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  1. Michael - San Diego,ca i have previously Used I-phone based application such as golflogix and Golfnow as well as the voice caddie for a round or two. my current method of determining yardage is the TecTecTec Vpro500 range finder. I find the solution of pulling out it out for every shot tedious and would love to explore and deduce the body mounted gps that provides target ranges and compare it viability vs laser range finders.
  2. I played bad! but I was consistently bad, I didn't have worse than a double all day but had far too many of them, I was missing short putts after getting GIR. The course was prestine though and played really hard, they still had the long rough cut from the tournament and since we haven't had rain here in nearly a month the greens were firm and throwing balls off the back. Torrey is a legendary track and always play difficult but thats why i love it, even if my golf game doesn't.
  3. I just played Torrey this past Sunday, they only had the North Course open because of a charity tournament on south. I got to the course at 12:30 teed off at 1:30 as a walk on single. its fairly easy to walk on as a single there right now even with the furor of farmers open on everyone's mind. I havent played there over the summer yet but I doubt it will be that much different. I would get a car though, a cab ride from Town and Country (my old work) to Torrey pines is going to cost as much as a rental car for the day. ($60+) One of my Favorite courses though is Riverwalk if you get to play Mission/Friars (names of two of the 9hole courses) its a nice challenge and tempting to try for the green on 3 on mission if wind is at your back. DONT DO IT! lol balboa is a great course tucked into the canyons, but Tecelote is a s*** hole especially in the summer dont waste time or energy there. Oh and dont use the tee time brokers to get a time at torrey you can just call and book ahead if you really want to and pay a smaller fee through the course itself
  4. What the heck happened to my game! On a normal day on the links I am stuck in the mid 80's occasionally ill break 80 but rare and normally on a familiar course but I never go above 90 or at least havent in a long time. as where I am not a great or even good golfer I keep composed and play my game. Now for the worst round of recent memory. I was visiting my girlfriends family last weekend and mentioned to her grandfather that we should go out and play a round. It worked out perfectly because I was going to be in town the next weekend. So we went to his country club Mountain Gate CC, a monster of elevation changes perched atop the Topanga Hills. It is blowing about 15mph with gusts in the 30s and temps were high 50s. First drive is a straight top barley makes it 20 yds, Her grandpa lets me tee another one off, it was beauty straight down the pipe 270. then threewood off the deck on the long par 5, top again and rolls to about 140 out, hit a nice 6 into the wind the just bounced off the back of the green and i managed to chip in for birdie. thats where the red numbers ended. I was missing 3 foot putts chunking chips and catching the thin, sliding the club and pooching shots. I didnt one putt a single green. I was slicing and hooking drives so bad on one i wound up on another green. My question I pose to you all is, What to do when nothing is going right? I know all this could be because i was nervous playing with her grandpa, or the course is extremely challenging which is why the Campions tour wont come back. I just hope I can shake the dreaded shanks
  5. Mfrye

    Golf Rage

    The thing that pisses me off the most is someone using the course as a teaching area when it is super busy. I dont mean taking someone out on a tuesday afternoon to teach them how to play the game after a session on the range, I'm talking about the redneck guy that takes his wife out there and has her hit 8 shots from the womens tee box on a 130yd par three with a driver while there are already two groups at the tee waiting. I was stuck 5 groups behind them and saw this happening when the holes met, after she was done hitting yelled to the guy to have her hit one next time and play it out, he went all macho and came storming over to my group saying who the f said that trying to pick a fight and I step right up and explained to him for 5 minutes golf etiquette, I was just about done with the guy when the marshall rolls up and to see whats going on, guy ended up getting kicked off because he walked on at #3 to begin with.
  6. There is an app called the grint, says its a USGA handicap provider, what designates it as a handicap usable in local tournaments
  7. Sorry to post a new thread for this but how does one obtain a verified handicap? I just met my Girlfriends family, and got talking golf with her grandpa. I told him what my average round was and what I had as a handicap (based of golflogix app which I have doubts about because it seems to fluctuate considerably after every round) He said I should get a verified handicap so that he could use me for tournaments. I just have no idea how to obtain one. I know the equation to compute it but as far as getting it verified I don't have a clue. I do have about 30 rounds documented in the App including 9 hole courses. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated! Many Thanks
  8. I agree that it is approach to the game, If you go out there and try to reach every par 5 in two, your gonna have a bad time(insert southpark meme), and a high score. As where playing a smarter game more often than not will result in a lower score.
  9. I want to be a part of the league this year keep me posted
  10. Lol I'm not gonna lie Richard I'm not much of a sunglasses type of person. If I do get sunglasses they are the cheap ones from a gas station so if I lose em I don't worry about it. I started this thread because I was hearing a lot of bs out there. I appreciate being the front runner for them, it's great that I started something that people are getting involved with.
