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  1. Yeah he did. There was a thread on PTG with more info and pics.
  2. The originial 7.1s were pretty good. I got some great spin out of the bunker with them. Hope whoever gets them will enjoy them.
  3. AH... Army golf... Off topic, but do you guys talk to your balls right out of the sleeve? I do. I can't let the other balls tell them stories first...
  4. Greens and fairways are on threat level yellow. Chance of golf balls touching down are high.
  5. I play Golf regularly with a pro that was on the PGA and Champions. And he just happened to play for the yankees and was MVP of the 1962 World Series... No big deal.
  6. Master the short game. Get in the 70s. Make the college team.
  7. I sometimes have the "hit it and go find it, then repeat" mentality haha
  8. I find something I like and putt with it until I find something better. Which, for 4 months, hasn't happened. So, I am doing good...
  9. Pretty sure I can sweet talk some magic into some of them and send them back... But I won't let them come near my gamer just incase they want to tell her something.
  10. Awesome. Pull the heads and send them my way...
  11. Sounds like you need to find a putter and pretty much dedicate a month of hard practice with it... Thats what I did... I love my Byron.
  12. I picked funkyfedora because I love jazz. No avatar yet, but from most who know me from PT WRX and PTG, I like my pink and white Byron hats. I will post a WITB in my signature later...
  13. Yeah. You totally need a new putter... Its for certain NOT YOUR FAULT... I mean... Its my clubs' and ball's fault that I don't break 80... haha. There is nothing wrong with your putter.
  14. Only Partial... But we still love you haha.
  15. And all my headcovers, shirts, and hats auctioned off... haha
  16. I reshafted them with Rifle 6.5 soft stepped and I wasn't that exact with measurements so some were a little off. Therefore lead tape. I would never think of throwing my byron...
  17. I haven't found anything good golf related. I do watch Photoshop user tv though.
  18. Found what I was looking for.
  19. Where do I find the link to it?
  20. Well LaMont is ready and waiting for when you are squared away and have the funds.
  21. Not this year. Hopefully next year. If I shave about 5-10 strokes this summer.
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