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  1. I tried the ap2's at the range along side my cg reds. I found they did not offer anything my current set did not provide. Similar workability, forgiveness and distance. Solid club.
  2. I'm overlay concerned with distance. I don't want a set with jacked up lofts. I want my pw to be 47 or 48 to keep gapping consistent with my wedges. I could not believe that some companies are putting out 43 degree pw to me that is an 8-9 iron. For some reason when I tried the cb1 I was having issues making consistent contact. But I will give them another swing when go to the range to see actual ball flight.
  3. I have to stop posting from my phone...so many typos sorry about that
  4. I was looking to try the s3 combo set. I only hit 6 irons and would be lying if I said hitting a mb 4 iron was cake. At this point I just don't know. I think my next trill is going to a fitter to find my " specks" out and go from there.
  5. Update- I got to spend some time trying out clubs today and many have left the list. I also got to swing with the Mizz shaft fitter and my specks were 4 3 5 5 with a 86 swing speed with a 6 iron. It recommended 1. DG s300, 2. PX 5.5 3. KBS stiff. All impressions are off of swinging 6 irons with the shafts from above. Ping- s56 i15 hated the i15 felt too mute and did not like the look at address. S56 like the look not as buttery feel as the Mizz but felt "hotter" off the club face and was 5-8 yards longer than the others I tried. S56 still in the runnings. Mizz- mp 68,67,63,53 I found the 53's to be to gi for my tastes the 63's did not feel as nice as the s56 and offered less forgiveness but all I can say about the 67 are pure butter. It was the nicest feeling iron I hit all day. Too bad it was I into a net so I don't have any true feedback on distance or workability but WOW it felt great. 67 still kin the runnings. Nike- vr pro combo- hated the sound they made and the feel. Call-x proto, razor. Razor forged were good but not great found them to be middle of the road. The x prototypes on the other hand were great. I found them to be the most workable iron I tried lost a bit of distance compared to the s56 but it may be worth the added workability. Titel- mb, zb, cb, mb felt harsh and I was having trouble making solid contact with them. Was unable to try the cb or zb Cleveland- cg1 way way way way too harsh. Even purred shots felt harsh in my hands. TM- mb,cb, neither store had a set to demo Cobra- s3 none to demo Adams-cb1,cb2,mb the mb's were no where to be found I found the cb1 s lacked distance with out the added benefit of workability and and the cb2's were no linger than the s56 or x prototypes Wishon-555m, 555cb unable to test today So as it stands the clubs still in the runnings are Ping s56, Mizz mp 67, calla x prototypes, and still have many more to try out Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated
  6. I have been taking lessons for the past three seasons and have got my handicap down from 20 to right around 7-9. I bought cleveland cg reds with PRX flighted 5.5 when I started this jurney. my instructor suggested that I go out and try everything and see what suits my eye. I'm a pretty good ball striker and like to work the ball. If I put a bad swing on the ball i want to know so i can fix it. most of my bad holes are caused by poor course management and going for pins I shouldn't. So here is my list are there some I should add to it or take off? I'm also planing on getting custom fit to find out my specks so I'm comparing apples to apples. Ping- s56 i15 Mizz- mp 68,67, 63, 53 Nike- vr pro combo, vr mb Call-x proto, razor Titel- mb, zb, cb, ap1 Cleveland- cg1 TM- mb,cb,r9 Cobra- s3 Adams-cb1,cb2,mb Wishon-555m, 555cb
  7. Can most custom shops get component parts from the "major" companies, or would we have to bring our own club heads if we wanted something they did not offer? I like to support local business but he only deals in swing sceience and Wishon club heads and lets say clevelands suite my eye better. Is it bad form to bring your own club heads and have them install shafts and grips and then bend them to your specks.
  8. I have tried out the Wishon 550m and 555cb and loved the feel. I have a feeling they will be my next set but I want to compare apples to apples and swing clubs in my specks if I can.
  9. I'm going to schedule my fitting for earily june I will post how it goes. I plan on taking my time making an iron choice and trying out everything. Will most likely make my purchase in December.
  10. I had the same issue and went with a 909D3 8.5 stock voodoo stiff and I get nice low boring ball flight. Can't say enough good things about the 909D3 but the again I have not hit a 910 in fear that I will want one :-)
  11. Irons. I'm currently gaming cleveland cg reds two degrees flat with project x 5.5 4-pw. I self fit them four years ago and since then I have taken lessons and now have a consistent repeatable swing that I trust and want to get clubs to fit it. I practice a lot but it is in my garage hitting into a net so I can't see ball flight and have to rely solely on feel so I was thinking about going to a combo set of players cb 4-6 and blades 7-pw. I don't know what my current swing speed is but my 155 club is a smooth 8 and normally drive the ball 240-50. My poor shots miss on the toe of the club and hook.
  12. My local club fitter only offers swing science and Wishon clubs. I'm not sure if I want to go with those heads yet. I was thinking about paying the $80 to go through the fitting find out my "specks" and truly compare apples to apples and try and swing clubs from different manufacturers in my specks. Also is it kosher to bring your own heads/clubs and have them retrofit?
  13. Is it "bad form" to pay for a custom fitting session to find out what suits your game ie. Lie angle shaft length and such and then buy your clubs elsewhere?
  14. When did Lucas glover grow that beard. I can't remember the last time I saw a tour player with a beard like that.
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