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  1. Congrats to those selected! I have the PXi and came from C-Taper and will look forward to the reviews of the CT Lites to decide if its worth the switch back to CT.
  2. I was glad I had my Range Finder with slope calculation when i played this course but was not as fortunate with the nice weather you guys had... As with all mountain courses, you need to bring the clubs you are most comfortable hitting STRAIGHT with, not the ones you wish would hit straight... I used mostly 3wood and hybrid off the tees and only once used the driver so this course is about accuracy not distance. The course is short so I played from the Gold tees and later on in the round I sorta regretted the decision as it wasn't about length but the longer tees had a lot more blind t
  3. i'm originally from the Vancouver area and go back once or twice each year to visit family and friends. I usually play furry creek or mayfair lakes and came across pagoda Ridge while looking for somewhere new to play. My initial thought when looking at their website was that it was kinda cool (where the "great wall of china" acted as cart path that you could drive down to the fairway from), but then looking at other photos (and now your review) it's a bit gimmicky to downright tacky... When i looked at their green fees and i could play better courses around Surrey for less, so lo
  4. Currently a 6.4 HCP. Previously played PX 6.0 then moved to C-Taper S+ soft-stepped once and now PXi 6.0 in my Fourteen TC930 Forged 4-PW and RM11 52 & 58 wedges. I believe the C-Taper Lite is a direct competitor to the PXi so it should be a good test! I wanted to test the PXi and C-Taper Lite side by side during a round so there is less round to round performance variance. To achieve this I will reshaft the 4, 6, 8, PW and LW (if KBS sends me an extra 9-iron shaft) with the C-Taper Lite with custom ferrules and Iomic grips built to the same quality as my PXi shafted irons. I will play
  5. My thinking is that this is the version where you hit with the non confirming grooves side then for USGA inspections it will flip to the conforming grooves - just like the license plates on James Bonds cars lol!
  6. I'll just buy a used fitting cart and call it a day lol cuz that's what it looks like to me!
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