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  1. Just heard a rumor that all Dicks Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy's laid off all their Golf Pro's today. Anyone know anyone that can confirm or deny this?
  2. Do you all not have Dicks Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Sports Authority, Academy, or GolfSmith in your area? Don't go to the course looking for it in their pro shop, you won't find it there. All the major big box stores should have it though.
  3. It's just a matter of when. I would think they will buy a smaller company and bring them inhouse and just change the branding on the clubs to the UA as shown in the first post. If you think there isn't a market you are crazy. The UA customer is very brand loyal, much more than most shoppers. In the decision tree process brand is closer to the bottom than the top for the majority of customers, UA is the exception. STRONG customer loyalty compared to the rest of the golf sector. With the growth they have seen in the Golf sector in retail outlets such as Dicks (Galaxy), GolfSmith, and Academy they have positioned themselves as a true golf brand. No they do not have a strong Green Grass presence, but their account manager system does open themselves up for that. When they figure out how to shape that frontier, watch out, because it's on.
  4. Either Matte Grey or Footjoy with their "fitted" cut of shirts. Under Armour isn't bad either.
  5. Seriously. Talk about a match made in heaven!! Let me rephrase that, a bit pricey for something I would only want to wear once in a blue moon. Plus honestly I am an ok golfer, but, aint no way I can swing the sticks good enough to pull this off!! Honestly I went and looked at your site again. I seem to remember you being a little higher in price. Maybe I was thinking for the custom ones (because let's be honest, who wouldn't rather have custom made ones knickers?). Either way, I revoke my previous statement, as it looks like you guys (or gals) got it priced very well now. (on Edit: It was the custom I was looking at, I really was interested in the houndstooth, or tweed. For a custom made to fit pant, I get it.)
  6. I think someone here was trying to set up a match next week out in Kingwood with both of us? I won't be able to make Friday, and you got a tournament on Saturday, so maybe next time pal. Thanks for the offer!!
  7. I'll pass. Not much my style. (as I'm sitting here wearing my Travis Mathew shirt, and Matte Grey pants. lol)
  8. I have their catalog sitting here on my desk actually. They will custom make stuff as well. Little pricey, but love that style. (Edit: Please see my post below about price)
  9. FYI, saw 2 of them on the used rack at Golfsmith today, a 16* and a 14.5*.
  10. I stumbled across the 16* and it's a nice club. Not the best shaft, but that can be handled. It's bagged becasue I don't have anything else at that loft. It's good for 220-240 depending on your club head speed.
  11. Master Staff Brogue, and Tour Staff. I'm a simple shoe guy, tone it down a little for me.
  12. Looks nice. Seems to be a tad more fitted than the general mass.
  13. Can't wait to hear more about that Mod 90. I'm betting we will get a sample of it pretty soon here at the office.....
  14. I know I'm a little new around here (therefore my sense of entitlement isn't very high - lol) I do want to say that it's nice to see a community that does let it's readers test stuff as you do. As with everything, there will be politics and it's sad that it has to rear it's ugly head in here, but a spade is a spade and I like the approach you all have chosen. I also like that you said you are afraid to chase away a few bad apples for the sake of the bunch. Bravo.....
  15. Been using this screen name for over 10 years. Have a lot of history with it. Use to be pretty well known by just it in the diesel truck world. Like, was sponsored some parts, and all. Now I'm 33 and still act like I'm 20. lol I work in the Golf Apparel Buying office for a regional sporting goods store with over 170 stores.
  16. Thanks yall!! Here's a few others.... My buddy and I playing in Mass. this summer. We were being goofy trying to look like thugs. We really do smile normally and are VERY friendly.
  17. Wore this the other day...... Travis Mathew shirt, Puma tech fit pants, Titleist grey hat (cant tell in the pic but it matches the pants perfectly), Nike web belt, and Ecco wing tips with the new FootJoy compresssion socks that come out next spring.
  18. Been thinking about putting one of these on my Betti. Like mentioned, concerned about how it will hold up in the bag.
  19. I will be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of these.. Maybe it's the brown elephant print, but something is just off about these. Now these on the other hand..... I want pretty bad.....
  20. I'm actually suprised it's that clasic and clean. Great job. Can't wait to see what Peter Miller does for the Euro chaps and chicks (they are outfiting the girlfriends also).
  21. Doesn't look as bad as I figured it would. Thanks for sharing. Not a brand I have to work with but after sitting through plenty of prelines I can relate to your "sipping Sangria" branding message. lol
  22. Thanks again for the warm welcome everyone! Hope next time I can bring my slice and join you guys! lol
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