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  1. That was the big advantage over the X3's. Losing that wire was a huge benefit.
  2. Not as big as you think. Click the link to the Jaybird site and you can see some in-ear shots. One is attached below. I can post my ears later if that will help...
  3. I was/am impressed with the Jaybird X3 headphones as well. My son wanted to trade me his Beats wireless headphones for them The RUN are so good.
  4. The Golden Age of Wireless Those of you who join me on the front tees may know that The Golden Age of Wireless was the name of Thomas Dolby's breakthrough 1982 album. You remember the song, She Blinded Me With Science? That was Thomas Dolby. As I write this thirty-five years after that album was released, I would argue that we are actually in the Golden Age of Wireless right now. I know that Mr. Dolby was referencing radio with wireless, but think about how that term has grown in usage. Everything is wireless now. Internet, phones, phone charging, car starting, game controllers, speakers, and the list grows daily. There are probably three or more wireless things within ten feet of you right now. Now is truly the Golden Age of Wireless, and the Jaybird RUN headphones I'm reviewing for you today definitely adds to that golden glow. Jaybird RUN Wireless Headphones Bluetooth headphones have been on the scene for a few years now. Though it was super cool to finally detach from the music player, many of those headphones had issues with size, connectivity, and overall quality of both sound and design. These areas have definitely improved in recent years though, with size in particular growing ever smaller, until finally reaching the wireless ear bud level. Though other headphones were on the market prior, Apple releasing the AirPods really changed the Bluetooth bud landscape. That's what Apple often does. No longer was it chic to have the white headphone cord showing, now the cool kids needed to have little white hooks in their ears. Apple made the Bluetooth ear buds desirable; prompting other companies to make ones that are as good, or better. A few months back, I put the Jaybird X3 wireless headphones through the paces, and they were my go to headphones for everything (gym, golf, tablet, and so on), until I first opened and installed the Jaybird RUN headphones in my ears. Without a doubt, these are the best wireless headphones I have ever used. Let's take a quick look at the specs, and then I'll share with you why I am so high on the Jaybird RUN headphones. Jaybird RUN Specs 4 hour play time + 8 hour charge case Fast charge - 5 minute charge = 1 hour play time Secure + Comfort-Fit with interchangeable tips and fins Customize your sound with the Jaybird app Sweat-proof and water resistant Music + Calls $179.99 Complete specs can be found HERE Charging the RUN I want to start with the coolest thing about the Jaybird RUN, the case/charging system. While the Jaybird X3 had excellent battery longevity, I still forgot to charge them, and was left without tunes at the range. With the RUN, the case has a battery too, and so your headphones are always charged. Sure, the AirPods do this too, but it is such a huge benefit to the headphones that it's worth mentioning, even if it's not unique to the RUN. This feature alone pushes the RUN well past other wireless headphones in my arsenal. They always have juice! If for some reason you don't put them in the case when done, putting them in there as you drive to the course/gym should give you plenty of charge for the range session. The case also has multiple lights to let you know the charge state of the headphones, and also the case itself. Any USB connection can be used to charge the case. This is another advantage over the X3 where a proprietary cable was needed for charging. Testing the RUN Connecting When you open up the case the first time, the Jaybird RUN headphones immediately look to pair with something. Quick press of the Bluetooth connect button in your phone's preferences, and you are ready to rock. From that point on, every time you open the case, the headphones turn on and pair almost immediately. Putting them back in the case and closing the lid also turns them off. So seamless and easy. Fit Like the Jaybird X3, the Jaybird RUN package includes multiple fins and ear socks to dial them in for your ears. This is a huge benefit vs. the AirPods where you are far more fit-limited. This time around, the stock fins and socks fit my ears perfectly, keeping the RUN secure no matter what my activity. These stayed in place on the range, on the course, at the gym, walking the neighborhood, and even when I got the body up to run speed. I figured I needed to run a bit since that's their true target after all. Even for a guy whose run is more of a rumble, the Jaybird RUN headphones never even wiggled. Performance As I said above, the Jaybird RUN stayed in place regardless of