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  1. I like the Wolverine-H but i also agree. WAY TOO MANY PUTTERS!! The ansers look nice and traditional but idk ill stick with my Scotty's! I still think nothing will beat a Scotty Cameron! No way No how!


    I don't really know you but please tell me you have heard of these.


    Machine, Mills, Byron Morgan, Lajosi, Nead, Mannkrafted, Bettinardi, and a heck of a lot more.


    Just saying there are a lot more other putter makers out there...

  2. I believe that ipod pocket may be for your ball marker for the green? I have them on all my Cally pants. atleast that's what i thought they were for. LOL Your outfit looks great!


    PS: if the hat doesn't suit you you can forward to me. I wear hats every round and a couple of my Titleist hats are trucker style,as long as it's L/XL I have a big Irish head lol








    I will still wear the hat haha.

  3. First off a thank you to both Travis Mathew and MyGolfSpy.





    This all started out with amazing customer service from TM. There was constant contact between me and the rep.


    At first, I was very hesitant as to what to ask for. I didn't want to ask for too much but I finally decided to just ask. Whats the worst they could have said, No? So when I got the outfit picked out. I picked out a polo, pants, and a belt. Before everything shipped I asked for a hat to put the cherry on top. It was a waiting game now...


    The instant I got the box in the mail, I was the proverbial kid on Christmas morning. I ripped open the box. (Which BTW was very cool that the tape had their logo.) I ripped open the packaging and tried everything on.


    The Polo




    Before this, the best Polo I owned were some of the PGA brand polos. The Quality of the TM polo is higher then the PGA and is a dream to wear. I have yet to wear the polo to the Course. I plan to save the outfit for a tournament in a couple of weeks. It breaths really well.


    The Pants






    This is the first ever pair of golf pants that I have ever worn. Comparing these to my normal khakis, would be a disgrace. I had to have them hemmed because i have short legs. The Rep said that he is 6' 1" and he had to have them hemmed as well. After they were hemmed, I enjoyed them even more. These have a lot of give and the fabric is really thin and soft. And interesting thing about these pants is that they have an iPod pocket just under the belt line.


    These will double as dress slacks when my concert season comes in college band.


    The Belt and the Hat






    This belt is awesome! It is a reversible black and white belt. I love to dress up and this belt will help add that extra pizazz. I have black and white wing tip shoes that I wear when I dress up and go out.


    The hat is nice but I am not that big of a fan of trucker style hats. I won't complain though, I like it. I love hats and this is another that I will wear. I can't go outside without a hat.

  4. Here is the outfit I got. Pix from me will come tomorrow. I also got a hat thats not on their site.







    Tried everything on and I got the correct sizes. I just need to get the pants Hemmed up so I can wear them to the course with out them getting tore up on the ends. When I first put on the outfit I said to myself, "You are one Sexy beast."

    :lol: :D

  5. I currently play MacGregor VIP 1025CM's. I definitely want to get fit as I've never been "fit" by a professional. I've been checking eBay to see if it or others like it pop up but nothing yet. I've called the courses I've played in the last week and nothing yet. I'm pretty bummed but at the same time would like to test out some new stuff.


    When does the new stuff come out typically?



    Depends on what brand you are looking for...

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