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  1. If I was Callaway I would rescind the ad, if they were wrong. If they were right they should back it up. 2 straight wins doesn't mean you are the #1 driver.

    Other people said something like this too. If the ad TM is talking about is the one I saw it was a legit claim.


    It basically said that Cally had won x of y PGA Tour events and it was the #1 winning driver on tour. It goes back to what I said in my posts. Both can make the clam that they have the #1 driver based on the numbers they choose to look at. Both claims are true based on the information they choose to use.

  2. Are they still in business or is something wrong ? Their website has been offline for some time now !

    They are changing US distributors. I think the new distributor is creating a new website and hasn't finished it yet. I know for a fact that they are still around and product is available if you know an authorized Epon dealer.

  3. Anybody who buys a club because somebody else won with it on tour is probably an idiot (there are plenty of reasons why clubs end up in pro's bags, and most of them have very little to do with performance). How much difference do you think there really is between Callaway's driver and TaylorMade's?


    2nd Point...Don't care about number of tour wins. Even if I did, I'd only care about PGA wins. So by that measure, this year anyway, Callaway is kicking TaylorMade's ass (at least as far as notable 2010 wins are concerned). Ernie, Phil, and Furyk all have the FT-Tour in their bag. How's Sergio doing with that TM? Point is, golfers win championships, not their clubs.


    I'm not a Callaway fan boy, and I think TaylorMade (generally speaking) makes a damn good product. Clubs from both manufacturers are in my bag right now. That said, this is kindergarten crap, and you'd think self-proclaimed industry leaders would be above it.

    Bingo. I don't have either in my bag. TM has never worked for me and Cally has in the past. They pretty much all make great products...if it fits your game. The problem is "hey this club is for everyone" when everyone knows it isn't.

  4. I'll answer point by point:


    1 - It doesn't make me think any less of TaylorMade when they put stuff like this out. It's today's market and game. What I can't stand and hurts my opinion about TM is they feel the need for 3-5 new drivers and 2-3 new iron sets every year (I know...I may be exaggerating a bit. But it seems like these numbers are legit.). Are you really that insecure with your product? Do you think it is so shotty that you have to replace it that often? Are you purposely not putting technology into your product so that you can upgrade every 6 months and make it 'better than ever'?


    2 - I have always believed all these numbers and claims are bought and/or manufactured. I also believe they are technically true. These is too much to lose for making false claims and everything to gain by making numbers represent something they may not should. Thanks to this site and some smaller golf companies out there, this belief has been confirmed.


    3 - It is absolutely petty, but the unfortunate fact it golf isn't about golf any longer. It is about showing your playing partner how new and cool your stuff is and how his isn't good anymore (Golf Digest Obsolete List anybody? Sure there's stuff that doesn't hack it anymore, but really?). That's what drives all the companies to market, develop, and implement the strategies they have. Now...is this the fault of us or the OEMs? I don't know that answer, but figure we all hold responsibility. Should the customer see this? No...but this is the market strategy just about all the OEMs have adopted. Focusing on numbers rather than on the product itself.


    4 - I'd let them make whatever claims they want to. If they are true, with or without fudging numbers, they are true. If they aren't, call them out. But if you call someone out and end up being wrong yourself....well...good luck.

  5. I can't get the image to apply here, but there is the text from an email I just received:


    Recently, Callaway has made a claim that they are the new #1 Driver on tour. They are trying to confuse the golfer. We have published the response below to set the record straight. Being the #1 Driver in Golf is something TaylorMade has earned and we hold that honor in high regard.


    Dear Callaway,


    Congratulations on your players' recent tour victories. We fully understand the excitement and sense of pride that comes from winning. In fact, two more tour professionals won this weekend with our drivers.


    And, in the last 10 years, we've had 525 wins of our own. A full decade of domination. This is why we take exception with your claim of being the #1 Driver on Tour. Here's the truth.


    TaylorMade is the #1 selling driver today and has been each year since 2004.


    TaylorMade is #1 in worldwide tour wins today and has been over the last decade.


    TaylorMade is the #1 played driver on tours worldwide today and has been over the last decade.


    We hope this sets the record straight at Callaway and for anyone in golf who was confused.





    It also had this link to look at the proof.


    So what TM is saying is they bought more tour wins by paying more players to play their clubs than Callaway. So...does Callaway come back and say, "Our players have a greater winning percentage than TaylorMade"? It has nothing to do with the player...not a chance...it is ALL about the club. (I'm not saying Tiger or Phil with a persimmon would beat Kim or Furyk. There is a difference in club technology.)


