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  1. How many pings do you know that have mill marks on the bumpers? At the time they were made, Everything was cast correct? No need for the mill marks. It also looks to sharp to be a ping. Most of the old pings that I have seen have softer edges.

  2. Explain what you mean Funky. Not sure I followed you on this one. Really just looking for clever concepts that would be super creative ways of displaying the brand at shows etc. I can then make them up in Photoshop. I don;t want you to feel like you have to actually do the mock-ups.



    Just that croudsourcing only gets you so far with concepts. I am sure you would have done this anyway, but furthering the designs with the concepts creator. Ideas only go so far. And I just figured I had Photoshop so I might as well use it.

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