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  1. Matt lowrey Alabama Handicap- 4 Irons- Mizuno mp-59, c- taper x flex, iomic grips.
  2. Matt, Birmingham Alabama Current putter - Buzelli Typical miss - Short push MLA - Tour Classic -35" in length -69° lie -4.5°loft
  3. First name - Matt home town - Birminham, AL Handicap - 4 Current -714 mb - C-taper 130 x flex shaft Custom Fit – yes Yes I have been custom fit on all my clubs including putter and wedges. I play titleist 714 mb and m1 woods. I am a 2-8 handicap depends on how much I'm playing. Played multiple sets of Mizuno irons and wedges. I have full access top track man and facilities to record data. Thanks for the giveaway!!
  4. This putter looks awesome, I am currently gaming the Buzelli Golf putter. They are small company and it actually looks similar to this, I think the Buzelli has a great product. I also game a Scotty Cameron 303 gss insert. I current live in Birmingham, Alabama. The weather is currently 70 degrees down here so I would be able to give this carbon putter to the test immediately. I'm a 2 handicap also, I test multiple products for a friend who owns a golf store here.
  5. I have access to a track man and other facilities to log my data. My swing speed is around 118. I can install and grip the shaft myself and would be happy to write a review. . Looking forward to hearing numbers from this shaft either way.
  6. Wouldn't a little bit of hot melt solve the problem on the weight issue..as well as the ball flight? Or are you waiting a little longer to get the feel of the driver before you do that? From my experience hot melting drivers makes them sounds a lot better also.
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