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  1. That's a really good idea. Maybe cut one notch or two into the putting cup for cigars.
  2. It was a custom job. They are not specifically making MGS stuff, instead, they are making custom anything.
  3. That's where I can see this going for sure. If you have put some cash into a cool man cave, putting a little more into a custom cigar tray seems likely. It's the little touches of cool that finish the project.
  4. Got the putting cup as well. The hex shape makes it a challenging practice tool. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. thanks for the tip Love the brewery but have not had this one. They make an excellent oyster shell stout if I recall correctly
  6. As a new buyer, a home warranty is not a terrible idea. We had one when we scraped together cash bought our home, and it covered a collapsed sewer line six months later to the tune of $4500. Second fridge for beer is also a good idea along with a practice green next to that fridge.
  7. This item is not for everyone. Warning you off of a product right at the start of the review seems a poor tactic to get people to actually read the review. Or, maybe it's a clever way to trick you into reading more, tapping into the “you don't tell me what to do” part of your psyche. Honestly, I wish that I were that clever a writer. In fact, I'm being totally up front in saying that the amazing custom cigar tray from Bettinardi that I'm talking about today really won't be something that appeals to everyone. It's just not that kind of broad market product. However, for right buyer, it is hugely badass! 100% Milled Ash Catching Aluminum Bettinardi cigar trays in an assortment of colors, milled from the finest aircraft grade aluminum steel. These cigar trays are as durable as they are beautiful. The mass of the tray is sure to astonish as it weighs in at nearly four pounds! Use these trays in a variety of different ways, and stay classy with the classic Hex B logo. While many the golfer associates Bettinardi with putters and other more golf-centered products, they have also ventured off into different product areas from time to time. They have milled phone cases (available HERE), pocketknives (I missed that one...), and cigar ashtrays such as the one I have for you today. The cigar tray has actually been a part of the Bettinardi product line for quite a while, I know, because I have eyed them for a number of years. For me, the massive tray held a certain attraction, and even now I have difficulties pinpointing exactly what that attraction was, I just knew that I wanted one. An so when I decided to revamp the mygolfspy 19th hole, one of the first companies I reached out to was Bettinardi, needing to see if their milled cigar tray was as cool as I thought it would be. Short story: Yes it is. Remember, It May Not Be For You Before we get too far along, let's address the one thing that is going to be the deal killer for some of you. The price of the trays. The Bettinardi logo cigar tray is $190, with the custom version coming in a bit more at $220. See, now you're all pissed off at the price and I had tried to warn you that these weren't for everyone. Yes, you can ash your cigar into the Bud Light tall can that you just finished, or even onto the ground, and that'll save you a couple of hundred bucks. Agreed, you can, and if that's your take on this cigar tray, you should do just that and stop reading right now. I too see the price as expensive, but remember that we are not talking about the price of a gallon of milk here. This cigar tray is 100% luxury item, as is smoking cigars one could argue. Not one person on the planet needs to buy this cigar tray. This is all about want, and sometimes want comes with a price. Not unlike golf, cigar smoking can be an expensive hobby. The true cigar hobbyist does not find smoke-worthy sticks at the local drugstore, just like the putter aficionado doesn't find bag-worthy flatsticks on the rack in the proshop. The putter metaphor actually works quite well in the cigar arena. Anyone can play golf with a cheap putter, but some golfers find pleasure in playing with something nicer, viewing the increased price as money well spent on their hobby. You may think otherwise, as is your right, but that doesn't make them wrong in liking nice things. If you have the money, spend it how you like. I know that some cigar hobbyists have a ritual that goes with smoking a fine cigar, and that includes dropping ashes it into something nicer than a red solo cup. I get that, support that, perhaps envy that, and will never begrudge someone for liking the nice things in life that he or she can afford. end rant> Get to the Tray Dave OK, assuming that we are now down to the target audience, let's talk about just how cool this cigar tray is, aka mega-cool. The first thing that you will notice when you pick up the tray is that it has some mass to it. Massive amounts of mass actually. I thought that since it's aluminum that it would be light, not quite realizing that it is a lot of aluminum. The hefty heft of the tray really instills a feeling of not just quality, but also longevity. This tray is going nowhere, meaning that you are not going to have a breeze blow it off the table, and that your grandkids will enjoy ashing their retirement cigars into it. After the apocalypse, there will be cockroaches, and the Bettinardi cigar trays. Heft aside; I love the lines and contours of the tray. It's not meant to be held, but I found myself rotating it around to look at it from different angles. The milling is so clean, and the level of precision is, well, precise. Having rolled their putters, I wasn't surprised by this, but was still impressed. Also, the bottom of the tray does have little rubber feet so whatever you place it on will be protected from the metal. Guess what, in addition to being beautiful, it's also totally functional! I have smoked a couple of cigars now using