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  1. I'm really starting to like whats coming out of Wilson now days. If they release blades or a step back from blades in the next couple weeks I'm going to try them for sure
  2. Welcome indeed and good on you few starting a youth golf program
  3. Well being able to look at this with relative bias, I would post that Europe seems to have the stronger team with better running form coming into this, but having said that it would be interesting to see the states get up as the underdogs and push it right to the very edge. With the grip I've never tried a superstroke before so I would probably choose the midslim 2.0 to have a go at and I think I would go the USA pattern over the European one. Best of luck to both sides and will interesting to see how Rory goes, as I feel he will either be a dominant force or some what lacking through the series. I hope its the former as he is good to watch when hes on form.
  4. Everyone go to there local store and see how far they are off and we can post a leaderboard for the worst offenders?
  5. I've been having a look at some others and put together a list few you to browse. Blue Coral Snake Green tree python baby (brilliant yellow colour) Emerald tree boa Iridescent Shield tail Brazilian Rainbow boa Red sided garter snake Red headed Krait Boelen's python Rhino viper Some of those patterns and colours would look fantastic
  6. I don't see how it would be classed as a training aid, and I doubt many people would argue it anyway. Going on things that help me on the practise green I'm enjoying popping my bluetooth headphones on and zoning out to the music while trying to make a putt. Really goes into the whole clearing your mind and thinking of nothing but the target or nothing at all while trying to make a putt.
  7. Wish I had $299 to spend on a pair, decided to get a pair of the streets instead for $100
  8. I think the one in your first post looks the best to my eye, but very hard to tell with these sorts of drawings. Would love to see it in boomslang colour and pattern though
  9. Played Saturday first round of a 2 round gross event at my club. Played pretty well the whole day except for a rather large brain fade of the 10th which left me with a quad on a hole I usually play very well. Finished the round with a 6 over round with a tie for the lead. Went out again Today, Sunday, for 9 holes in the lazy afternoon sun. Had just bought myself some ecco golf streets and wanted to try them out and didn't really have much else to do. Went around with my headphones on and managed a very solid 2 under around the front 9 with 8/9 fairways hit, 8/9 greens hit with 15 putts. Very happy with the result and gives me a much needed boost in confidence going into the second round.
  10. Group in front needs to be the one that offers, although thats only when they are trailling behind and holding people up in my opinion. Ive had instances where people have rudely requested to play through despite the fact that we are waiting on every shot for the group in front, and that is repeated for the next few groups. If there is space in front of us we will let them through but if its bumper to bumper I don't really see the point.
  11. Salmon

    My Son

    Best of luck for your son while he is away. While I'm not a vet by any meaning of the word, I am involved in the construction of the two new LHD's (similar to the USS Wasp) and AWD blocks here in Melbournefor the Aus Navy so I have massive respect.
  12. Congrats on the win It's rather ammusing when you can do that to an opponant simply by being the better person and not letting anything get under your skin. It tends to un-nerve them like it did your opponant because it's the opposite to what they expect. Best of luck with the road to the finals
  13. Well considering that the average swing "Speed at which the club impacts the ball (mph) on Par 4 and Par 5 tee shots where a radar measurement was taken" is only 113.4403 mph for the pga tour for 2014, I think a few of us would fit into that
  14. There have been some good suggestions raised so far. I think a really good strategy is to try and replicate those pressure situations as often as you can so you become used to them. A good training game I play to help with this is to have severe penalties for missing a putt/target and having to repeat a whole series of things to get back to that point. Another really good way is to simply play in as many tounaments as you can access, or if your club has a pennant team try and join that. The pressure of playing in matchplay as part of a team will steel your nerves quick. Other than that you really need to learn to relax and just focus on the next shot. Whether you try and drop all of the nerves together and just go out and have a fun day, or you use the nerves to sharpen your focus thats up to you to discover. Also trust me when I say that one bad round in a club championship doesnt put you out of the running. The one that I took home I shot a 10 over 77 the first round, but managed to shoot myself back into contention with a 1 over and 2 over rounds of 68 and 69 to win be a close margin so never give in.
  15. Congrats Markb Hopefully X will be nice and you won't have to do any frat initiation
  16. As I have said with many things in life so far. If only I had the money...
  17. Cheers, fitting is tonight so I'm very excited to see what we come up with. I should also add that it was my first game back after a two week hiatus and I have always had issues with my puttig. I wasn't expecting to play the best compared to how well I was playing in previous weeks but wasn't ready for anything like I went through. Will put in an update when I can about my fitting experience once its all said and done
  18. I imagine that would work as a rough estimate to how they compare to each other but I see two issues with it however. While you're able to get a quick an easy comparison you would be best knowing how it is going to react for the ball you play since that is the reason why your comparing them in the first place and trying to replicate the real situation just that little bit more would be helpful in my opinion. Also the other is that the wedge faces and the balls them selves would react differently, and too differing degree and you change so your estimate might not turn out so correct once you transfer it to a different ball.
  19. Ball change aside, that's where I find it really interesing when your body learns how to hit a club optimally over a period of time, and may even perform better for you than a club that is technically plain better for you. And that's not me saying that is is better for you, just an observation I have seen about my own driver as well
  20. Well SeeRed, I joined your ranks this last Saturday. I had a horrendous 21 point stableford round with a total of 43 putts. Lets just say I was getting very close to snapping my putter by the end of the round, but it also didnt help that I had trouble just stitching two shots together. Finally booked in with a Ping rep to get a full fit out for a putter through my teaching pro so hopefully that will help. I have struggled to strike or roll my scotty consistantly for so long I can't even remember the last time it felt good. I'm hoping with a new karstan anser 2 or something possibly even better suited to me will help me gain my confidence in my stroke back.
  21. I have a feeling thats head weight. The longer the shaft the more weight in the shaft and therefore the less weight in the head to keep the weight consistant? At least that makes the most sense to me, it does not however translate that same for balance point.
  22. I really liked the Alpha when I tried it along side of just about all the other new drivers at the time. I hope it goes well for you! One thing that really took me by surprise when I tried it was the amount of weight in the head. Over all it felt very good and the other staffers there agreed I was hitting that the best out of what was on offer.
  23. Last one I used was with a mizuno rep if I recall correctly. This one was positioned much closer to the club head and I may be wrong but I don't remember it feeling any different weight wise when using it. The rep was using it as well as a software set to narrow down a selection of preferred shafts for me to try which took into account not just swing speed but also hand speed, transition and tempo. Was very cool to have the software spit out the same shaft my teaching pro had already fitted me into. (was just out trying different irons to get a feel before I buy )
  24. I'm pretty sure there are devices you can attach to your shaft that measures swing speed, but thats all it measures. Used a couple before for iron shaft fittings.
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