my activity. The ear tips made an excellent seal, blocking out much of the environmental noise. I like this a ton because that means you can play the music at a lower volume, and still not hear the 50 cap in the next hitting bay giving lessons. They also do a pretty good job of staying connected to the phone. With the phone close by, sound never dropped out, though I could get them to drop by moving away from the phone in the house. During all of the activities where I used the RUN headphones, my phone was always near me, so this was not an issue. If you leave your phone in the gym locker and just take the headphones to the weight room, there may be some connection problems. Controls are similar to the Jaybird X3. The left bud button controls power and Siri; play/pause and skip are controlled on the right. My only real control gripe is that there is no way to adjust volume on the RUN. To do that, you'll need to use the buttons on the phone. If all of your music is at the same recorded volume, this is not an issue, but I hit some louder and softer tracks during my shuffle. If the sound volume was not ideal, I typically just double clicked to skip. Phone call performance was excellent, though their level of noise canceling makes it a bit awkward for me. I don't want to be the guy that yells into the earpiece during the phone call. The person on the other end could hear me just fine. Those of you who want to tweak the various bass and treble levels can do so on the Jaybird phone app, though I found the stock settings to be perfect for my tastes. Value At $179, the Jaybird RUN represents no small investment. That price is actually $20 higher than the AirPods. Are these better than the AirPods? Truth be told, I can't really answer that because I don't own the AirPods, but that may actually be the answer. I'm one of those all-in Apple guys. My first computer in college was as Mac Plus, and I've probably had twenty or more Apple computers, iPods, iPhones, and so on since then. I loved the look and the features of the AirPods when they came out, but didn't buy them because I was worried about one falling out and getting damaged or lost. I know I'm not the only one who felt this way about the AirPods. I have no fears of losing one of these RUN headphones. They stay in place, even though they are so light that you forget you are wearing them. Maybe I didn't give the Apple headphones a fair chance, but I just can't see how they could fit better than the RUN. Dave's Take: Running with the RUN So far, I'm definitely gushing over the Jaybird RUN. These are so close to being the perfect wireless headphones. I just wish that I could adjust volume from the speaker. That's really my only complaint, and it is totally overshadowed by the other awesome aspects of the RUN. If you are a dedicated runner, or just if you feel like losing a few pounds, eating healthier, and making a few friends in the process, then the Jaybird RUN are for you. Now I just wish that Apple (or someone) would make an iPod Shuffle with Bluetooth connectivity. Leaving the big phone behind and playing music on lightweight wireless headphones from a lightweight wireless player would truly be my Golden Age of Wireless.
  5. Rhymes with “all of them” [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Every minute that Dan spent with that putter photographing, testing, and writing had monetary value. To imply that Tyson received nothing for that putter is silly. Take away that early, very early, publicity and Lambcrafted may not have even happened. Seems like his time would be better spent milling putters. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Black Friday has already hit my wallet. Early access at callawaygolfpreowned.com if you call in with BF2017 code BOGO Wedges and Putters BOGO Fairways and Hybrids 30-50% off drivers Sweet pair of MD3 wedges heading my way, with customizations, for $125 shipped Only works by phone, so you'll need to have an account with them and make a call
  8. I zoomed in on their twitter photoshoot photo from yesterday and it looks like they have EvenFlow shafts
  9. The Bettinardi BB8 Wide is a 1/150 limited run putter from Robert Bettinardi which features his popular BB8 head style with a slightly wider profile for added confidence at address. The true beauty in this putter lies in its one of a kind appearance, with a forced patina Amber Oxide finish which can be maintained with an oil and cloth or let go for a true rusty appearance. Completing this exclusive offering is a Prototype UST carbon fiber shaft, matching leather grip, and a made in USA leather headcover. This BB8-Wide RAW is limited to only 150 pieces worldwide, and will be available at select Bettinardi specialty dealers, and The Hive online store on November 9th. Bettinardi Golf will be announcing their latest limited edition putter later today, but I've got an early look at it for you to check out. Without