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  1. I had trouble gaming the copper when I had it... My SS is a beast of a putter. I hope to stick with it.. Kind of afraid of the new Byron putter. From the hints... I think it will be a hightoe 006. I can't wait till next weekend... I started liking Byrons the second I hit one. It was a Carbon though.. I need a copper plated carbon so I am eager to hear both of your reviews.
  2. I know I will get a Mannkrafted. Don't know what else though. I love my 006. It just works.
  3. Jeez Matt. Nice Collection. Are you going to expand your collection to different brands?
  4. LaMont, Glad to see you here. The bag looks great. Big bag for so few clubs though... I thought you had a krank driver?
  5. Absolutely true. Those are hilarious. Thanks for posting.
  6. Tiger broke the time limit too yet a word isn't spoken to him...
  7. Putting a limitation on such a craft is absurd and I would stop watching.
  8. Wouldn't that make it unfair? There is nothing wrong with the way it is.
  9. Why not off the other days? How are they supposed to get to Sunday without keeping the same routine?
  10. Also, when the difference of 1 position on the leader board, is hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars... I would line the putt up and check it a few times.
  11. Charl put his left hand on his sternum and swung the club with his right. I love to see every detail... Routines, Slow motion swings, the commentary and explanations.
  12. I learned something watching the coverage today that I will add to my routine. I will use the hand on the chest in my routine from now on..
  13. Can't we just watch golf and leave the personal lives out of it? Now I can put John Daly and Tiger and the same level. Both great players.
  14. The sponsors have already agreed to the rules of the contest and it is too late to change... If they were to change it, it would breech and agreement and could and will most likely ruin the relationship between MGS and the Sponsors of the contest...
  15. Did you make your own Golf Ball display Matt? I was thinking about asking you after I made my post about collecting them...
  16. For the longest time, I used a piece of a hacksaw blade. Worked fine. I didn't do it on my grooves though. Mine were fine. My friend has a SM Vokey SW that was in dire need of regrooving. I would freshen his grooves once every month or two..
  17. Yes. And I am sure everyone else wants to know to..
  18. Great advice. I think I will use it. More money for me to spend on balls I will actually use.
  19. Maybe you didn't see my question... Details are crucial!
  20. Don' feel low. I only game my Byron. They rest are sitting in my staff bag. They are enjoying a nice retirement. Although I do take them to the practice green now and then...
  21. The TeI3 NP2 is one on my list to grab. I had a chance to roll one for about a month. Absolutely great.
  22. Here is a place for you putter hos to confess/ brag about your putters. These are my putters, each with its own story. Byron 006 = First custom putter 2 Ping Anser 2s = Gamed one at state, and other one is just in perfect condition Scottsdale Remake = Graduation Present from T.J. Anser 3 = First putter not bought at Wal-mart.
  23. Um... A big field about 350 yards long and 50-75 yards wide with just signs down the middle. We have a small practice green with 5 holes cut into it. We have stadium lights for the late night range sessions in the summer.
  24. I think this year, I am going to start collecting logo golf balls from different places I play.
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