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  1. I read an article...I think it was on golf.com that said he had a FT-9 that was the normal/high trajectory driver to let the ball ride the wind and a FT-5 that was the low trajectory stick to keep it under/penetrate through the wind.
  2. I want to be able to play something close to a tour schedule with the courses. I know liscensing prevents that, but still that's what I'd like to have. So even if you have to cut up what is in the game to create the courses for the rest of the schedule...do it. Bring back endorsements. Make me 'earn' my card, let me see a Nationwide Tour if I don't make it. Exemptions?
  3. I am taking lessons from there right now and am not seeing the progress I hoped to. In my opinion they focus WAY too much on numbers and comparing you to Tiger. I have had about 10 lessons now and in almost all of them I make basically two swings the entire lesson. After I warm up I make on that is deconstructed. Then we do some drills before a final swing to see the progress that was made. That's it. The methodology just isn't for me so I will be going to my fitter as he is someone that I trust. I currently shoot 97-105 and he tells me that I should be shooting low to mid 80s in two months with him. He is confident in my ability as a golfer and his ability as an instructor to make it happen. Almost the opposite of what we see in the Haney Project. Haney says Ray should already be there while Ray has decided he will get worse before getting better.
  4. The putter is pretty heavy, but I don't have an exact weight. It's less than a Heavy Putter I won, but heavier than anything else I have had. The feel is pretty firm, but that's what I was looking for. I don't remember which one of the Odyssey inserts it is, but I don't ever feel the ball hit the putter and hate it. This one I feel when and where on the face I hit my putt.
  5. I have a tie that both happened the same day last year. I don't remember the hole numbers, but it was at Castle Hills in Lewisville, TX. On the tee of one hole my driver hit the ground about 5 inches behind the ball and it someone produced a 245 yard drive with a slight cut to the middle of the fairway. The drive was longer than my average drive with that club. The other shot was later in the round on a downhill par 4...probably about 360 yards. My drive we hooked into a housing development and my next shot was topped to the next tee. Mad at myself I grabbed my 3 wood and made the most "I don't care" swing ever. I hit it perfectly and found it 297 yards later to the left of the green.
  6. I love the entire bag. The Revenge shafts fits me well because my swing speed isn't real fast but more importantly I have a slower and more fluid tempo, so the characteristics fit me well. I went from a real stiff Fujikura shaft with a 9* to the Wishon 11* with the OBAN. My trajectory and distance has improved about 15 yards. Even though both shafts are stiff, the OBAN is softer and gives me better results. I have hit the a7, Hi-Bore, and now KZG hybrids and this set up has the best launch and distance I have seen yet. Now the a7 isn't shabby at all, but these U Irons just work better for me.
  7. I had a custom fitting done in early January and this is the bag I came away with. I think I am going to get different headcovers for the Wishon clubs, but haven't found what I am looking for yet. I am hoping to find some kind of old looking cover that is red and white/antique white. The list of exactly what everything is can be found in my signature. Driver and 4 Wood Hybrids: Irons and Wedges Putter:
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