further delay, I give you the BB8 Wide RAW LE I think it was about a year ago when Bettinardi rolled out the BB28 RAW as a limited edition, and I seem to remember that it sold out in a hurry. I'd expect the same to happen with this BB8 Wide, and not just for the Star Wars droid connection. This putter has all of the markings of a truly unique collectable putter, and that should drive putter hoarders to snatch them up in a hurry. Let's check out some of these limited features. Specifications: Bettinardi BB8 Wide RAW LE Material: Soft Carbon Steel Face Miling: Light Flymil Weight: 350g Finish: Amber Oxide Lie: 70° Loft: 3° Toe Hang: 3/4 BB8 Wide First and foremost, we are looking at a limited edition head. While the BB8 can be found in the regular Bettinardi BB line, I can't remember ever seeing a wide version. The closest thing that I can compare this wider BB8 head to is their Signature 2 putter from years ago. I'd be curious to see a side by side with the BB8 Wide and that Sig. I bet that they are close in profile. RAW Though Bettinardi lists the finish on this one as Amber Oxide, make no mistake, this is a RAW aka exposed metal (carbon steel) putter. If you want to keep this one rust free, you'll need a nice gun cloth to keep it oiled and dry. Personally, I don't have the patience and precision to take care of raw, or even black oxide-like finishes. I need lazy an safe finishes, like PVD or copper plating. This BB8 would rust up in a hurry in my stable. And the thing is, that's totally an acceptable option. Let this RAW beast rust. Allow nature to work some custom magic on the surface, and thus creating a truly one of a kind gamer for you. I'd not be able to handle the rust, but I know that some of you will find it an attractive oxidation. Leather Grip and Carbon Fiber Shaft I like that this putter has a fancy leather grip, and I think that it has a great complementary color to the putter. I'd likely putt better with a SuperStroke, but for a collectible putter, I feel that the leather is a nice touch. As for the shaft, I don't know what the hell is going on here. Don't get me wrong, it is cool as hell, but I just don't know how it will affect play. I've had a couple of UST shafted putters in the past, but this one looks a little different from the standard UST frequency-filtered putter shaft. Again though, this is just the cool and unique type of feature that makes a collectible putter attractive to collectors. On Sale 11/9 So you have about a week to get that PayPal recharged back to $450 before these go on sale. Bettinardi has only made 150 of them, so be prepared to hit up The Hive right away on the 9th. Speciality dealers will have them too, but these are limited, so be prepared.
  10. CONGRATS TO RANDOM WINNER Webz59! Your NYG cart bag is on the way.

  11. CONGRATS TO RANDOM WINNER Webz59! Look for that New York Giants Bag to arrive soon.
  12. Follow the links below to the various wireless audio products that I have reviewed. Feel free to ask any questions about the products in this thread, or in the original product threads. HEADPHONES Jaybird Vista Headphones Jaybird Tarah Headphones Jaybird RUN Headphones Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones RedFox EDGE Wireless Headset SPEAKERS UE myBOOM 3 Speaker UE MEGABOOM 3 Speaker UE BLAST Wireless Smart-Speaker UE Wonderboom Wireless Speaker UE Megaboom Wireless Speaker UE Boom Wireless Speaker UE Roll Wireless Speaker RedFox FoxBox Wireless Speaker
  13. CONGRATS TO RANDOM WINNER Webz59! See the end of the article for instructions on how you can win a Wilson NFL bag of your choice! Add Your Team To Your Game Though we are a couple of weeks into the season, I am still riding the high of football's return. I love it when the college and NFL seasons start up each fall. Not totally sure why that's the case, but right around the end of August, early September, I start to dust off my football fan gear. Headcovers get swapped out, a new towel clips on, and the marker in my pocket likely features Sparky the Sun Devil, or a pirate wearing a helmet. Whenever the TV asks me if I'm ready for some football, I reply with a definitive Hell Yes! Wilson Now Has Your NFL Colors Wilson Golf is now the officially licensed producer of NFL golf bags. What that means is that now when you sneak out for your pre-kickoff Sunday round, you can represent your team on the links. Whatever team you are behind, Wilson Golf has you covered. That's right, Wilson has all NFL teams, in both cart and carry bag form. More Than Just Logoed Bags As I just said, these bags are available for all thirty-two NFL teams, and if you take a minute to cruise through the Wilson site, you'll see that these are not just the same bags with different patches, but rather bags that are fully designed to show your team colors and logos. Vikings bags are purple, Packer bags are green and gold, and the Dolphin bag looks pretty impressive