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  1. ProV-1s. But if I find a premium ball on the course. I will try it out...
  2. Then I guess you will make an extra effort not to ding up your putter then huh? Making it even more effective...
  3. Just mass produced customs... Each is different and appeals to different people... I had an original ITSY plumbers neck at one point. But I really like the look of this one.
  4. I would love to use one of those!!!! RB7, i loved your gold SC... As long as you don't make money off of these things you are fine right?
  5. Hunter Mahan. He did good last year. I think it is his time.
  6. Wedges look okay. I think the Irons would look better if the plastic insert was just metal...
  7. I don't think the Byron boys will mind if I pass along the Byron Design logo. I have the illustrator file. Tell me how you want it and where to send/post and I will get on it asap.
  8. I just play with athletic tape on and then air it out the rest of the time. It is summer so mu hands are pretty callused up by now.
  9. I would do this but my specs are diff than standard so I don't believe my input would be very worthy...
  10. Totally fake... The face isn't milled and the font is wrong....
  11. Not an any order TOP 3: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 TeI3. Makers Proof solid copper 006 4/5 (The one that got away) Mannkrafted Solid Copper Weavers needle with 0 offset w/ a pocket and a sight line. More I want: Piretti Cottonwood 2 Byron Morgan 006 first made for american sales (Another that got away) TP Mills Fleetwood Ping BeNi Anser 2 Ping BeCu Anser 2 Kari Lajosi KLP7 Bettinardi JAM with a fly milled face Machine M2A Converter
  12. I have gamed the 906f4 for almost a year now. Works great. I liked the 3w so much, I picked up a 5 wood.
  13. Ashworth Pleated EZ-Tech Pants interested me the most. I have never had "GOLF" pants.
  14. I play in a $1 skins game. Then I play for quarters around the putting green.
  15. I play ProV1s currently. I am trying the Callaway Tour i(s). I played callaway balls for years and I have found this i(s) to be perfect off the putter.
  16. Looks interesting but the vid almost drove me nuts... He fixed the pitch mark wrong...
  17. I have thought about doing this when I saw a pic on WRX. I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  18. It is kind of old but it gives you a ball park figure.
  19. http://www.pingballs.com/colors.htm
  20. Hey guys. I just got my wedge yesterday... It hasn't seen the light of day yet...
  21. I have an idea... Send them to me this summer and I will write amazing reviews.
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