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  1. I got a gray Cobra F8 river to replace the Fly z. Haven't gotten it out yet except at the range. its looking good at least
  2. One - Phil in Washington State Two - Driver - Cobra Fly Z Fairway- Pinemeadow three, five woods Irons - Nike Covert 2.0 4-AW Wedges - Ping 54, 60 Putter- Odessey White Hot #1 Three- 12-ish Four - Become more consistent Single digit handicap would look kinda nice Beat my brother straight up
  3. I was just at the pro shop trying these out.... Phil in Seattle, Washington Current putter - Dunlop Maxfli, circa 1970 Wish list - Odessey #1, Black
  4. Phil in Washington,the state Current Handicap - 15 Current Iron - Nike Covert 2.0 I would love to try the JPX Hot Metal
  5. Name - Phil State - Washington Hdc - 14 Irons - Nike Convert 2.0
  6. I would be happy to try out these trolleys. My old speed cart tires are always going flat on me and I am tired of patching them. I always walk unless the course tells me I have to drive a golf cart. I play about fifty rounds a year.
  7. I am still searching for an answer for long shots into the green... nine wood? Hybrid? Two wedge shots? Name-- Phil State-- Washington Handicap - 15 Current long clubs - Nike Covert 2.0 four Iron, shaft Dynalite 105 regular or Pinemeadow 7 wood, "Limited Graphite" shaft
  8. This is kind of long, but I need some input here. I have two Callaway drivers, a stock Razr X Black and a stock X Hot, 10.5 degrees. Both have stock shafts, the Fujikura F8 Motore and the Project X, respectively. Both are regular flex and I have a mid eighties swing speed. With either driver, I average about 210 yards if I hit it straight. The X Hot seems to have the greater potential to be longer but I like the feel of the Razr Black a little better. The Project x shaft is lighter at 55 grams than the Fujikura at 16 grams. I find that the Razr Black has for me, a normal modera
  9. I use a Neo+ and am kinda lost without it. My eyes are not what they used to be. Not wandering around looking for a sprinkler is a good deal for me. As far as slowing things down or speeding up the game, it makes my game faster. I walk up to the ball watching the gps stabilize so its ready way before I am. If my drive is in the woods, I know the distance off the tee so I am not looking for a lost ball 230 yards out when my average drive is 210 and knowing a slice cut even more off the distance. And since I can sometimes be playing from the next fairway over and can't see the pin, a
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