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  1. This is a reason for using a distance tracker that we had not though of. That is a player who is measuring his/her shot distance with respect to weather conditions. As I understand it, you are saying you are comparing your regular 8 iron distance ( presuming you hit it well ) to the distance you just hit it ( presuming you hit it well ) and saying that if you are X- yards short, the rest of your irons will be proportionally short. I can see that
  2. This is probably one of the best explanation that I have heard: 1. I can see it used to figure out the distances of new clubs 2. I can definately see that if you have the choice of 2 apps, one with shot tracking and one without- a user might choose the one with... You guys have been wonderful! Because of your forum ( and believe it or not... solely because of your forum ) , we have decided to put a tracker on our next version. - probably 2-3 months. www.facebook.com/heidi.striker
  3. Devil's Advocate- don't you know this information roughly from the driving range? And since it the difference might be conditional due to weather, etc. This information doesn't do you any good for the next time you play.
  4. How much were the chips? I didn't see pricing. We are trying to decide what to give at the PGA show
  5. Some golf apps measure how far you hit the ball and keeps track of what clubs you have in the bag? For good players, don't you already know how far you hit and what clubs you have in your bag? I don't get it.
  6. Can anyone tell me how I can post pictures ( not a URL ) or whether that is possible? We have updated the hope screen for the app. Now it includes a Profile Page that includes your handicap, home course, Last scorecard, and list of friends for chats. A chat button was also added to the GPS screen to allow groups to chat and trashtalk during tournaments using the Striker app
  7. Thanks for the consideration. I would have loved for you to test. We are planning on adding Europe and Asia next year
  8. I think there must be an industry conspiracy when it comes to testing golf balls. There is a machine that hits the ball consistently every time. They can change the club head speed, etc. So if that is the case, why cant just line up every golf ball and report how far it goes. I have a slow club head speed so I am looking for a ball that goes longer, and these reviews get so complicated that I know that I can't believe them
  9. Hi Plano, I don't know if you had the chance to see my post that I sent for you a week or two ago. In order for me to get you a free test version, I will nee you to send me your email address and name to heidistriker@gmail.com. Note that we are working feverishly on being able to map out differences in our course database. VERY soon, you will be able to go to your course and make changes to your course database if they are wrong. In the interim, if there is a mistake, please let us know what course and we will make the changes for you. Our database encompasses around 18,000 U.S. courses. Most are correct, but there are going to be some that are not. That is true even of the Golfshot that our technician was testing last week. Look forward to receiving your email. Thanks again, for giving trying out Striker Golf GPS - H
  10. Thanks for Liking Striker Golf GPS!! I am glad you liked it! With respect to your question about the USGA, the use of smartphone technology in USGA events is not sanctioned to my knowledge. The reason is that smartphones, in particular, IPhones have the ability to measure wind through its weather features and has an internal compass. And although I can't imagine ANYONE using those features on a course, that is the stance of the USGA at the moment. But this was made more for you to play either with yourself or your friends, for buddy trips, and charity and corporate outings. Thanks again for giving us your feedback as we continue to try and improve. We realize that there is always room for improvement!! - Heidi
  11. Sorry not to be out in New Zealand yet. We have most of the 18,000 courses in the United States right now. We plan on rolling out the other 20 thousand courses around the world in the next year. Our emphasis is on game and tournament creation using a world class GPS. It is hard to spread that message outside of the United States at present. We are hopeful to hear interest outside of the U.S.A though
  12. Thanks for review. I really appreciate it. Just so you know, Golfshot is presently the leader in the GPS market. We think we are better in almost every way. Thanks for confirming our beliefs. - Heidi
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