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  1. The pure grips turn my hands black pretty quick. The KBS are a dream around the green. I think I am going to pick up a matching cast 53 to my 58 for my personal xmas present. Then I can give Steve back his forged 53. Be prepared for some nice back spin on the greens and chips checking a lot. I absolutely love mine!

  2. I might have to change brands. Those look sweeeet. I love the lofts on each club, but it might take some getting used to,

    ' Hand me my 7 iron, Caddie."

    UUHH, is that the 35 or the the 30, Doc?


    How 'bout an iron number also, it might make things a little easier.



    If you order a DW set, then you can get whatever you want on it...

  3. Sorry guys, Completely forgot about the thread. I have been on the course around 30 times and the range too many to count. The grooves are fantastic for me. Chipping now is night and day compared to my old wedge. I can be aggressive and have it check. I have not gotten used to it on full swings yet. Its a great club. Steve (Z-Man) is letting me borrow a forged 53° and that thing can spin to. I don't know if I like the shaft yet or not. As far as a number rating. I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Its not perfect but it is still great. I think its not a 10/10 because I wasn't fit for the club. These are the ABC grooves. The are true to the name. All Bite, no Chew. It scuffs my provs but it doesn't shred them. I play my balls until it is lost... The scuffs don't affect the playability to me.

  4. Hey guys, just passing this along.





    The prices are $400.00 for non mystic and $450.00 for mystic


    The grips are our usual..


    Lamkin or Ping are included


    Iomic +$10.00


    Stitchbacks are $$30.00



    Stainless options


    Mystic Pearl Finish

    High Polished-Gleam City

    Brushed Satin

    Double Torched

    Triple Polished

    Blue Oil

    Copper Plate,





  5. Here are my clubs as my bag sits now...


    Ping Driver



    Titleist 3 wood



    Ping S59s


    2 39.25" 18.5° 58.67°

    3 38.75" 21.0° 59.32°

    4 38.25" 23.8° 60.02°

    5 37.75" 27.0° 60.75°

    6 37.25" 30.5° 61.50°

    7 36.75" 34.3° 62.28°

    8 36.25" 38.3° 63.10°

    9 35.75" 42.5° 63.95°

    PW 35.50" 47.0° 64.38°


    Scratch Wedges




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