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  1. Have him make a custom. He has actual blank 006 heads if you want to go that route.
  2. I know a guy that used electric tape on it when I let him borrow it.
  3. I am really happy with the 006. Just wanted to get something done by LaMont. And if I was going to get something done, I was going all out.
  4. Thanks Matt. Asics made some for Shingo around the masters last year. They have them on the Golf Galaxy site. I REALLY want a pair. I just started wearing the running shoes and I am in love with them.
  5. Copper Plated Weavers Needle plumbers neck with a pocket milled and made into a high toe.
  6. Between a squareback and an anser 2. It felt great. The notch is for alignment I believe.
  7. I use wood tees, and now and then Zero Friction when I grab some out of my bag-o-tees.
  8. I currently shoot in the mid to high 80s. But as a Soph. in HS, I shot in the 140s in tournys.
  9. Thats my cue to post my 2 tee drills for you guys. Here are some drills that I do when I practice putting and thought I would share them with you guys. 1. Consistently hitting the middle of the club face. • Find a straight putt • Set your putter down so it is 3-4 feet from the hole and square the face. • Set 1 infront of the toe at address and 1 before the heel • Make 25 in a row. If you miss, start again. After 25, keep trying to get 50. •You can move back a foot and try this again. This drill also gives me confidence on the knee knockers. 2. Making the
  10. Thats where my buddy got it from. Some tourny in AZ I think.
  11. I am a student at the moment studying Graphic Design. I work for public relations here at my college. In the summer I work on my local muni. This Summer, I plan to intern/work part time at local photographers places.
  12. I want Asics Golf shoes... How about I charge for the lead tape explaination?? JK. Lead tape is to help get a desired swing weight. Like most of my irons are around D4.
  13. Although it has been released, I took these pics a long time ago and thought I would share. http://www.slotlinegolf.com/c-42-ssi-692.aspx?id=40
  14. I have mine engraved and stamped.
  15. Glad to be here. Hope I can help you guys out here...
  16. Sally is a sexy girl. And thanks.
  17. Driver: Ping Rapture V1 9° Aldila VS Proto "By You" (65g Stiff) Fairway woods: 3w Titleist 906F4 15.5° Aldila VS Proto "By You" (80g Stiff) 5w Cobra Speed LD F/ST Tour AD YS Designed by Graphite Design made for Cobra Stiff Irons: Ping S59 3-9 Iron Rifle 6.5 Soft stepped [3 iron] [5 iron] [7 iron] [9 iron] Wedges: Putter: Bag: Shoes:
  18. Ping BeNi Scottsdale Scotty Cameron TeI3 NP2 Piretti Black Prototype with a PN Betti JAM This Summer I am having LaMont make me a putter. But I have had my Byron Morgan 006 in the bag since November 09.
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