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  1. I am sure LaMont has a polymer.
  2. I like good old fashioned bead blasted stainless. Copper plate looks pretty nice. But I think I am sticking with 303 blasted.
  3. I don't usually start topics unless I really have something to say... Besides, you guys depleted all of the generic questions. Kansas is boring so not a lot of news comes out of here. Dave and Steve beat me to the Byron stuff... Which is all reposts from forums I already visit.
  4. The contest is over so you stop posting? I miss clicking on New Content and having posts to read through...
  5. Nope. It is supposed to be a circle and an R that flow as one.
  6. Circle R is Rifes answer to the Circle T from SC.
  7. I bet it feels like crap... The hossel looks rather.... Janky.
  8. Steve, are you actually in on this one or are you in the dark?
  9. As far as the NCX putters go, do we get to choose which one? Because I am not a mallet person and the TAU looks nice.
  10. I wish I had no life so I could have posted more... Thanks for the contest...
  11. A 1 iron blade? Yikes. Mine is a Ping Eye 2+.
  12. I love long Irons... So much so that I take my 1 iron out on windy days..
  13. Only when I use a heel shafted blade putter... I feel compelled to put like that haha.
  14. There is always something you could do better. Nobody has that "Perfect" round... Always something more out there.
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