  11. Now to easily understand what you mean by feel lets look at putters, the odyssey putters feel a whole lot smoother than the current putter I have what makes that difference?
  12. Lets make it a dark horse for thread of the year!! I could really use a jet speed driver and some MGS gear to wear!!
  13. I Also hear a lot of people talking about getting their clubs fitted. what exactly does that mean? What's the point of doing a club fitting Fitting is something that is always talked about but is never really addressed as far as what it involved. Is it face angle opened or closed? Or loft adjustment? or what options is there?
  14. Then what makes Cleveland the top wedge manufacturer? What is so stand out about Cleveland over Ping wedges or any other brands? If there is not a noticeable difference what makes them so popular??
  15. Rickles, the last paragraph answered my whole debate with the cutting a put issue. Why would you cut a putt!!! there is no need to get fancy with it just roll it true and straight, I'm sure the older pros had practiced years to do it to compesate for issues translated from a full swing. but for us reading the line getting speed and hitting square is what we should be concentrating on. Now heres another myth/ promo thing i heard. "clone clubs preform to standard of brand name!" I will be straight forward and say I am cheap, I don't like spending a lot of money on clubs. I get the "you get what you pay for mentality. The first set of clubs that I bought for my self is a from a brand called Pinemeadow golf. Since they are the first set of uniform clubs I have I think they are awesome. they preform well they feel good to me and I am comfortable with them. that being said why would I go out and drop $400 for an Iron set? kinda of two topics to cover in there: how do quality of clone clubs compare? and why would I need to purchase new clubs if what I have works for me? Thanks for the involvement here, it's good the here some of the BS being called out so I can just ignore that out there.
  16. As far as the shafts go, what is the main difference of flex. I just an RBZ with the stiff flex and it feels like I am getting more behind it that the regular flex I tried in the store. Is it more of a personal preference or is there real performance improvements/adjustments with the different flex varieties. With the break of the put I noticed it to be somewhat true. I played Torrey about two weeks ago (where I heard the tip) and was reading the putt R2L about three cups off. the ocean was on the right, I hit it clean right on the line i wanted and it leaked a cup to the Right. My thought is its just the perception when you have wide open area like that it will throw off the read.
  17. Hello all, I have been playing golf for the better part of 15 years, however I have never taken the sport seriously until the last two years or so. One thing I have noticed being out on the course alot more and playing with different people every time (my buddies don't play so I walk one as a single), is that there is a lot of questionable theories, tips, legends, and strategies. So I hoping that you could share what you have heard over the years and what has actually worked and what was more Bullsh*t. It would be good to learn what to ignore out there and what to take as sound advice. Some of the things that have come to mind are: -Tee it up lower and hit it straight but shorter. (seen results) -Greens break towards ocean on seaside courses and away from mountains on desert courses. -Hitting the net next to a tee box is a redo. (might be course rules) -The pros play balls unavailable to the public. These are just a few that I can think of right now. so lets hear yours and the answers to these to help wade through the BS Many Thanks
  18. Hey Ken, I'm down to get out for a round sometime! do you have a SD resident card for torrey? i want to try and play torrey at least once a month since i have the card now but getting days off is not as easy to pull that. where in the county you located and what are your top courses here? Michael
  19. Went out and played Torrey Pines north course last week during the rain, only drenched us first three holes then it was perfect golf after that! shot a 91 which is one better than previous best there so progress is being made! 6th hole: par 3 160yds down hill into the wind, reached then four putted for a 5! 14th green: par 5 made par with GIR 17th par 3 chunked tee saved bogey. damn near dark at this point
  20. is this a trusted site? I'm worried about getting a counterfeit at that price.
  21. I'm stoked for my pinehurst trip! I'll be geting on No. 2 and National, any hints on how to play it or tricks from being in the area?
  22. So freezing rain is forcasted for the day I am playing #2, so the trip has been postponed! sucks but at hopefully we can get in during the weeks prior to us open
  23. Fun concept, got to http://www.golfradar.com/Match.aspx to enter. I placed 26th last week. there is also www.tourpicks.com same template just a second chance to win! Im trying to find a way to create our own little league so that there can be weekly prizes givin to MGS members only. Any interest in that?
  24. Hey so the site that I won my trip to Pinehurst with is having fantasy challenges every week now for the new season. Its a fun format that really makes you delve deep into the field to find players. the first site is www.tourpicks.com the second site is: www.golfradar.com It's too late to enter this week with the tournament in Malaysia the picks closed at 7:00 est but I hope to see other MGS members in the leader board. If you are already playing in the challenge post you final results here!
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