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  1. With the speed of relieces they cant charge more or we will stick with what we have. If they want us to keep buying new, and lets face it we dont need to, a driver last longer then a year or two, they they will have to price right.
  2. I am not a Nike fan and this has done nothing to change that.... they look cheap!
  3. Its another Nike situation for me, just not a fit for golf equipment.
  4. It is SUCH great looking kit as always!
  5. I played great this weekend, solid start of 1 over through 4, stayed patient all day... In the UK at the moment we are having a heat wave and fairways are rock hard and rough is waist high so its TOUGH out there. I lipped out for eagle on the 9th and then just did made for the rest of the day. I have come away knowing I hit the ball well but that was not enough this weekend.
  6. Hi All, Long time reader of MGS articles and thought it time I joined in. I am a 12 handicap golfer from near London in England. I have an addiction to practace and do so every night rain or shine. I tend to play twice a week in the summer and love nothing more than to play golf. Love good equipment! One questions, is there a lot of arguing on this forum or do people tend to be resepectful? Thanks Alex
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