in green and orange. Perhaps even more impressive than the Dolphins themselves, so far. West Coast Rivalry I was able to take a closer look at a LA Rams carry bag, and a SF 49ers cart bag, and there were a number of things that impressed me right off the bat. Here are some of the highlights of my investigations. Impressively Bold Style I really didn't expect the colors on the bags to be so vibrant. The red and gold fabrics on the SF bag really pop. Even the Rams bag simpler blue and white scheme makes a bold statement. While we definitely want our golf bags to be functional, for these bags, looks must be a solid part of the package. That's kind of the point, right? You want a bag that shows your team colors. You want a bag that looks good. If not, why are you buying one of these at all? The logos on the bag are also pretty cool looking as they are all stitched logos as opposed to some kind of iron-on appliqué This should add to the longevity of the bag, with the logos not peeling off over time. Each bag is branded at multiple spots. You get the team mascot-type logo on the lower pocket, and then larger team logos on both sides of the bag. Again, these are all stitched, and they are pretty densely stitched, likely also adding to visual longevity. One thing that you will not see on your NFL bag is a whole bunch of Wilson logos. It says Wilson once on the carry strap, and on a couple of the zipper pulls, but that's it. I think that Wilson has played this perfectly. These bags should look like NFL team bags made by Wilson, not Wilson bags that feature NFL teams. Kudos to Wilson for getting this exactly right. Plus, They Are Functional Golf Bags Odds are you are not looking to buy one of these so it can sit in the corner of your living room as a decoration. Not that doing so is a bad idea though as the cart bags would be solid rec room additions. If you buy one of these, you are probably looking to use it on the course, and my initial feeling on these is that you will not be disappointed. Carry Bag Specs NEW 9.5"× 8" TOP · Exclusive handle · 5-Way top · 2 Full-length dividers EXTRA FEATURES · 4-Point ergonomic double strap · Umbrella holder, Towel ring / glove holder, Rain hood QUICK STAND ACTION · Lightweight stand · Stay-flat base GREAT STORAGE / 7POCKETS · 1 Full-length garment pocket · 1 Velour valuables pocket · 2 Large Accessories pockets · 1 Insulated pocket · 1 Large open pocket for range finder or beverage · 2 Side mesh pockets WEIGHT · 4 lb / 1.8 kg MSRP · $129.99 The carry bag is light (4 pounds) and comfortable on the shoulders. Straps are sufficiently padded, easy to adjust, and the centerpiece connecting them adds another touch of NFL representation. You'll have no problem storing your stuff, and the five-way top should give you easy club in and out action. It's worth noting too that the carry bag does not feature Wilson's Nexus system, with the leg extension and bottom following a more traditional compression system. Pushcart users should welcome this as it makes for much easier mounting, and even makes tossing it in a power cart less cumbersome. Cart Bag Specs 9.5" × 8.5" EXCLUSIVE TOP · 3 Side-lift handles · 14-Way top · 14 Full-length dividers · External putter well fits oversized grip EXTRA FEATURES · Cart strap loop, umbrella holders · towel ring / glove holder · Padded strap · Rain hood GREAT STORAGE / 11 POCKETS · 2 Large full-length garment pockets · 3 Velour valuables pockets · 1 Large insulated pocket · 4 Large external accessories pockets · 2 Side mesh pockets TROLLEY BASE · 11” × 9”
• Trolley anchor WEIGHT · 5 lb / 2.3 kg MSRP · $159.99 The cart bag version weighs just a pound more when empty, but likely way more once you fill up all of the pockets. There are eleven expansive pockets, giving you more storage space than you'd find in a tiny house. Getting to the most important bag feature: The Insulated Pocket. Like a champ, the insulated pocket will easily hold six beers and some ice, keeping you nice and hydrated, at least until you refill at the turn. Do you all use cart bags for reasons besides transporting beers? The 14-way top has an interesting circular arrangement that may require some rearrangement if you swap from a pushcart to a riding cart, but that's not unusual for many bags. All in all, I think that both of these will make excellent playing-golf bags. You are not sacrificing utility by going with a NFL aesthetic. Instead, you get a great combination of the two. Win Your Own NFL Team Bag Wilson Golf and MyGolfSpy want you to have one of these bags for your very own. All you need to do is reply to this thread with your team of choice, and if you would prefer a cart or carry bag. It's that simple. In a couple of weeks, we will be selecting a random responder to win the bag of his or her choice. Stay tuned to the MyGolfSpy social media channels for additional ways to enter as well. Good Luck! CONGRATS TO RANDOM WINNER Webz59!
