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  1. I bought a few dozen SD Tour X balls on eBay last fall and I’m working my way through them. Overall, I like them…they are noticeably firmer than my normal ball, TM Tour Response, and they may spin a bit more but I wanted to try them out due to price (roughly $1.25/ball) and the MGS mantra of soft is slow. I live on the Oregon Coast and they aren’t great into the wind but not horrible either; they spin a lot so what do you expect. The covers seem to scuff a touch more than the TM, but honesty at the price I just pull out another ball and don’t worry about it. They do get some off looks from my random playing partners, but as long as you’re fine with that, I’d recommend them for winter balls.
  2. NEW in Plastic - never used Tommy Armour Impact #2 Mallet Putter 35" with HC. Black Winn pistol grip. Never used, plastic still on head with $99.99 sales sticker on shaft. If you’d like a specific picture of something on the putter, please ask. $75 OBO PayPal or Venmo preferred, buyer and seller will split actual shipping 50/50
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