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  1. Was checking these out , I have a few of CRKT knives and they are very high quality. Thinking bout one of these. I have seen them on ebay 16.99 or so. What do you all think about it? http://www.crkt.com/Gekkota-Golf---Charcoal-Aluminum-Divot-Fork-Screwdriver-Bottle-Opener-Money-Clip
  2. The NC putter is much better looking. The Scotty looks cheap even though anything with that name on it is not. Cough cough Hype. There are some cool pics of a mallet and blade putters on the NC website. Not yet able to see the full pics till feb. They look nice. Makes me wanna gamble! That would be so I could win enough money to buy one. LOL
  3. Maybe Adams should make a forged iron set like this? They would only be released in Japan I bet!
  4. What guys? Are you sure you don't wanna join the JK Krew! Give me a Freakin' Break! I hope no one is taken by these guys, it might turn them off to golf.
  5. Just like those. I visit that web site almost as often as this one. Yes very cool!
  6. Yeah these are cool. I have some Damascus blade Japanese Chef knives the steel is folded and hammered over and over. I believe this is what they are going for. WOW is right. Very cool
  7. It was old but I could crush it. Ping G2 8.5 I have had others since but none like that. #2 would be Tayormade CGB Max 10.5
  8. Now if I can just find a retailer any where close to me. I gotta check one of these out. All this modern tech golf stuff is driving me crazy. Damn the winter.
  9. Very cool idea and a nice looking product. Sadly I could never afford one with my girlfriend in college and two young sons. Man those are cool.
  10. I was able to get a set free for buying the Ping i15's. They are nice I never wear them on the course. They don't cover my eyes enough to block out all the sun so its sunny and shady to much to deal with when I set up to the ball. Glad I didn't pay for them.
  11. How is the insole? I have crazy flat feet and big arch supports kill my paws.
  12. Like alot of new gear coming out I gotta see this in person. Very futuristic looking maybe to much for my taste but the idea should have been mine. Damn you TM!!
  13. Golf show a month away and still snow on the ground and in the forecast.

    1. disliked0


      Snow again today! Please snow just in go to your home the Mountains.

  14. Insert token, adress ball and wait for the green light! This is weird! Reminds me of an infomercial club. BAAAMMMM! Hit the ball 50yrds farther with the spring like face without changing your swing!
  15. I tend to look at the leading edge of the club and the back of the ball are my focus. The lines would not be a bother. It all about the performance for me, then looks. I can get past the looks ask my ex-girlfriend lol. No but really, gonna have to swing this one and see!
  16. Looks like nothing new to me. The first picture reminds me of sunglasses the Black Eyed Peas would wear. Not my fav!
  17. Your will use less energy using the cart. More energy to go into your game. Also your back will thank you. There have been studies done on this very dilemma
  18. I am all about this club. It's nice to see change. I'm sure there are alot of purist's out there grinding teeth and calling Titleist to complain. The white with graphic looks very modern. My son likes the look and also my nephew, if the move towards the modern look get them excited to get out on the course (I also like the tech side) then bring it on tour yellow balls and all. I will be trying out this and the R11
  19. I tend to look at the back of the ball and leading edge of the face so color and graphic won't bother me, it's that a year later they come out with a new model and damn then I got buy that one. I'm liking these more and more.
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