  14. Get ready to blow an hour or two... Scotty Cameron has announced a new Custom Shop tool to tweak and personalize your Cameron putter. This is nothing really new, as Mr. Cameron has had some kind of interface online in the Custom Shop for some time. That tool was a little clunky though as you had to click all over the place to make sure you hit all of the spots for paint and stamps. This new tool seems much more user friendly. Now all of the options are on the left margin, and require just a few clicks to update and customize your putter. It's a fun little diversion for the day. If you don't have time to goof with it right now, I'll give you my initial takes. It is easy to use, and works great if you have a newer Cameron to work with. My old Tel3 Newport Long Neck was not in the new fancy system, though it could still be customized. Full restoration is now $290! Maybe I missed this, but didn't it used to be a ton cheaper? Like $150 and that included a new grip and headcover. As for grips and headcovers... Custom Shop Only headcovers and grips are not as cool as they once were. Gone are the Custom Shop only grips and headcovers. Sure, there are some in the system only available through the shop, but I always liked the simple Custom Shop grips of various colors. Not many, if any, grip and headcover combos. I always wanted to go grip-headcover-shaft band all in purple or orange. Not available. If you want a $50 metal shaft band, you can have one. Odd thing is that not all of the paintfill colors are available on the shaft bands. If you have an orange theme running through your putter, you'll not be able to select orange shaft band. ​It's insanely expensive. Take a look at the screen shot that I came up with from playing with the system. Total customization price: $492, and that doesn't include the original putter. I'm one of the last people to ****** about how expensive golf equipment is, especially custom putters, but FFS that's outlandish. You can send a putter to Putter Lounge or other refinishing folk for a fraction of that and all you'll miss are the Cameron Shop bands and such. Maybe I'm off base on this, but it's almost offensively expensive now. Thoughts? Anyway, feel free to check out the new system and let me know what you think. Am I way off in my assessment? Is there something that I have missed valuewise, or do you agree that the price boost seems over the top. Are the Custom Shop Only items enough to get your money? Do you think that the sun headcovers would be a hell of a lot better without the Camo? Seriously, why is 2017 Cameron's Camo year? I don't get it. This cover in various colors could have almost single handedly changed my attitude on the whole process. Anyway, what are your thoughts? Feel free to read the press release from Cameron below at your leisure. Custom Shop Creator on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZm3QCR5eRs FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Oct. 11, 2017) – In keeping with the idea that the putter is the most personal club in a golfer's bag, Master Putter Maker Scotty Cameron today introduced his new Custom Shop Creator – a state-of-the-art online putter customizer accessible through ScottyCameron.com. The Custom Shop Creator (www.scottycameron.com/customshop​) allows golfers to virtually personalize their Scotty Cameron putters like never before, instantly bringing their ideas to life through realistic high-resolution image renderings. Golfers then send their putters to Scotty's Custom Shop, housed at the Putter Studio in Southern California, where their customizations become a reality. “I created the Custom Shop to give passionate players a way to preserve, personalize and protect their putters for life,” Cameron said. “The Custom Shop Creator really takes the creative process to another level. From your desktop or mobile device, you can easily experiment with custom stampings, sight lines, different weights and paintfill. You can change the finish from silver to black. It just gives you that feel of a Tour-like experience and creating a one-of-a-kind design.” All putter models since 2014, plus many of Scotty's most popular prior models, are available in the new customizer for photo-realistic customization. Owners of older putter models will be seamlessly linked to Scotty Cameron's Classic Form, where an additional 100 putter models may be customized. Since 2004, Scotty Cameron has offered personalization, customization, authentication and restoration services in the Custom Shop. From specialty grips, headcovers and authentic accessories to stamps, initials, engraved weights and full restoration of years old, game-worn Scotty Cameron putters, the Custom Shop has provided golfers with a resource to not only customize an already-purchased putter, but to also authenticate and refurbish these valuable clubs. The new Custom Shop Creator introduces several new features: • Realistic renderings display vibrant representations of custom stamps, initials, sight lines, weights, finishes and more – including accurate depictions of Scotty's translucent and opaque paintfill colors – all in real-time as a user moves through the application. • Responsive design adapts to mobile and desktop devices providing users the flexibility to enter a Custom Shop order from anywhere. • Seamless workflow presents customization choices in an improved sequence more aligned with the way a customer would logically move through the process. • Quick links to popular models allow users to easily search and choose from existing putter types to move immediately into the customization process. • Save customizations feature – provides users with the option to create their custom putter at their own pace, saving within the application to finish later. • New Custom Shop-only accessories – added to the Custom Shop include new stamps, as well as 12 new headcovers, shaft bands, 15 new paint-filled shaft rings and new grips. PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: Full putter restoration, including choice of silver or black finish, is $290. Authentication is $75. New paint is $72. Grips range from $15-$57. Headcovers range from $35-$124. Loft and lie adjustments are free. ON THE WEB: www.scottycameron.com/scottys-custom-shop • YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/ScottyCameron • INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ScottyCameron • TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/ScottyCameron
