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  1. If you look at AP2's, I'd also look at the 2016 Cobra Forged Tec or the black ones that followed. Soft and forgiving. Ping I200's are also in the same bracket and should be able to pick them up at a reasonable price.
  2. A new 3 hybrid. Possibly a GAPR Hi 19*. If I could find a new or good condition Aeroburner 3 hybrid I'd be all over it, but these are not easy to find.
  3. All the courses in Thailand were closed down at the end of March, initially until 30th April. The daily count here is getting lower and lower, in our province for the last couple of days there have been no new cases. Hopefully come the end of this month some courses may re-open. (Wishful thinking).
  4. If you use a vpn with a Non UK based ip you can get it. I binged watched every episode. The Crown is pretty good as well, and The Peaky Blinders. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. garethw


  6. I kinda lost the golfing bug the last few months. Its been a effort to get out and play. Ever since I broke my leg 15 months ago most rounds have been painful both walking and swinging. This last two weeks we've been out quite a bit playing both 9 holes in the evenings or a full 18 in the morning. The attached is this mornings round. Its a 90 not the best but not the worst, the 3 triples were bad tee shots followed by incorrect second shots which just snowballed. My putting was off this morning and I found it hard to get the green speeds. Most importantly it was pain free, enjoyable and a PB in GIR. I did not realise that until I saw the screen shot. I have a short game and bunker lesson booked for Thursday, I have lost to many shots in the last couple of weeks in bunkers and chipping around the greens. I think I have rediscovered my mojo.
  7. Mine are to play and more importantly practice more. I'm lucky to live on a resort with a range and course while I am at work and need to take more advantage of that. I want to hit a single figure handicap this year.
  8. This has probably already been asked. I click unread content at the top of the page and a list of threads comes up on my screen. How do I go to the last unread post, every time I click on a thread title it defaults to the first page. I don't want to go through every post in the weight loss thread to try and remember what the last one I read was. In the previous format it automatically went to the last unread post in that thread.
  9. Black Mountain in Hua Hin. I played there a few years ago just after I started playing, would love to go back and play again.
  10. Gareth Huay Yai, Chonburi, Thailand 13.9 Ping i200, AWT 2.0 Stiff Regular (Japan spec) i210
  11. New PB for me this morning. I just hope I can repeat some of it again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 85 this morning made up of, 2 Birdies, 5 Pars, 9 Bogies and 2 Triples. I need to stop these triples in my rounds. My handicap has now dropped 0.9 in my last three rounds which I am happy with.
  13. I used Golfshot when I had a Apple Watch. Worked well. I still use it on my phone when I play.
  14. Standard length. Which should be 45.25. It came with my G driver. As I said it isn't being used and if you can use it I'll sort out a box and ship it over to you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. I have a Ping Tour 65 in Regular sat in my spare room. Would you have to pay import charges if I shipped it over from Thailand? I do not want anything for it, just seems a waste it not being used.
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