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  1. All the courses in Thailand were closed down at the end of March, initially until 30th April. The daily count here is getting lower and lower, in our province for the last couple of days there have been no new cases. Hopefully come the end of this month some courses may re-open. (Wishful thinking).

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  2. I kinda lost the golfing bug the last few months. Its been a effort to get out and play. Ever since I broke my leg 15 months ago most rounds have been painful both walking and swinging. This last two weeks we've been out quite a bit playing both 9 holes in the evenings or a full 18 in the morning. The attached is this mornings round. Its a 90 not the best but not the worst, the 3 triples were bad tee shots followed by incorrect second shots which just snowballed.

    My putting was off this morning and I found it hard to get the green speeds. Most importantly it was pain free, enjoyable and a PB in GIR. I did not realise that until I saw the screen shot. I have a short game and bunker lesson booked for Thursday, I have lost to many shots in the last couple of weeks in bunkers and chipping around the greens. 

    I think I have rediscovered my mojo.

    Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 12.17.31.png

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  3. This has probably already been asked.

    I click unread content at the top of the page and a list of threads comes up on my screen. How do I go to the last unread post, every time I click on a thread title it defaults to the first page. I don't want to go through every post in the weight loss thread to try and remember what the last one I read was. In the previous format it automatically went to the last unread post in that thread.

  4. 85 this morning made up of, 2 Birdies, 5 Pars, 9 Bogies and 2 Triples. I need to stop these triples in my rounds. My handicap has now dropped 0.9 in my last three rounds which I am happy with.

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  5. Yea I have the 65 shaft in stiff.  I'm up for swapping if you think that would help?  I'm actually gaming the stock Ping G400 shaft which is 55 grams and it's working better for me. I know when I was more flexible, a heavier shaft helped me to hit the ball straighter without the ducks quacking.  

    I have a Ping Tour 65 in Regular sat in my spare room. Would you have to pay import charges if I shipped it over from Thailand? I do not want anything for it, just seems a waste it not being used.

  6. Despite swearing to myself I was going to wait for the TS Drivers to be released I failed and picked up a G400 Max 9* last week. This was to replace my Epic which had a small accident.


    It came with the stock Alta CB shaft in stiff, at home I had a Ping Tour 65 in Regular,  a Fujikura Speeder evo 2 569 in X and a Fujikura 6 in R but tipped a inch. The Speeder was my fitted shaft for the Epic, light and stiff suit my swing. 


    First range session was not particularly great and I struggled to see what the online hype was about. I persevered and played the Six at small + for a round. It was ok but nothing great. Had another range session and swapped around shafts and loft settings. I've settled on big + with the Speeder. Two rounds in with that set up, I've cut my handicap by 0.6, hit more fairways than I have before, eliminated the nasty snap hook and had 2 slices of which one I couldn't advance the ball forwards.


    Compared to the Epic I am seeing a increase in distance and feel I can swing harder. Distance seems to be up on mishits and reasonable hits. Hopefully this honeymoon period will mature into a blossoming long term relationship. Im just hoping my wife doesn't notice to much when we play and also want one.

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  7. 41/45 for a 86 which esc'd down to a 85. 2 triples, 9 bogies, 6 pars and 1 birdie. Slightly longer course than our home course, so I am happy with that score except the triples which were caused more by lack of course management than bad shots. Another 0.3 cut.

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  8. Second round in with the Ping G400 Max and a different swing thought from a quick tip by the teaching pro at my club, resulted in a 86 (42/44). 8 GIR's and 8 Pars but only 6 Fairways. The big difference was where I was on missed fairways, only one was a big slice the others were all playable in a forwards direction.


    This is the first round since my leg was broken last October where I got a 0.3 handicap cut. Course handicap was 17. I just need to build on that now.

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  9. Range session yesterday and today. Irons focussing on setting up with the face square and starting my swing with my left shoulder. This has eliminated my big left hook, I now have a nice gentle draw starting right and coming back to target (mostly).


    I picked up a new driver this week and was spraying it all over the place, started this morning with a massive hook to small hook, changed set up and got a consistent slice going, tweaked it back a little and started to see the straightness that the  G400 Max has been raved about.


    I hope this comes to the course tomorrow morning. I had to write notes in my phone to remind myself what I was doing this morning.  :wacko:

  10. Just received my new Eccos today.....

    attachicon.gif IMG_0689.JPG


    Can't wait to try them out this weekend.....btw, they were only $70!



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    Cobra Connect Bag: Cobra F8 Driver(10.5*) 3-4W(14.5*) & 5-6W(18.5*)w/Mitsubishi Tensei ck Blue Regular; Cobra F8 3 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid & 6-PW, Gw(49*) SW(54*) LW(58*) all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts. Lamkin Cobra Connect grips with Arccoss tracking sensors. Putter: Evnroll ER6 33”. Bag: Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag(Peacoat/Silver).

    Thats a absolute steal. How did you get them so cheap?

  11. I made it a day and half in the extreme diet. And was so hungry that I ate 3 plates of Chinese food at the buffet. I really need more preparation too tackle this again.Really feel defeated, but I was so hungry I couldn't take it anymore

    Have you tried intermittent fasting? Basically pick a 8 hour window and eat normally inside it. Outside of that window drink water or completely sugar free drinks.


    That coupled with working out has helped me to shed weight. The link is for the work out plan I've been following.







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  12. Found a set of scales this evening. In my gym gear I'm 88.9 kg or 196 lbs. I'm happy with that another couple of kgs off would be good.



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  13. One thing I've done for a long time when reading greens is try to visualize the arc of the ball as it rolls, picturing speed and curve until I "imagine" one line/speed combination that just feels right.  However, I recently took an Aimpoint clinic.  Essentially, Aimpoint teaches you to feel just how much sloe is there based on your feet.  Most people can really feel and distinguish gradations in slope pretty effectively.  Aimpoint then provides a tool to turn that slope reading into a line by holding up fingers, you've seen Adam Scott and Lydia Ko do that.  For me, its been effective, my green-reading has improved, especially on new courses.

    This is my approach to putting. I also did a Aimpoint express clinic a while back and use it a lot. Just need to trust your feet and not your eyes.

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