    A good marketer can make the worst numbers look positive. Look at Tom Hicks and the spin he spewed about the Rangers for so many years.


    Why don't we focus on putting the best product possible on the market instead of worrying about whose thing if bigger? Good grief.....

  6. Played on a cow pasture called a golf course today in a scramble. We got second last year having never seen the course before and losing to the 'club pro' and members by a stroke. This year we won by a stroke with a -13 (58)...first time I ever won anything at golf.


    The greens were terrible and three putts from the same place hit exactly the same would have 3 different results. I was the best putter on our team and hit the first shot of our round 260 in the middle of the fairway. Had I not refound an old bad habit it would have been a perfect day of golf.......save the course.

  7. It looks like they needed to bring a new iron out but didn't have any ideas on a new design that was better than the X-22's. So they gave it a paint job and, viola! The X-24 HOT!!!!!


    Funny thing is, My boss says to me Yesterday.... "Callaway has a new Iron out".. I reply.. "Let me guess.. X-24???" Golf companies have gotten so predictable, that it is becoming sad. Ping G 20 and I 20 on the way... and a new Burner

    I think the new Burner is slated to be called the SuperDuper.

  8. Was there no new episode this week? I can't find it on On Demand.

    No new episode this week. My channel guide for 3/29 says, "Ray Ramano has reached the halfway point in the attempt to retool his golf game." It is also episode 30 and last week's was 29.

  9. And how much did that "help" cost? Geesh

    The first time it was $75 and the second time was $100.


    In my area, those prices aren't too bad, but for what I got it was way too much. Won't make the mistake a third time.

  10. Did they ever show you a video? IMO, one of the best things that a teacher can do is take a video of your old swing and a video of the teacher showing you the positions that you are trying to achieve.

    The first time I got to see video, and was supposed to get a copy of the lesson when it was over. But he said my swing was in such poor shape he didn't want me looking at it because I couldn't learn anything from it.


    The second time I just beat balls and walked away with a stiff and sore back.

  11. When you took your lesson, did they ask you if you want to make over your swing or did they just do it? If it was the latter, that gives me a very poor impression. I think it's fine to do a 100% makeover if that's what the client wants, but many people just want a little tweak.

    They just did it. Though I was new to the game, everyone I had talked to said I had a good overall swing and just needed to iron out a few things. I think I was just too nieve (or however you spell it) to say anything.


    sounds like a nightmare lesson. I would try and find a teacher who wants to work WITH me, not against me.

    I have done that. I fully expect to make a marked improvement quickly.

  12. I don't know about you guys but I lose a little confidence in Haney every episode. According to Brian (the guy from The Office, forget his real name) he was hitting it terribly after the round.

    I've taken a couple of lessons from his facility near me. The reason Brian was having issues is because they change everything about your swing. You will do very little the same as you did before...at least that's what they tried to do to me. I am built a lot like Brian and the swing they were trying to get me to do was much more difficult and was real hard on my back. Add to that that they don't really tell you what you are doing, they just move the club while keeping you in your stance saying, "Feel that? That's what you want. Just do that."

  13. I don't remember seeing this in the thread so I'll throw it out here. Did anyone catch what Hank told Ray walking down the fairway in the last episode?


    The most important thing in golf...is distance.


    Surely I'm not the only one that thinks that is ridiculous, am I?

  14. Good luck getting a time with Haney -- at any rate.


    Those guys (all the top teachers) charge so much as a way to weed down the number of people making demands on their time. Those guys no where their bread is buttered...and that's the tour boys that get their name out there so they can then sell instruction tapes, DVD's, books, market their underling teachers, and market their name on other people's products.


    That's why Tiger never wanted to pay Butch Harmon very much. Tiger always thought Harmon was making enough off the association to Tiger.

    I am sure getting Hank is tough, but the price sheet that they hand out has him on it. It doesn't have a price and says inquire for more info about a session with Hank.

  15. I read an article...I think it was on golf.com that said he had a FT-9 that was the normal/high trajectory driver to let the ball ride the wind and a FT-5 that was the low trajectory stick to keep it under/penetrate through the wind.

  16. I want to be able to play something close to a tour schedule with the courses. I know liscensing prevents that, but still that's what I'd like to have.


    So even if you have to cut up what is in the game to create the courses for the rest of the schedule...do it.


    Bring back endorsements.


    Make me 'earn' my card, let me see a Nationwide Tour if I don't make it. Exemptions?

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