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  1. Yep it makes more difficult especially when having speed issues. It also makes chipping on interesting as your never to sure whether the ball is going to run or stop. Guess that's just another challenge to overcome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for those ideas. I spend very little time practicing putting, I'll hit the range and short game area but rarely the putting surface. The bolded part makes a great deal of sense. On short putts I tell myself the ball will go in and hit the back of the cup, this seems to work more times than not. Longer putts I try and get within a two foot circle. Our club has 27 holes and none of the 9's have the same speed, in fact the practice putting green is a completely different speed to the course's green. I did a Aimpoint Express course a couple of years ago when I first started playing, when I use that concept my misses are smaller.
  3. Played yesterday morning and second consecutive round with 3 pars and 2 birdies, however also carded a 8 on a par 4 and a 6 on a par 3 for 89. I need to sort my putting out or rather speed control on the greens.
  4. I am currently trying to decide on Z-Star or Z-Star XV's. Last weeks rounds were all XV's and I seem to get more distance out of them, at the expense of more roll on the greens. Our greens are very hard and not to receptive. This week the Z-Stars are getting gamed. I was previously using Chrome Soft, in my opinion the XV are a better ball for me.
  5. I got completely opposite results to you. With the Modus shafts I was all over the place. AWT 2.0 in Stiff Regular (Japanese Spec shaft), consistent distance, a lovely high flight with good descent and holding greens. I tried every shaft in the fitters cart, he then went back into his shop and came out the with SR flex, just suits my swing.
  6. 3 wood off the deck. On the range earlier today I was experimenting with ball position and ended up with a gentle fade. Now I just need to get that consistent. Having spent quite some time working on my driver and seeing gains in accuracy and distance, it would be nice to have a reliable 3 wood for long par 5's.
  7. My main goal is to try and get to below 9.4 handicap from 13. Other than that I just want to enjoy playing different courses and with different people.
  8. Keep it going you'll really notice the difference in your health. I quit on the 30th July 2016 after a friend recommended I read Allan Carr's "Easy way to stop Smoking". I'd tried in the past and always went back to them. I had no intention of quitting and only read it to prove him wrong. I've never picked a cigarette up since finishing that book, and now I'm the worst kind of anti smoker. I really didn't realise how much it smells both in the air and on your clothes.
  9. I ended last years golf in October due to a broken leg, my handicap was 13.3. I want to get that down to 9 or less this year.
  10. This is right on my doorstep and couldn't be a worse weekend to hold it. England play Scotland in the six nations rugby tournament which starts at 2345 Saturday night. Trying to get up and drive down the road on Sunday for the final day will be a struggle to say the least. Considering how popular golf is in this part of the world the crowds have not been that big in the last few years. If memory serves me it was around 300 baht entrance fee or $10.
  11. I lurk here. I enjoy reading posts but rarely feel I have anything to contribute so instead of inane posts as found elsewhere I keep quiet.
  12. I think both Crossfield and Titleist have come up trumps, just about every golfing online medium has some form fo discussion about this which can only be advertising for both of them. There is even another UK Vlogger taking the mick out of them on youtube. Every review he does has the same message, decide what you like and get fit for it. If he suddenly starts saying brand X is a pile of rubbish, then people can accuse him of selling out. But that wouldn't be a positive for him and his channel nor Titleist. I'm looking forward to seeing what if any changes this partnership will bring, but I doubt his reviews will change.
  13. I use Golf shot on my AW2. They actually advise you to disconnect it from your phone whilst in use, to use the watch GPS. They paid version can also be used to track your score, FIR's, GIR's, Putts per round and club distances.
  14. I use to hack around when I was in the military and also in my first job after leaving, just casual rounds then stopped for over ten years. I picked up clubs again almost 3 years ago. I had a set sat in the house my wife asked why I didn't use them as I had no decent answer to that question I pulled them out went to the range and have been addicted ever since. After a year my wife then started lessons and now plays as well. I currently work 6 weeks on 6 weeks off and we try and get out at least 3 times a week for a round. Lowest scores so far is a 89 for her and a 84 for me.
  15. Hi All, I've lurked on here for a while, so thought best to introduce myself. I picked up clubs last June and have got bitten by the golf bug. My round scores for this year are fluctuating from 109 to 98. This is mainly due to bad course management and my inability to leave the last bad shot behind, which I am working on. My wife started last September and in the 10 scoring rounds she has played she has gone from a first round score of 132 down to a 105. We live in Thailand and are spoilt for choice on courses where we live. I work out of Indonesia and again have a good choice of courses to play during my 4 weeks at work.
  16. I've got one of these on order. What distance behind the ball have you found to be the most consistent at recording swings and have you found any problems not having it at the same height as the mat you hit off on the range? Many thanks.
  17. My wife swings a Cobra Amp Cell with great success, I think she has it set at 14Degrees. Straight and long.
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