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  1. One of my favorites by a favorite group. I have it on one of my Amazon playlist and heard it this morning on my walk.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of either but this little jam is something I love listening to.
  3. Those egg salad sandwiches are no joke either, they are great. I usually have one of each, pimento cheese and egg salad.
  4. DeChambeau is the only man under par with only 2 to go. 6 shot lead, oh wow!
  5. It is a cumulative thing https://golf.com/news/tournaments/a-brief-history-of-patrick-reeds-highs-and-controversial-lows/
  6. Do you have a online ID with them? If so you can now go online and manage your account. I have the $60 per year deal with them now but I too have to pay the extra that you mentioned. It does run about $70 when all is included. Just have your phone calendar remind you when it is coming due and you can go online and renew at the low price again. I hated having to call them every year to negotiate a new "deal". Give it a try.
  7. I went quite a lot back then, you could get within touching distance of the players and they would autograph items for you. I have never won lottery tickets to a practice round but I have been to several practice rounds since the lottery started. Also since the lottery started I have been to the actual tournament than I have to any practice rounds, but my friend who I used to get the tickets from has passed away and I don't get to go anymore. It is truly an experience like no other IMO.
  8. Picked up Cleveland CBX2 54° & 58° wedges Saturday along with a Mavrik 3 wood. Because of all of the rain today was the 1st day I was able to use them. Three birds today is all the testimony I need for those wedges, they are awesome. Love the added height I am getting with the Mavrik.
  9. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/
  10. Happy birthday to @MadMex, @Ultimate Junior Golfer, @mwr57 and @ChrisNH, that is quite a list!
  11. Welcome back Big Stu, take care of that back and don't push it too hard buddy.
  12. If you do it you are not protected by ebay or Paypal, my advice is no way.
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