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  1. CONGRATS TO RANDOM WINNER Webz59! Your NYG cart bag is on the way.

  2. CONGRATS TO RANDOM WINNER Webz59! Look for that New York Giants Bag to arrive soon.
  3. Follow the links below to the various wireless audio products that I have reviewed. Feel free to ask any questions about the products in this thread, or in the original product threads. HEADPHONES Jaybird Vista Headphones Jaybird Tarah Headphones Jaybird RUN Headphones Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones RedFox EDGE Wireless Headset SPEAKERS UE myBOOM 3 Speaker UE MEGABOOM 3 Speaker UE BLAST Wireless Smart-Speaker UE Wonderboom Wireless Speaker
  4. CONGRATS TO RANDOM WINNER Webz59! See the end of the article for instructions on how you can win a Wilson NFL bag of your choice! Add Your Team To Your Game Though we are a couple of weeks into the season, I am still riding the high of football's return. I love it when the college and NFL seasons start up each fall. Not totally sure why that's the case, but right around the end of August, early September, I start to dust off my football fan gear. Headcovers get swapped out, a new towel clips on, and the marker in my pocket likely features Sparky the Sun Devil, or a pirate wearing
  5. Get ready to blow an hour or two... Scotty Cameron has announced a new Custom Shop tool to tweak and personalize your Cameron putter. This is nothing really new, as Mr. Cameron has had some kind of interface online in the Custom Shop for some time. That tool was a little clunky though as you had to click all over the place to make sure you hit all of the spots for paint and stamps. This new tool seems much more user friendly. Now all of the options are on the left margin, and require just a few clicks to update and customize your putter. It's a fun little diversion for the day.
  6. Bettinardi, especially if you are looking for an Anser-style head. Also worth looking at Carbon Putters.
  7. Dave's Take: Cigar Product Review Compendium Follow the links below to the various cigar accessories that I have reviewed. Feel free to ask any questions about the products in this thread, or in the original product threads. Xikar VX-2 V-Cut Cutter Xikar Tactical Triple Torch Lighter Xikar XFlame Electronic Cigar Lighter Palio Triple Torch Lighter and Cutter Xikar HP4 Quad Jet Lighter Xikar Turrin Single Torch Lighter Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter Xikar Travel Humidor
  8. GolfSpy Dave


    I had fun rolling this one at the long length. Bet it's super stable at 34". Good choice going with the longer grip. That's a solid look
  9. Almost going to buy a backup one of these. Love this putter so much
  10. Was thinking about the state of the bag as the summer winds down and I realized that there are a bunch of clubs that I am not interested in swapping out next year. Curious what you have in the bag that will be persisting on into the 2018 season. Here's my set: Driver: PING G400 - Secure in bag Fairways: Cobra F7 3W and 5W - Secure in bag Hybrid: PING G - could go, not life changing Irons: Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged - good, but could go - maybe G400 Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 54/58 - Dig these a bunch, likely secure but may try CBX Putter: Odyssey O-Works Red 7s- pretty locked which for a p
  11. Just placed and order with Neptune Cigars. Needed a Xikar 12th Man cutter for a gift and they had one in stock. Added two Honduran 5-stick samplers too. Will keep you posted when they arrive.
  12. Interesting stuff. May try that angle cut or the clover punch this weekend.
  13. Dave's Take: Yeti's Hopper Two 40 http://yeti.com/hopper-two-40-cooler The Abominable Cooler My goal for usual goal for the 19th Hole product reviews is to find the ultimate products for us to take to the golf course. I'm looking for things that help our beers stay cold, and our cigars stay rich while we stroll through nature whacking the white ball. With today's review, let's get the obvious out of the way first. Unless you are sponsoring a beer hole at a scramble, the Yeti Hopper Two 40 is likely not the cooler that you'll be taking to the golf course.
  14. That's a great price on the boom 2. Still use these speakers all the time. Boom fits in cup holders and water bottle slots. Also has a metal loop that you can hook a carabiner too. Plenty loud for home use as well. At less than $100 I'm tempted to buy another one since they can be synced together. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. I didn't think it was unbalanced at all. When extended, it is a little longer than some maybe used to and that could make it seem unwieldy I suppose. You do need to ease it closed a bit for smaller rings, but it's a one handed operation without much trouble. At least for me. Smaller hands could maybe struggle more but my hands are by no means large. +2 wraps only [emoji112] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. Dave's Take: Xikar's XO Double Guillotine Cutter Review http://www.xikar.com/products/cutters/xo/ Ritualistic Cutting As i've said before, part of the cigar smoking experience for me is the ritual. Not just during the smoke, but before as well. It really starts at the cigar shop, where selecting the perfect cigar adds to my anticipation for the smoking to come. The ritual then continues through the unwrapping of the cigar, the cutting of the end, the smelling of the fresh cut end (you should try this), the lighting of the cigar, and then finally the smok
  17. I'm glad I found this one too. It's expensive, but damn near perfect.
  18. Yeti Hopper Flip 8 http://yeti.com/hopper-flip-8-cooler Yeti Triples The Flip Back in May, I reviewed the first Yeti flip-top cooler, the Hopper Flip 12. I ran that cooler through Contents, Coldness, and Cart-ability trials. The hopper Flip 12 was great at holding beers and keeping them cold, but the size was a little large for ideal golf course usage. That said, the Hopper Flip 12 was my go to summer poolside BBQ cooler this summer. I even bought a Yeti Sidekick for it to hold the keys, phone, and such, and it couldn't have worked out better. Yeti has now added two new Hopp
  19. Great point about ring gauge. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Thanks for the kind thoughts and keep trying the sours. One day you'll embrace the funk [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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