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  1. Yep, the wedges look like they need to be in my bag. A bit busy on the back but, hey I dont hit the ball with that side.
  2. Great story and good advice! I have a personal rule of if its 3 wood in I lay up. 18* hy or 21* hy if conditions and hazard locations are favorable then I'll take a smooth swing at it, so most of the time lay up. 5iron or less I go for it. I have the confidence for 5i and in, key for me is a smooth practice swing and the same at take off. Not very often am I 5i in on a par 5. So I also tend to lay up more often then going for it. I hit more wedge shots on course(full,3/4,half shots) than any club in the bag, so it I take less of a brain bashing (stupid, why did you go for it!) and my shoulders say thanks for not over swinging us out of socket.
  3. Have you guys seen this? Whats the buzz! Sounds like a good idea but man not sure I could get past the big black banana chasing my putter face.
  4. Wow that is crazy looking! I think if it works for you then who cares what it looks like! Curious, that is a cool idea!
  5. Great review, gonna check out the comp shorts now because of this review. Boxers just arent cutting it!
  6. Amen, I was thinking the same thing, and that its done pretty well. Real golfers hitting stock gear give you and Idea of how well a product works for a regular golfers. Then you can go get fit. Not Dustin J hitting "The New" 3 wood 400yrds or Mr. Big Bucks paying to be on a list. How come 7 out of 10 clubs on a "Hot List" always say "among the top pick of our testers" Hmmm! Keep doing what your doing it is great, of course this is my opinion.
  7. If it help to helps draw youth into the sport of golf then heck yes, bring on the Hello Kitty! The kids are the future of it all!
  8. The video is soooo informative! Have you all seen the Sports Science episode on weighted bats or clubs? May help off the course for muscle strength and flexibility but a big NO before the round. Its good to WARM UP but from hitting balls with regular clubs. Like warming up in the gym for 5 on the trend mill before your workout. You would be better off jogging around the parking lot to get your heart rate up and hitting a small bucket then swinging this SWING-A-MA-MAGIC BOOM STICK. Just my opinion!
  9. This is great, I have not even heard of a few of these products and now you give up your top picks with reviews. Nice gonna check them out now for sure. Nice work on the reviews by the way!
  10. Hey members, Mark is my name, been a member for awhile just dont get the free time to check in all the time. Gotta say this is a great forum and have learned alot about the game and great products coming out. (Truelinks Wear) (Trueaim) own both now. The drama of White Clubs, own them now to. Anyways, from Eastern WA work at EWU, 2 boys who like golf. Have been going to the gym the last 8 months working on golf specific training and also lost 25 pounds. Look out 2012 hit um well guys!
  11. Funny, none of the cart girls from the course are on there!
  12. One of the Pros at my home course is part of getting this of the ground. He was tell me all about it and how he is gonna get it going at the course for a test run this year. I think it would be great for the fund raiser tourneys when every person on the course buzzed up phones in some drink orders at the same time. Really though I hope it works out for them, it is a hard industry to break in to. I for one bring all my food and drink to course.
  13. Figured, looks like a good match! Cobra makes good gear, hope the best for Rickie and Cobra in 2012
  14. This is so awesome, I bought one for my brother for christmas and now I get one also. Thanks TrueAim I will report back or finding! Happy Holidays!!
  15. Great idea, I am very interested! Hope to hear great things in the future
  16. Hey, I have a pair and they are great so far. I have been playing in very wet conditions this year and my feet have stayed dry and I have had no traction issues. The sole of the shoe is firmer than a regular shoe sole. I have no doubt they will last a long time with normal course use. I wont be wearing them out on the town or running in them. I figure when they do wear down to the point I start losing tracton I will just wear them as an everyday shoe. Win-Win. Get your feet measured and order that size. Hope this helps.
  17. They are coming out with new a new style and colors in april. Not sure I can wait that long.
  18. Oh and thanks for all the great pics nice work!!!!
  19. Man I like the new colors. Just wish the would release them all.
  20. Obviously he didnt notice or he would have said some thing. As far as calling in, just sit down and worry about the rules you break. If PH truly didnt notice and none of his playing partners notice or official's the guys calling in need to shut the *%^& up. Yeah the guys who call rules on themselves are very honorable, I have done it my self, big high 5 to all. I have also had a player tell me about my ball moving forward as I took my marker away and I didnt notice. Do we really think if he was aware of this he wouldnt say any thing. I'm sure that 1/16th of an inch was make or break for the like of Paddy.
  21. Yep I like the ASSIST also, I use the shorter travel model to stay limber indoors during the winter and I have the longer version for the good weather what little we get in SE Washington. When swung smoothly they do help square the club face and release the club for me at least. I found great deals on them both on ebay/
  22. I don't draw lines or put dots or marks of any kind. I draw an imaginary line from my putter through the ball and down my intended line. Tried the line a long time ago and it does take to long like others say, then I second guess if its off line then would take even longer. I would like a ball with as small a logo as you could get nothing to busy.
  23. I try to post on there and for some reason it wont add my comments. Help?
  24. Maybe he will accept that when the hats come out next month they will be 20 bucks what a joker
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