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  1. Got to see one of these in person. Pretty amazing the thought and detail in this putter. Not totally sure that I like the balls being black rather than white, but it's pretty spectacular
  2. I see your point. Visually, I'd like to see a leather Best Grips grip on these. I do love how the PP62 feels. Maybe solid color ones would look better. Blackout PP60 would be cool.
  3. Grips are a bit flashy compared to the putters. Could be on purpose to get some brand recognition on TV. They feel so good though...
  4. Take a closer look at the new Vault 2.0 putters from PING. Milled good looks and tech for playing better. Yes please! https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-ping-vault-2-0-putters/
  5. Check the club pro blog today. Funny follow up to this. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Custom putter lovers should check out this new model from Byron Morgan, The B17. Byron describes the options as "Mostly hand made, any shape, any neck, left or right hand." Lots of custom options available. You can contact Byron through his website at: http://byronputters.com Enjoy the photos and check out Byron's site for more cool putters.
  7. Basically, it was a contest for the most posts in the month of March, 2010. There were a few of us who went for it full bore. I may be the only one of that initial group still around. Maybe Nic (MmBuddy). Prizes were spectacular. Full bags of gear from multiple manufacturers. I was the overall winner, but it took basically 24/7 forum attention. I remember the keyboard rage in thinking that "I agree" posts should not count toward the total.
  8. "Plus a massive contest to keep it from being a ghost town on launch day, actually launch month. That contest was insane." Now that was a good time. Posting and making threads while my son had a birthday party in the park. What year was that? How long ago? Hey kids, get off my damn lawn!
  9. Nice find! I'm playing Chrome Soft Truvis almost exclusively these days. This will help me to chew up some of the other garage ball stock.
  10. I'm in. I'll avoid shirtless posts, but I assume bottomless are still ok.
  11. Maybe you missed this part that Brian said earlier. This is different if you are golfing with your regular buddies that you play with all the time. They are your friends and you should know how they will take it. This advice applies to everyone else though. If it's a random pair up, or a casual friend you don't play with often, don't offer advice. That does not seem like a "blunt mandate" to me. Brian's responses have been quite nuanced actually. Offering suggestions to interested friends is one thing. If you offer unsolicited advice to anyone though, you are probably addin
  12. Went to a zoo the other day and the only animal they had was one dog. It was a Shih Tzu
  13. UE BLAST: A BOOM with a Bonus https://www.ultimateears.com/en-us/wireless-speakers/blast.html Ultimate Ears for Ultimate Bluetooth Audio Time and time again, I have been impressed with Ultimate Ears speakers. Those of you who have followed along with the speaker reviews, or checked out my audio addendum thread, know that my love and respect for the tune delivery of UE speakers is based upon not one or two models, but SIX MODELS. From the ROLL to the WONDERBOOM, these speakers are the gold standard portable audio units for me, by quite a large margin. Today, we add a seventh model t
  14. Have a great trip. The HQ is pretty cool. I loved the wall of history and Dan liked the photo studio.
  15. OK, you got me Mark. Just saw your signature. Well played I suppose... Do you even have a 14 year old kid? If you are here to try and promote your blog, just say so and don't try and be sneaky about it. Also, if your blog has the "BestGolfCartReviews" then WTF do you need to ask questions and why are you trolling my old cart reviews?
  16. I've been using my Clicgear 3.5+ for years now. Favorite cart out there and would work for a junior golfer. Folds small, and is super easy to maneuver. High quality that will last multiple years.
  17. That was the big advantage over the X3's. Losing that wire was a huge benefit.
  18. Not as big as you think. Click the link to the Jaybird site and you can see some in-ear shots. One is attached below. I can post my ears later if that will help...
  19. I was/am impressed with the Jaybird X3 headphones as well. My son wanted to trade me his Beats wireless headphones for them The RUN are so good.
  20. The Golden Age of Wireless Those of you who join me on the front tees may know that The Golden Age of Wireless was the name of Thomas Dolby's breakthrough 1982 album. You remember the song, She Blinded Me With Science? That was Thomas Dolby. As I write this thirty-five years after that album was released, I would argue that we are actually in the Golden Age of Wireless right now. I know that Mr. Dolby was referencing radio with wireless, but think about how that term has grown in usage. Everything is wireless now. Internet, phones, phone charging, car starting, game controllers,
  21. Rhymes with “all of them” [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. Every minute that Dan spent with that putter photographing, testing, and writing had monetary value. To imply that Tyson received nothing for that putter is silly. Take away that early, very early, publicity and Lambcrafted may not have even happened. Seems like his time would be better spent milling putters. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. Black Friday has already hit my wallet. Early access at callawaygolfpreowned.com if you call in with BF2017 code BOGO Wedges and Putters BOGO Fairways and Hybrids 30-50% off drivers Sweet pair of MD3 wedges heading my way, with customizations, for $125 shipped Only works by phone, so you'll need to have an account with them and make a call
  24. I zoomed in on their twitter photoshoot photo from yesterday and it looks like they have EvenFlow shafts
  25. The Bettinardi BB8 Wide is a 1/150 limited run putter from Robert Bettinardi which features his popular BB8 head style with a slightly wider profile for added confidence at address. The true beauty in this putter lies in its one of a kind appearance, with a forced patina Amber Oxide finish which can be maintained with an oil and cloth or let go for a true rusty appearance. Completing this exclusive offering is a Prototype UST carbon fiber shaft, matching leather grip, and a made in USA leather headcover. This BB8-Wide RAW is limited to only 150 pieces worldwide, and will be available at select
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