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  1. Play 35 rounds a year Handicap 16 And currently using a Nike RORS origin putter
  2. The Outlast stuff is the real deal. It's been in use for ski/snowboard stuff for years. performs as advertised but is pretty expensive. it's in both sets of my snowboard boots and some socks. I found a sock about 10 years ago that has it all around (now they put it in heats "sensitive" areas whatever that is) and bought 6 pairs. Those were about $60/pair. Still in use to this day and worth every penny.
  3. Those are the Japan/Asia models for release ^^ - the grey makes the club look much cleaner imo.
  4. A long delayed review: Had a deal for 50% off at the Adidas store - bought one and 2doz TPX balls. I've worn mine for about 4 rounds now, and I notice no difference compared to any other "tech" shirt out there. On a particularly hot sunny day, I did notice the little dots heating up. Especially so while standing in the sun waiting for people to putt. There was no breeze, and the shirt wasn't resting right on my back (little gap between my shoulders), I hunched over to putt and got a little sting. It happened enough for me to relegate the shirt to cloudy days. It is the black shirt, so that might be part of the problem. But for the price they want, I'm not buying any more. The Tour Preferred X Balls on the other hand are fantastic. I'll be buying a lot more.
  5. Krizar

    Myrtle Beach!

    A little follow up - it ended up being just my family that came down, and my parents met us here for a few days. So I only got out for one round. I ended up at blackmoor. It wasn't too far from our rental and the price was pretty fair.- $50 My wife joined me as my cart driver and we were really impressed from the time we pulled in. Staff was helpful and friendly, practice area was great (full range, chipping, bunker and putting) and the course was in good shape. The course itself is pretty challenging, tons of doglegs, a few blind shots to the green, and a really cool double fairway on 8. I'd highly recommend this course, but not blind. I was grouped with 3 players that played there several times, and it really helped. Thanks everyone for the recommendations, I'll have to play those next time I come down.
  6. I'm still kicking myself about it. I had my cart ready to go and I hesitated; I checked to see if a buddy wanted in, he went to test the clubs that evening and by then the"double dip" was fixed. (Cobra was offering $100 off the driver, then another 35% off with the code) Deals are still good - and they're offered on pretty much everything - bags, and even Puma clothes/shoes - Faas 2.0 included.
  7. You may have a very good point. I've taken a few lessons at MG this year, I never got the impression they'd allow me to try a few clubs (forged 2.0) without a fitting. But it never hurts to ask. They do have a great putting area though, with tons of putters. I'll have to take a look next time I'm there,
  8. It's tough to find new equipment here in Toronto. I'm looking at upgrading a few things in my bag, and the ones I'm looking at don't seem to be in any store around here. I've been looking for the Nike Method mod putters since release, and I can't find them anywhere. Same goes with the covert 2.0 forged irons. When mygolfspy comes out with the most wanted putter - guess what else isn't around: any of the top 5 Sorry about the whiny tone of the post. It's just...frustrating. And I don't want to buy online for a purchase I may regret later. Especially with something as personal as a putter.
  9. Krizar

    Myrtle Beach!

    Thanks again for the replies. I looked at them briefly, and it'll be tough to choose only a few.
  10. We finally booked a week in Myrtle beach with the family in July. I'm hoping to get out for 2-3 rounds, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for places to play there. We're staying at surfside beach - proximity is helpful, but we'll have cars there so a drive wouldn't be too bad especially if there's a course worth it. Any hidden gems? Great bang for the buck? Also - how early should I be booking tee times? Thanks in advance
  11. An update, and thanks to those that helped. Turns out the solution was a simple one. Released the IP adress and reconnected to the ISP, and I am currently posting from work.
  12. Nothing has changed in the office network, and I was able to access the site there up until a few days ago. ( I signed up for this site there) Very weird, as none of the other forums that I'm a part of are having this problem.
  13. When I'm at work, I can't view the forums. It says I don't have permission to view the topics. I'm posting from home now, I can't figure out why it works here and not at work. Any suggestions?
  14. I've been wearing Lulu for a few years now, and it's a fantastic brand. It's the little things that set them apart, fully flat seams in just about everything, tons of useful pockets and incredible durability. Another thing I've been really impressed with is their Game-on boxer briefs - next time you go into the store ask the staff, they're selling a ton.
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