  15. Bettinardi, especially if you are looking for an Anser-style head. Also worth looking at Carbon Putters.
  16. Dave's Take: Cigar Product Review Compendium Follow the links below to the various cigar accessories that I have reviewed. Feel free to ask any questions about the products in this thread, or in the original product threads. Xikar VX-2 V-Cut Cutter Xikar Tactical Triple Torch Lighter Xikar XFlame Electronic Cigar Lighter Palio Triple Torch Lighter and Cutter Xikar HP4 Quad Jet Lighter Xikar Turrin Single Torch Lighter Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter Xikar Travel Humidor Xikar 19th Hole Gift Set The Cigar Minder Clip Bettinardi Milled Cigar Tray Mantello Catador Torch Lighter Alaska Bear Antique Copper Cigar Cutter Stay tuned for more great cigar products, and if you find something worthy of taking a look at, shoot me a PM. -Dave
  17. GolfSpy Dave


    I had fun rolling this one at the long length. Bet it's super stable at 34". Good choice going with the longer grip. That's a solid look
  18. Almost going to buy a backup one of these. Love this putter so much
  19. Was thinking about the state of the bag as the summer winds down and I realized that there are a bunch of clubs that I am not interested in swapping out next year. Curious what you have in the bag that will be persisting on into the 2018 season. Here's my set: Driver: PING G400 - Secure in bag Fairways: Cobra F7 3W and 5W - Secure in bag Hybrid: PING G - could go, not life changing Irons: Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged - good, but could go - maybe G400 Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 54/58 - Dig these a bunch, likely secure but may try CBX Putter: Odyssey O-Works Red 7s- pretty locked which for a putter is a surprise
  20. Just placed and order with Neptune Cigars. Needed a Xikar 12th Man cutter for a gift and they had one in stock. Added two Honduran 5-stick samplers too. Will keep you posted when they arrive.
