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  1. Just wish Tiger played the TPC Scottsdale 16th...
  2. Syracuse-Kansas state in the elite eight would be a tough match up. I loved watching the Orange last year.
  3. Can't wait Matt. Can you just snap pics now? I have already seen it but want you to take more pics haha.
  4. As long as I have this thread open, could it be possible to get a "replies to my posts" link? I always like to check that before I click on the new posts link.
  5. Maybe a warning and every time they break the time, charge them $100?
  6. I still have scars from my Smiting.... Possibly have a dialog box in which you have to put your reasoning behind hitting the button?
  7. Why don't you post it in a new thread for all of us to enjoy?
  8. Hoosier, great collection. I have always admired it since the first day I saw it.
  9. Does our golf season really stop? Most have a playing season and a heavy buying season haha.. And I know we always think about golf in the winter.
  10. People like choices... Taylormade is like Sawyer off of league of extraordinary Gentlemen. American style of shooting. Spray and pray haha. Flood the market and you will eventually find a hit. Unlike Ping or Titleist who put out few drivers and there are a lot of great hits still..
  11. Interesting to hear about the covers. Could be compared to the removable weights of today... I never did like slabbing gobs and gobs of lead tape on it.
  12. The time is in your profile somewhere isn't it? I am talking about seeing the 5 replies and 0 views.
  13. People try to buy a game... Kind of sad sometimes... I would hit it but doubt I will like it more than my Rapture V1...
  14. There is a huge difference in Byron 006 and an original Anser 2.
  15. After Texas lost to KSTATE, they went downhill fast... Don't want to talk about them... My Kansas teams are doing pretty good.
  16. Glad to see the pic sizes being changed now. It was getting kind of big.
  17. It might be my internet at home but I am having trouble with uploading pics. Also. The forum doesn't show views. For instance. 5 replies. 0 views. Nothing too serious. I can upload to photobucket. Just bringing it to your attentions
  18. Im cheering for my Big 12 teams! K-S-U WILDCATS!
  19. Maker Proof Copper 4/5. This baby went through both mine, and Matt's hands...
  20. This is the first Byron I bought. It just so happened to be the first 006 made for American Sales. I sold it to fund my custom... I think I am going to try and find it and buy this one back. It has been refinished and now looks like...
  21. Stainless 006. I will find pics of the ones that slipped through my hands. Images are clickable.
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