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  1. Have him make a custom. He has actual blank 006 heads if you want to go that route.
  2. I know a guy that used electric tape on it when I let him borrow it.
  3. I am really happy with the 006. Just wanted to get something done by LaMont. And if I was going to get something done, I was going all out.
  4. Thanks Matt. Asics made some for Shingo around the masters last year. They have them on the Golf Galaxy site. I REALLY want a pair. I just started wearing the running shoes and I am in love with them.
  5. Copper Plated Weavers Needle plumbers neck with a pocket milled and made into a high toe.
  6. Between a squareback and an anser 2. It felt great. The notch is for alignment I believe.
  7. I use wood tees, and now and then Zero Friction when I grab some out of my bag-o-tees.
  8. I currently shoot in the mid to high 80s. But as a Soph. in HS, I shot in the 140s in tournys.
  9. Thats my cue to post my 2 tee drills for you guys. Here are some drills that I do when I practice putting and thought I would share them with you guys. 1. Consistently hitting the middle of the club face. • Find a straight putt • Set your putter down so it is 3-4 feet from the hole and square the face. • Set 1 infront of the toe at address and 1 before the heel • Make 25 in a row. If you miss, start again. After 25, keep trying to get 50. •You can move back a foot and try this again. This drill also gives me confidence on the knee knockers. 2. Making the putt in the heart of the cup. • Place 2 tees in front of the hole just about an 1/8 of an inch larger than the Diameter of a ball. • Try making 10 2 footers. and 10 3 footers 3. Laser like precision • Find a breaking putt. • Put 1 tee down where you are going to putt and another on your intended line. • Try and hit the tee thats on the line and then putt back to your starting tee. 4. Agressive Lag • Put 2 tees about 2 feet apart 18 inches behind a hole and try and lag it so that the ball either goes in the hole or stops before crossing the imaginary line the tees make. 5. Another Lag drill •Place a tee 3 feet from the edge of the fringe and another 3 feet before the first. •Try Lagging the first putt between the tees and then try lagging the second between the tee and the fringe
  10. Thats where my buddy got it from. Some tourny in AZ I think.
  11. I am a student at the moment studying Graphic Design. I work for public relations here at my college. In the summer I work on my local muni. This Summer, I plan to intern/work part time at local photographers places.
  12. I want Asics Golf shoes... How about I charge for the lead tape explaination?? JK. Lead tape is to help get a desired swing weight. Like most of my irons are around D4.
  13. Although it has been released, I took these pics a long time ago and thought I would share. http://www.slotlinegolf.com/c-42-ssi-692.aspx?id=40
  14. I have mine engraved and stamped.
  15. Glad to be here. Hope I can help you guys out here...
  16. Sally is a sexy girl. And thanks.
  17. Driver: Ping Rapture V1 9° Aldila VS Proto "By You" (65g Stiff) Fairway woods: 3w Titleist 906F4 15.5° Aldila VS Proto "By You" (80g Stiff) 5w Cobra Speed LD F/ST Tour AD YS Designed by Graphite Design made for Cobra Stiff Irons: Ping S59 3-9 Iron Rifle 6.5 Soft stepped [3 iron] [5 iron] [7 iron] [9 iron] Wedges: Putter: Bag: Shoes:
  18. Ping BeNi Scottsdale Scotty Cameron TeI3 NP2 Piretti Black Prototype with a PN Betti JAM This Summer I am having LaMont make me a putter. But I have had my Byron Morgan 006 in the bag since November 09.
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