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  1. I have been gaming one since Feb. So 2 full months of being gamed. It has near 50 rounds + practicing on the grooves. I stripped the oilcan finish with a coke bath. No rust, but I like the raw metal finish. I have the 58° with 8° of bounce. I have learned to play for more roll on chips and pitches. I use my old 54° SM a lot more than my 58cc but I still like it.

  2. I can't let Matt and Dave have all the fun.




    A little background on why I bought the shoe. For the past three or four years now, the only tennis shoe on my foot has been from Asics. I like the Asics brand because I have a narrow foot and it was hard to find the right shoe for my tiny narrow foot. I wear a size 8.0 so it is hard to find a nice shoe that fits. This trouble with the tennis shoes also extended into golf shoes. I have found one pair that has fit me prior to my Asics. They were Footjoy Greenjoys. I think I ended up buying a 7.5 just so my foot wouldn't slip and slide in them. I spent about 45 minutes in that golf store trying on shoes.

    I have used those shoes for nearly 2 years and most of which has been spent walking in them. (Ways over 100 rounds) I wore the insert out of my FJ and the balls of my feet were on the hard plastic underneath. Being that it is so hard to find a nice fitting golf shoe, I was skeptical about buying a shoe online. After my feet had been blistered up enough one day, I decided that I had to buy new golf shoes.

    The only logical brand in my mind was Asics. I spent a few nights researching them on WRX and other sites. The general consensus was that it was a very comfortable shoe. Alright onto my review.



    The look of the shoe is nice in my opinion. It reminded me of the Adidas 360 in the fact that it looks like a sports shoe. The white got a little muddy but a quick wipe down with a wet rag spiffed her right on up. The spikes have really held up at my course. We have Bermuda tee boxes and fairways and right now they are dormant, that means there is a lot loose grass.


    The feel is the best part about the shoes in my opinion. I even enjoy walking in them a lot better than I do in my tennis shoes. I have low arches on my feet and really bad knees. I enjoy walking when I play and I hope I can walk for many years to come. I am 20 so I have a few years to go I hope... B) It did take an adjustment time to get used to the extra elevation above the golf ball. Right now, I feel pretty confident with them on. I can go after the fall with out the fear of slipping and sliding...


    The guys at my college tournament were surprised to see that I had Asics golf shoes. I loved hearing them complain about how their feet were hurting after 18 holes and I was still going strong.


    Overall I would give this shoe a 9.5 out of 10.

  3. Super-Tri hands down in my opinion. Just find a shaft that knocks the spin down for you. The R11 feels good but It's not that much better than the R9. Being a year old, it helps... The Super-Tri has opened my eyes and changed my opinion about adjustable drivers.

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