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  1. Good shape. A small scratch on the top of the head that's hard to see at address. Otherwise very good condition for its age with only light normal wear. Shaft is a high launch and low spin which makes this a bomber, the shaft is just a little too stiff for me! Buyer pays actual shipping, I ship 2-day USPS so you'll get it quickly! $100, no trades please! Thanks!
  2. Will these be available in the US? Anybody know for how much? I love that mallet...
  3. Right now I have G2's for 5 and 6i, the rest being S59's. Might get i15, anybody know what those are like?
  4. Well what I might do is keep my scoring clubs, for me the 7-LW, as my S59s and have the rest as G20's but I'm still unsure. My 7i with the S59's right now is 170-180 so it's really not a giant leap. That 210 shot was a single shot, the only one that broke 195 in fact.
  5. I had a chance to demo the new Ping G20's at my local indoor golf instruction store. After about 200 balls, I was averaging 190 with my 7 iron with the furthest going 210. These irons are extremely forgiving, I hit one right off the hosel and it went straight (but short). They have great feel and sound, and if you can get over the looks if you're a traditional person, I think you'd love them too. I'll definitely be picking up a set of these sometime around Christmas!
  6. Yeah, I used an FGP for a while but never really had a good balance for me. Thanks for the ideas guys! As of now, that Bettinardi looks better for me as opposed to the Scotty.
  7. Looking for some opinions on what the best center shafted putters are. Blades preferably, but semi-mallets may work. Thanks beforehand
  8. Yah. I want to buy the Turner True Speed II White Driver, the one that looks like the white Taylormade Superfast 2.0 I wish they would review with a side by side comparison of the two. I'd rather not spend so much on a driver with a different name
  9. Alright thanks. If price/name brand didnt matter, which one would you game? I'll be getting it later in the year.
  10. Recently ive been in need of a new putter. Could you guys review these 2 possibly? Nike Unitized Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 Thanks!
  11. Too bad. I dont own any of their apparel. They never seem to have any sizes.
  12. I think this would look better with a heel shafted flow hosel, at least to me.
  13. Hello all, Recently, the Nike Method Core caught my eye. It has a fair price point, is aesthetically pleasing, etc. But, i have yet to hit this putter; so, this is where you guys will hopefully come in handy. Have any of you hit it? I like inserts but not inserts as soft as Odyssey's. I currently game a putter that probably very few of you have heard of, let alone hit. The Dunlop "No Problem" (1) Putter. If you have, by any chance hit this putter, are the two comparable in feel? Thank you in advance for any help in telling me the feel of the Method Core.
  14. I use an orlimar 14 way stand bag. Very handy and cheap
  15. Every time i see a clone that catches my eye, the sight convinces me not to buy it. They all look fraudulent and scam heavy its a bummer too. Some of their clubs look nice.
  16. Man. Sounds way above my pricemark. The most expensive shaft i have is a Matrix Ozik Altus. And im not even sure that its very expensive. Great looking shaft though.
  17. Thanks for all the help. I will check some of these out
  18. I like that. About 30 bucks on ebay. Although i might have to get a sight on it, is that a sound slot in the back?
  19. I was looking for a cheap putter that has the look of the 8802/8882. Sort of like Mickelson's putter; however I dont like spending a lot. Does anyone know some component or clone companies that sell this style of putter cheap? Thanks for any help on my search
  20. I love those wedges. I can play it from anywhere
  21. Found a Seemore Prototype Putter on ebay. Anyone know anything about it? Heres the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Tour-Prototype-See-More-Putter-LTR-/260727795542#ht_500wt_922
  22. Price lowered! $120 Shipped. Great set of clubs for a great price!
  23. I am selling my used Nike CCi Split Cavity irons. Most of them are lightly used, the most wear being on the 7, 8, and 9 irons. The price i am asking for is $135 plus a $15 shpping fee, there is a little wiggle room on this price though. Leave me a PM, comment, or email me for pictures and/ or purchase (marshalltristan@ymail.com). Thanks for taking a look Specs: Shafts: True Temper R300 Regular Flex Grips: Stock, Nike Velvet *** I can also include a 14-way stand bag for anyone interested.
  24. Recently there was news of Adams Golf purchasing the recently bankrupt YES! Golf company. But my question is, will Adams Golf be using the groove technology made famous by YES, or will they choose to take another route? (topics merged ... MGS moderating staff)
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