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  1. I actually just went through a very similar headache with my Leupold rangefinder where the display stopped working. Replaced it with a precision pro as well precisely because of their customer service. I'm having a harder time picking up the flag (seem to be getting the trees behind the green a disproportionate amount of the time), but for the price point I think it'll stick with it...
  2. I admit the MGS April Fools prank got me this year. PXG gold clubs? I could see them doing that. Went to the post though and soon found out that I had been had... Looks like the gents over running the golf.addicts Insta page didn't quite get the memo. They just posted a photo of the gold mock up today. Got em!
  3. So many guys can win, but jordan's scrambling has been so special that I struggle to see him shooting over par. Someone will have to come get him, and stenson seems like the only one close enough to do so. Will he be able? (while I hope not because i'm a spieth fan boy ) I can't wait to see
  4. Would you guys be okay if Stenson won the cup? I know I wouldn't be. I understand the point of the reset going into to the tour championship, but it still feels wrong for a guy to be able to walk away with 10 mill after not having won during the year. If this happened i imagine that the number of articles criticizing the Fedex cup would skyrocket...
  5. Damn wish I had time right now to find a suitable putter . Looks like an awesome project incentivizing contest. Can't wait to see what people come up with!
  6. They're using shot tracker tech an awful lot in live from and online coverage right now. More than I remember NBC doing... It'll be interesting to watch how Fox continues to change coverage around moving forward. Also Natalie Gulbis is a commentator? Hmmm...
  7. I hope you get to take it out again soon because it leaves me very sad to know that a putter so beautiful and so perfect is taking a break from the game If you want to send it to me for safe keeping while you recover feel free. Otherwise, you have my best wishes for a speedy recovery from the surgery and a lasting recovery from the putter ho curse.
  8. Great write up! Did you have a chance to play with the flight pod? I always find it intriguing to see if the shift in cg has any effect for a real person...
  9. Until the Europeans beat them I'm USA all the way! (1.0 UltraSlim American btw)
  10. Daniel, from what i've seen your grips look great. Welcome to the site, and I wish you all the best. If you have the chance (and if it doesn't give away trade secrets) could you walk us through your process as you use leather to create suto skins?
  11. This is really fun! Reminds me of a guy I just played with who used a child's shoe as his putter cover. Creative... but it worked perfectly
  12. I'll throw in another shout out for scratch. I game their 8620 line in the same lofts that you need and love them. Got them for something like $40 each, switched out to my preferred shaft, and the cost was still well below a major oem...
  13. My dream job opened up and taken so quickly It'll be interesting to watch the company moving forward...
  14. Wow! The grip (and head cover) are absolutely beautiful... I'm feeling jealous/inspired
  15. Jgolf

    Match play

    Best playoff I've watched. Those shots... just wow!
  16. Jgolf

    TPA Putters

    Welcome! I look forward to seeing your line up
  17. My Irons for sure... The Mizunos have been in my bag longer than any other club, and I trust them and their feel absolutely... (even if I often think of changing shafts ) I've always enjoyed the NDMCs, but have never got them on the clubs... I'd love to give them a longer test run
  18. I voted again! You're so close! This is the last night to vote, right?
  19. ^was just about to share the same This is one of my all time favorite sketches! It always makes me laugh...
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