


    So I got a TM Superfast which was a hook machine, before I got my current Cleveland DST Tour. What's good about DST Tour is it doesn't hook for me, it hits a nice fade by default, but I can draw it slightly, never in danger of the left side. It is a driver / shaft combo that begs to be hit hard, unlike many of the over sized/length drivers in the market, that I had to baby it to avoid hooking problems.


    IMHO DST Tour is the best driver for me at this point in time.

  11. Personally there is only one factor I'm interested in for Drivers: put these drivers on an Iron Byron, and see which brand / model carries the longest.


    The problem with testing by humans is that nobody can hit the ball exactly the same every time. So when people say this or that club hits 20 yards further, it really didn't mean much to me.


    All I like to see is given that everything remain the same, which driver hits further with perfect contact, then which driver loose less distance when contact is not perfect.

  12. I have purchased the App and been playing around with it for a while.


    Before that, I have just one caveat: The key to making breaking putts is as much about choose the correct line, as is the correct speed. You can hit your putt aimed correctly according to the Aimpoint chart but the ball still can't find the bottom of the hole because your speed is wrong. You can also mis-read the putt as there is no "scientific" way to tell how many degrees (or %) slope are you dealing with in a round, without using some kind of gadgets like Break Meter. And you should also preset the green speed before you start or you risk over or under read the break.


    Having put that aside, we come to the App itself. It is really a very very simple App for the price. There are 3 options for different kind of green, Planer, Crown and Saddle, and you basically drag the red dot which signifies the ball to the correct location in relation to the zero line. You'll have to set the distance up to a maximum of 20 feet, and grade up to a maximum of 4% (which is corresponds to 2.3 deg of slope).


    The app will then tell you how much left or right (in inches) to aim, and hopefully that will make the putt.


    The app also comes with some youtube like videos on how to use it, how to figure out green speed, finding the straight putt, how to find a Aimpoint instructor, and links to Edel Golf (a putter maker).


    What I feel the app should improve on:


    There should be more distance (like 30 - 50 footers) and grade options as I think 4% is not enough. The App should also use degrees instead of % as this would be more easily understood by most laymen.


    There should also be options on choice of putting force - whether one choose to die the ball into the hole, or try to hit the ball 1 foot past the hole.


    The apps should also include a test procedure for figuring out the green speed which I feel is one of the most crucial factors in reading the green.




    It is good to have a systematic approach to read putts and line up putts, this app is a good starting point but it is no guarantee that the slick breaking downhill putt is going to be any easier. If you are a feel player who can just "will" the ball into the hole, you'll probably want to stay away.

  13. I've got a mallet putter and have a decent arc in my stroke, would a blade emphasise this?

    Is there point changing to a blade? Or just practice?

    I like to share this from my experience. If I use a blade putter with a straight back and thru stroke, I'll tend to pull my putts and miss left. I find it very very hard to putt straight. If I use a mallet putter with an arc stroke, I tend to push my putts and miss right. I have tested and confirm this theory through many hours of testing.


    I believe this is all due to weight distribution. A blade putter which has a bit more weight distributed towards the heel allows for closing the putter face more easily which suits an arc stroke. If you try using a straight back and through stroke, you will tend to close the face too much.


    While a mallet putter has weight distributed equally on the heel and the toe. This makes it more resistant (not impossible) to open and close the putter face.


    My take is it is slightly easier to get an arc stroke to work with a mallet putter compared to a straight back and through stroke to work with a blade putter. However putting being such a difficult thing to do well, I rather have less compensation in my stroke just to suit the equipment, it is always much better to get the equipment that suits my stroke so there's minimal compensation in my stroke.

  14. Does it compare to the scotty newport 2?

    If you look very closely, a Scotty workmanship is more refined, not that the Cleveland putty is in anyway shoddy. The Cleveland putter just somehow loose out in term of that "bling" factor when you put both putters side by side. But that's just me.


    Performance and feel wise, Cleveland is every bit as good, if not better than more expensive putters in the market. I particularly love the soft buttery feel of Cleveland, Scotty feels a little bit more crisp by comparison. Otherwise both putters look similar at address.


    I have the Classic 4.5 blade putter in my bag about two months ago, and just changed to jumbo grip, which makes for a pretty heavy combination. As with any putters, I think 6 months is a good gauge whether the putter is a good fit.

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