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  1. Jim Utah 10 No shot tracker being used yet. You need someone at the 6000 ft elevation to test this....me!
  2. I love the feel of the Mizuno's but are a little out of my price range. If you have a father who loves to watch you golf, I would say he will splash for them! Ditto on the get fitted!
  3. Great Contest.....What about the friends referral link?????
  4. I usually buy a season weekday pass. $300 for green fees/yr. $10-18 holes for the cart. Without a pass- Daily $18 bucks walking, $22 weekend walking. In the boonies in Utah.............
  5. Nice bags! I think I need another job to keep up with the crowd here...........Oh, that would be a third job........then when do I find time to play this addictive sport?????
  6. Just entered. Thanks for the links!
  7. Then we have to look at who are the bad weather players who can make a difference if the weather is awry?
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