  21. Interesting stuff. May try that angle cut or the clover punch this weekend.
  22. Dave's Take: Yeti's Hopper Two 40 http://yeti.com/hopper-two-40-cooler The Abominable Cooler My goal for usual goal for the 19th Hole product reviews is to find the ultimate products for us to take to the golf course. I'm looking for things that help our beers stay cold, and our cigars stay rich while we stroll through nature whacking the white ball. With today's review, let's get the obvious out of the way first. Unless you are sponsoring a beer hole at a scramble, the Yeti Hopper Two 40 is likely not the cooler that you'll be taking to the golf course. This thing is a beast, it's volume rivaling, maybe even surpassing the volume of your golf bag. If you want a golf course cooler, go with the Yeti Hopper Flip 8 that I wrote about a little while ago. It's perfect for golf. So why am I writing about a non-golf friendly cooler in a golf forum? Well there are two reasons actually. First of all, there are some real design improvements in the ‘Two� version of the Hopper compared to the original. I've been using the original Yeti Hopper 20 for over a year now, and without a doubt, the improvements are significant, and worth sharing. The second reason that I wanted to check out the Hopper Two 40 was purely beer centric, fitting nicely into the libation loving content of the 19th Hole. I was looking for a cooler that would hold road trip beers. Not beers that I take on the road, but rather those that I acquire while visiting breweries (yes, plural). I didn't want a small cooler that could only hold cans, I wanted a frigid beast capable of holding growlers. Thus chilling gallons, not ounces, was my objective. Yeti's Hopper Two 40 Specs The original Hopper™ proved that a soft-sided cooler could be anything but soft, and we wanted our new Hopper Two to push the limits even further. With the Hopper Two, we've extended the cold-holding power with a tapered body that's more comfortable on longer hauls. We also wanted to make loading (and unloading) easier and increase visibility — new zipper placement gives you both. And lastly, we wanted to make sure the Hopper Two is still 100% leakproof, tough-as-nails, and keeps ice-for-days. Check, check, and check. The Hopper Two 40 is the soft portable cooler that's built for larger hauls and longer days, now with a wider opening and easier access. · New design means your contents go in (and out) more easily · Tapered body makes extended hauling more comfortable · HydroLok™ Zipper and wide-mouth opening means great accessibility and visibility to contents · DRYHIDE™ SHELL - The Hopper's high-density fabric is waterproof and resistant to mildew, punctures, and UV rays. The liner is made from an FDA-approved food-grade material. · COLDCELL™ INSULATION - Closed-cell rubber foam offers far superior cold-holding to ordinary soft coolers. · Hitchpoint grid to attach accessories · MSRP: $399.99 What's New With TWO My relationship with my Yeti Hopper 20 began back with the The Recreational Golfer article that I wrote for the blog last summer. It was my first real exposure to any Yeti product, and because of Yeti's reputation, I went into the relationship with some expectations. Yes, I did just use the word relationship twice in the above paragraph, and that was on purpose. Relationships have their highs, and lows, and we work with both of those if we want the relationship to continue. Yes, I'm currently in a relationship with my Hopper 20. In the ways that counted, the Hopper 20 performed like a champ, living up to the Yeti coldness pedigree. No matter the activity, golf, rugby tournament road trips to Oregon, camping, or a New Years Eve party, the Hopper 20 kept things perpetually cold, and resisted all of my accidental attempts to damage it. After more than a year of use, it's bloodied, but unbowed. As you know though, it's rarely the big things that sour relationships. Rather it's the little annoyances that start to erode the happy place. For me, the real irritation of the Hopper 20 was the carnivorous zipper opening. Teeth That Bite Yeti coolers are water/air tight, and that feature plays a big role in their ability to stay cold so long. For the Hoppers, this feat is accomplished by the HydroLok™ Zipper. The teeth of the zipper lock so tightly together that not even air passes though them. Impressive engineering, for sure. My issue with the Hopper 20 is that the opening at the top is so tight that the zipper teeth always bite into my arm when I load and unload the cooler. The flat-topped design makes the unzipped opening tight and narrow. Arm-hairs beware! You can see right away that the new version of the Hopper has shifted from the flat top to one that is more peaked. While this may remove your ability to rest a beverage on the top of the cooler, it allows a couple of very significant features to be added. First, there is a top handle. I appreciate the top handle on the new Hopper Flip 8, and I definitely feel the same way about the handle on the Hopper Two 40. If you want to pick up the old Hopper, you needed to grab both side handles, or the shoulder strap. When you combine this with the more rounded profile of the older Hopper, you get an initial lift that often had an unbalanced list to it. With the Hopper Two 40, the narrower top shape, and the central top handle allow for much easier transport. Ergonomically, it's much more balanced and fits nicely into your hip or low back when you throw the strap over the shoulder. The most significant improvement that the new shape facilitates though is the ability to mount of