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  1. I feel like Dave Pelz answered this question in his Short Game Bible. IIRC, steeper descent angle leads causes more energy loss at impact with the ground, the ball bounces more vertically and stops quicker.
  2. Had my HM Pro’s at the range today. These clubs are exactly what I need in a club. Plenty of help while looking amazing. Mishits get more distance than I probably deserve but I’ll take it!
  3. Using the 2018 Trackman Average Tour Stats for driver carry, women are doing pretty well compared to men. PGA Tour pro's average 2.433 yards of carry per MPH of CHS while a LPGA Tour pro averages 2.319 yards of carry per MPH of CHS. https://blog.trackmangolf.com/trackman-average-tour-stats/
  4. I like the Blue however I feel no need to change from the Gunmetal S18's in my bag.
  5. TM could snap JP up. Titleist has Vokey, Callaway had Cleveland but TM is without a wedge guru.
  6. Not at all, with how Mizuno times their release cycles, the upcoming line get their full attention. The MP line and JPX line are aimed at different golfers. With the exception of the JPX 900/919 Tour, the JPX line is more game improvement. The last MP line is now without a true cavity back which is different than the past. In my eyes anyway, Mizuno is paring down their lines quite intelligently.
  7. Cool video of Chris VOSHALL's bag.
  8. I really didn't need to see this! Off to eBay I go!
  9. My buddy is a Mizuno rep and I sent him the phots I found online. His comment was pictures don't do the clubs justice.
  10. My list would be; Mizuno MP18 or MP18 SC Taylormade P730 Callaway Apex MB
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