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  1. I have an older Garmin G6 handheld GPS. Still works great. Couple things I like about it. 1. Don't like watches. I have this clipped to the cart strapped when I ride, or to the bag strap when walking. Access is just as easy as a watch. 2. I don't belong to a club, so I play plenty of different courses. I can get a good visual of each hole I am playing. 3. Love marking fairway bunkers and hazards to get a distance from the tee. 4. Like the "green" button to immediately show a close up of the green, front, middle and back yardage. Then I can move the pin around on the green to approximate location. Love this feature. 5. Waterproof and drop proof. When I grab it and a few clubs from the cart, I walk to my ball, get the yardage and then just drop it on the ground. Never any issues. I know the GPS watches can do many of these things, but having all the info right in front of you on a small screen vs. multiple watch screens and buttons is a benefit for me.
  2. Par 3 6th 150 yds into a strong breeze. Back left pin placement. Choked down 7-iron and wanted to hit low draw. Nutted it and flew through the air with perfect height and draw. Hit pin high 3 feet from cup but rolled to back fringe. Made par. The result was not amazing but hitting a shot exactly how you imagined it is a great feeling. As frustrating as this game can be, that one perfect shot keeps me coming back wanting to do it again.
  3. I interchange Srixon Zstar and ProV1x - the performance difference is minimal. But the deals that can be found for Zstar is what makes it so compelling.
  4. I usually don't watch golf until the final round on Sunday - that's when the drama happens. Remember Koepkas hook on 18 this past Sunday? My father-in-law and I were howling at the screen - OMG! Oh NO! I love those moments in golf. I can relate! As far as boring goes - NASCAR! It has been completely stripped of anything authentic.
  5. Bryon C. Raleigh, NC Ping I20 black dot AWT-Stiff 7 iron - 165 yds Would love the opportunity to hit these!
  6. I know this an older post... but thought I would weigh in. I play a G30 with stock stiff shaft. Neutral position. Is it long? Sure. But what I have noticed most is that even mis-hits remain comparatively long. Secondly, the big push/fade OB that used to sneak up on me during a round has been reigned in a bit with the G30.
  7. I was hitting a Mizuno MP-650 until a year ago. Switched to a Ping G30 after borrowing my father's for a few tee shots and then some range work. It was the first "newish" driver that I hit as straight as the Mizuno. The gains were not monumental. Maybe 10 extra yards and I think my miss hits are slightly better. But I will never git rid of the old driver... it is ready to go when I need it.
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