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  1. +1 to this-couldn't agree more. I swung the X a few weeks ago before my coach (who's Titleist PGA Staff) left for Florida and I really liked the results. Typically I play the stiff Ahina and that is just right for me. It launches slightly high for my liking (but I live in Buffalo so even during August the course is wet) This was in my 913 D3 for the record. Great info guys!!!
  2. For everyone reading this-I'm looking for $200. Gotta move this fast!!!
  3. Hey guys-I'm here trying to sell my Scotty Cameron GoLo Putter! To start, the putter is in AWESOME shape!!!! The length is stock 35" with a 1" extension making it 36" with a Winn Jumbo grip on. The paint-fill you see was CUSTOM DONE-NOT CUSTOM SHOP DONE. It doesn't look bad at all-but if you want to go back to traditional Red you can remove it with Nail polish remover. You could also send it to the custom shop to get redone as well. There is NO HEADCOVER with this one unfortunately. Make me an offer-I'm open to them!!
  4. Hey guys!!! Well, I just updated my profile and thought I should re introduce myself since I hope to be spending some more time around here! My name is Tyler and I am an 18 year old player's assistant at Golf Galaxy in Buffalo, NY. I have been playing for several years but just recently seriously injured my hand/wrist making my handicap skyrocket . I love the game more than life, in fact it is my life. My girlfriend is just starting to play, and my whole family does as well! I also specialize in technology, so I'm here to help with that as needed!! I look forward to getting to know some of you better!!!
  5. Updated my profile, hopefully I'll be spending more time around here

    1. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Tyler, great to have ya drop in.


      Hope that ya enjoy the forum!


      Have a great season!


      My Best,


  6. Oh I completely understand, I have 100% positive feedback on eBay, but I came to let my friends here have first crack at them. As soon as I get them I will upload pictures I promise. If anyone has any questions at all, please feel free to ask me
  7. Okay well let me highlight everyone's concerns here. First of all: I am not a 6 handicap anymore since I got injured, I just don't take the time to update my profile since I'm barely on here. Secondly, I am in the golf retail business and got these clubs from my local rep. I am around this stuff all day every day, so I hit these clubs daily at my store waiting for my order to come and realized I couldn't do it. And lastly, sorry I don't want to hit them so people can say they're "used." Sorry If I'm coming across as rude with any of this, but I'm left with Irons I can't/don't wanna hit and no money to buy new ones until these sell and the season here is well underway. If anyone wants to see my invoice from Adams, would that make you feel better?
  8. Hey Guys!!! Today, my misfortune is your profit! I am selling my set of Adams CMB Irons (4-GW) with stiff KBS C-Taper 120 shafts, "whiteout" golf pride grips, neutral loft and lie for $750 shipped. These irons have not even been taken out of the box, let alone hit. Actually, I don't even have them in my hands yet, they are coming Tuesday April 9. BRAND NEW. I just realized that my decision to play these was a bit "ambitious" and before I even try it, I'm putting them on here. Any questions, I'll be happy to answer!
  9. I will send them tonight when I get home from work if that is okay?
  10. No worries, so you want me to send a picture of the face of the club to that email address listed?
  11. $220, awesome condition. Wrench set and head cover included
  12. And yes, I would break the set up for anyone who just wants 1 club!!!!
  13. Hey guys! I haven't been around in a while but I need to unload all my equipment for reasons beyond my control. I'm selling my Titleist 910D3 with Ahina Stiff shaft. 910FD 3 wood, Ahina stiff. And my 910H 2 Hybrid Ahina stiff. Also, my 2 Vokey SM4 wedges (56 + 60-Satin Chrome) and my Titleist 2011 lightweight carry bag in red/white/black. I'll email pics if you are interested!! I'm asking $500 for all the woods combined, $100 for the wedges, and $100 for the bag. Leave a reply if you are interested!!!
  14. Hey all, I am trying to sell my Nike Victory Red TW Forged Irons today. The have the True Temper Dynamic gold shaft on them, and in perfect condition, I just got them in May. They have been hit, but I still consider them in perfect condition and have been extremely careful with them. (Cleaned after every round, grips after 3.) The grips are the standard Nike/Golf Pride ones with the "Golf Pride" facing down. These irons are not easy to hit, hence why I'm trying to sell them. I thought I'd have more time to devote to getting better, but that just didn't happen. As for a price, if you have a set of new(er) cavity back irons, I'd be willing to just trade. I really like the Callaway X-24's uniflex. If you just want the irons, I'm starting at $500. These were over $1,000 just a year ago. Message me for details that we can work out in email, and pictures as well.
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