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  1. Pretty much. Still trudging my way through college. Still have 2 more years (hopefully) left... I haven't found much time for golf during the school year and this summer has been hectic with work. I did win some money in a tourny this past weekend but I haven't practiced near as much as I should have, but who does... I found a new hobby to keep my somewhat idle hands busy during the winter so I'm now a seasonal hobbiest...
  2. Really like the look of these. Depending on how college goes, I may pick up a strong 3 wood...
  3. Silver. There is a small pic in the new GD.
  4. Thanks guys. Spy, you can keep the head cover or give it away in another contest, I still have my last Seemore cover. The shirt sounds great and the secret prize even better.
  5. Red screams Coca Cola though... http://cgi.ebay.com/COCA-COLA-JAPAN-EXCLUSIVE-PUTTER-/130400663963#ht_2746wt_789
  6. The two off the wall brands of putters I have ever seen were Budwieser and Ducks unlimited...
  7. Wilson 8875 is my last guess but i know its wrong...
  8. Why am I seeing all these putting aids? What happened to good old fashioned practice?
  9. Wish I had a bag like that when I was your age...
  10. Same here. Got the survey but no Pentas.
  11. It has been 8 since you posted that and nothing.
  12. I had a different color spider before it was cool..
  13. Never been a fan of the head shapes but the finishes are superb.
  14. When will the winners be announced?
  15. Here are 2 of my latest rounds. I play a 9 hole track.
  16. It has its own twitter page. http://twitter.com/Glovers_Beard
  17. Same here. Glad I got this and not the iron.
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