the zipper on the side of the cooler rather than the top. When I first unzipped the Hopper Two 40, I was excited to see that there was actually space between the sides of the zipper. When I load this one, my arm still touches the edges, but no longer are the edges pinching in on my arm. This cooler is so much easier to load and unload than the original Hopper. I can't overstate just how much of an improvement the new zipper placement design is over the original. What to Do With the Yeti Hopper Two 40 As I said above, the Yeti Hopper Two 40 is not a great cooler for golfing. It won't even come close to fitting in the back of your power cart, and even considering somehow suspending it below your push cart is pure madness! So what activity niche does this cooler fit into? Actually, there are quite a few adventures that I think are ideally suited for the Hopper Two 40. Soccer Games Those of us with kids know that it is time once again for youth soccer. If your town is like mine, this means thousands of parents carting their little kickers around on Saturday mornings. Snack parents should take a long, hard look at the Hopper Two 40. This thing will devour all of the Gatorade bottles and orange slices that you can throw at it, and still have room for hopefully not needed things like injury ice packs. I can totally see teams investing in one of these coolers as part of their equipment package, rotating the possession of the Hopper to whoever has snacks that week. Car Camping The Yeti Hopper Two 40 is not for backpacking. I don't see how anyone would want to lash this monster to any part of one's body for any off-road walking. It's just too large for that, though your small kids could likely use it as a canoe at the lake. However, if you are driving in somewhere to camp for the weekend, this cooler is great. It won't leak in your car, it keeps the ice icy, and it will hold all of the food and other stuff (aka beer) you need. Boating For the love of God, don't put the Hopper Two 40 in your kayak, but if you go out on the water in something larger, you'll likely appreciate the Hopper tech. It'll keep stuff cold, and you want that, and should you somehow lose it over the side of the craft, its air-tight design means that the Hopper Two 40 will float. Though I have not tried it, maybe a kayaker could actually seal up the Hopper Two 40, and tow it behind the boat. Seems like that would work. Maybe I'll give that a go next time I'm out paddling and in need of forty cans or refreshment (aka every time paddling). Beer Adventuring This was my initial intended purpose for the Hopper Two 40. I wanted a cooler with the storage capacity, and the wait in the car ice longevity that would allow the beer acquired through multiple brewery visits to remain cold. My previous experiences have led me to trust the Yeti name for cold keeping, so the question really came down to one of capacity. Contents: Yeti Hopper Two 40 I predicted that the Hopper Two 40 would hold a lot. Really going out there on a limb, huh? The “40� in the name is referring to its ability to hold 40 cans, plus ice. Think about that for a second. You can go and buy that huge 30-pack of cans, drop it in the Hopper Two 40, and after you add ice, there is still room for more beer! Here are a couple of shots I took to show you the massive capacity of the Hopper Two 40. Hopper Two 40 vs. Can Hopper Two 40 vs. Wine Bottle Hopper Two 40 vs. Yeti Rambler ½ Gallon Jug Hopper Two 40 vs. Three Beer Growlers Here is where the rubber hits the road for the brewery adventures. Sure, lots of small breweries are now offering their beers in cans, or even crowlers (can growlers), but the 64oz. growler remains the staple tool to take beer home with you. I think that the magic growler number is three. Any more than that and you may not be able to drink it fast enough to enjoy the beer's freshness. Any fewer than three limits the stops you can make as you tour breweries. You can see in the above photo that the Hopper Two 40 laughs at three growlers. Even though they look small in the photo, remember that those are 64oz. bottles. Holding three growlers represents no challenge for this cooler. Take a look at all of the open space inside! The Yeti Hopper Two 40 will take your three growlers, lots of ice, and still leave you with room for additional content. Feel free to add a six-pack of cans, a fist full of 22oz. bombers, and/or perhaps even another growler. Leave your house with the Hopper Two 40 holding a bag of ice (maybe some Yeti Ice), and return with enough fresh beer for yourself, and maybe even a not so small gathering of friends. This Beast Takes Burdens The Yeti Hopper Two 40 is a monolithic cooler. Look at how it dwarfs my poor little roadster! It's tough to overstate the immense volume that this Hopper can hold. If you need to tote forty cans, a dozen bottles of wine, or three growlers, and still have room for ice, this is the cooler for you. It may not become part of your golf gear arsenal, but it's the killer app for snack parents, and traveling alcohol procurements. Remember too that it will also keep warm things warm, perhaps making this Yeti a welcome addition to chilly autumn tailgates as well.
  23. That's a great price on the boom 2. Still use these speakers all the time. Boom fits in cup holders and water bottle slots. Also has a metal loop that you can hook a carabiner too. Plenty loud for home use as well. At less than $100 I'm tempted to buy another one since they can be synced together. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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