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  1. Well the old saying that cheaters never win needs revision IMO. He is just an unlikable guy to me.
  2. This is probably slightly different but if Ping is a must this may fit the bill... https://www.carlsgolfland.com/ping-boonie-hat The site list it as currently out of stock so it may be impossible to get.
  3. 15% off Use promo code SAVE15 at checkout, also free shipping this weekend. ://www.globalgolf.com/
  4. https://www.golfetail.com/
  5. I've played all 5 of The Legends courses, in fact that is where I usually stay as about 8 years ago we moved from Bay Tree down there. Bay Tree closed it's courses about 20 years ago. All of their offerings are good but a hint, The Legends are notorious for over booking so your round could be pretty long but with your breakfast and lunch included in the price that is not really a bad thing. Enjoy. When you are there you are only about 20 minutes from Big Stu, he and I got together a couple of years ago for lunch and golf talk, it would be worth your time if you two could hook up.
  6. I've been going to MB for 25 years for an annual outing, this list gives you all of your choices. I have only played most of the medium and high price courses and would play any again, most I have played multiple times. The Big Cats, Oyster Bay and Rivers Edge would be my recommendations based on where you are staying. http://www.northmyrtlebeachgolf.com/golf-courses-north.html
  7. I used to play with a guy in the 90s who had one of the earlier models, now a guy that plays in our weekly scramble has bought one and I am seeing the same thing as before. Both wait/waited until their turn to begin the lining up process and always it takes at least 2 tries to get the line up satisfactory to their liking. Then when they miss the putt they blame the alignment everytime, lol. I agree that this is a gimmick and I truly believe that it slows play some too.
  8. G Force Swing Trainer 7 iron and a Silicon protective case for my rangefinder. Both from Amazon
  9. It's worse than you state, the ACC first shows up with Louisville at number 46. http://powerrankingsguru.com/college-football/strength-of-schedule.php
  10. I've been to the Kingdom here in Georgia, it is quite the experience. He will love it.
  11. This in reference to Koepka's ESPN Body feature. Here's Koepka's response. The comments are awesome.
  12. FWIW I think the SEC was actually 8-2 counting last night but it was because of Herbie posting it that I shared it. He is a big time homer for the most part, and also has 2 sons on the Clemson team.
  13. I too welcome you aboard Rick! I have been really enjoying the Callaway Rogue X irons, they are as that whippersnapper ole gray says, "easy to launch and have more kick than a Brahma bull". I'm a fairly young 72 golfer with a lower back fusion from S1 to L4 and these clubs have really given me back some of my game.
  14. Same here, I've been using them for years.
  15. Very cool, thanks for sharing this.
  16. Happy Happy Birthday!!!
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