the Bettinardi cigar tray, and it works perfectly for both small and large cigars. Small smokes are easy, they balance on anything, but to push the edge of fit a bit, I smoked The Inch by EP Carrillo. This is one of my favorite cigars currently (super smooth draw and golfable intensity), and more importantly for this review, it's a huge cigar. It's got a massive 7x70 profile, more than enough to topple the average ashtray. Bettinardi took everything the Inch had to offer, and went meh, thought it would be bigger. MGS Milled in the Middle By now you've probably noticed that this tray doesn't have a Bettinardi Hex B in the middle. Instead, Bettinardi milled the sweet new mygolfspy logo there. How cool is that? For many, this is the real dealmaker for the cigar tray. For an extra $30, you can get the tray customized. So many cool possibilities: For your country club For a charity event For a retirement gift For a wedding (aka best groomsman gift ever) For your local cigar shop For the cigar lounge in your backyard I'm sure that you can come up with even more situations where a customized tray would add to the awesome. There are other colors available too. Once I overcame my sadness at the lack of purple, I went with green since we were designing this right around The Masters. Nicest Ash In the Room... So the $200 cigar tray is not for everyone, but for the target audience, it's pretty damn impressive. The tray makes a statement, and could very easily become part of one's cigar smoking ritual. You could ash into anything, but if you have the means and motivation, why not ash that nice cigar into something just as nice. Find out more at the Bettinardi cigar tray pages: Hex B Tray Link Custom Tray Link
  8. I actually made a cool cigar holder out of PVC and a rare earth magnet for the push cart. It's all aluminum and thus no place for the magnet, no matter how strong
  9. The piper playing on the first hole during Spanish Bay happy hour/sunset is pretty damn cool.
  10. Congrats Dan on your 5009th post. Can't wait to see 5010
  11. That's a lot of posts Dan. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Revision Brewing's What What DIPA http://revisionbrewing.com Can I get a What What? What? Yep, you heard right. A collection of C hops and a dash of Equinox create waves of hop flavor and perhaps a bit of a smackdown over a lightly sweet malt backbone. Sniff. Sip. Sniff. Sip. Sniff. Sip. Dang, all gone. What I say? ABV: 9.1% IBUs: 85 Available Soon in: 22oz “Bomber” bottles, 12oz bottles, 12oz cans Even though many of you have never heard of Revision Brewing, I bet that quite a few of you have sampled Jeremy Warren's brews before. If you have ever had a beer from Knee Deep Brewery in Auburn, CA, then you have had a taste of Jeremy's touch. The big deal with Knee Deep was that their Hoptologist DIPA actually beat Russian River's Pliny the Elder in head to head competition. That is no small feat, especially for a brewery that started as the dream of a homebrewer. A few years ago (timeline fuzzy) Jeremy left Knee Deep and went off into the new brewing direction that has become Revision Brewing. What What DIPA is one of the first new beers that they are rolling out. And I do mean new. Their grand opening celebration is actually next weekend. If you are near Sparks, NV you should really be heading there. If I wasn't in Stockton, CA already for a rugby tournament (watching, not playing), I'd be joining you there. One of the most promising things about Revision is that there beers have exploded through the stores here in NorCal, and hopefully that trend will continue so that you can try one soon. I'll be seeking out them all ASAP. Check HERE to learn more about the history of this new brewery. DRINKABILITY: Stealthy Perfection... Some West Coast double IPAs are pretty damn bland these days. I don't mean that they are lacking the expected bitterness and hoppyness, rather it's the lack of distinct identity. You could blind taste a bunch of them and have no clue which one you are drinking. Such is not the case with What What. This beer is a unique take on the double, or at least one that I've not encountered before. First descriptive word is balanced. It's just the ideal mix of hop and malt, neither on overpowering the palate. What impresses me the most is the cleanness. Mouth-feel, finish, and aftertaste are all so clean. Nothing lingers that shouldn't. So satisfying. It's super easy to slip into that next sip, or bottle. GOLFABILITY: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa Golfability is a two-fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. What What may be the worst beer to take golfing on the planet. Seriously, do not bring this to the course if you expect all of your golf software and hardware to stay online. It's won't. Don't for a second think that this beer would not be enjoyable on the course, it would be perfect, and that's the problem Some evil genius at Revision decided to put this beer into 12oz cans, making it ideally golf portable. Don't let that fool you. This is not a golf beer. The issue is that it is so amazingly drinkable and that the 9.1% alcohol is totally below the radar. I can see myself thoroughly enjoying a can of this as I walk the course, perhaps enjoying it so much that I pop a second. There's the problem. It's so drinkable, that you will keep drinking it. This may be the stealthiest beer I've ever had. No clue of the alcohol until you are making bad decisions. One 9.1% beer and my game is likely on the decline. Two of these and I'm blasting the Pussycat Dolls out of the UE BOOM and yelling “What's Up Sexy?” at random other foursomes. What What is a golf No No Buyagainability: Already did! I'm actually already on the second 4-Pack of What What. I know that it's all about waiting until Thursday for new beers, but this one needed to be consumed immediately, and bought again. I'll be loading the fridge with What What this summer, as well as other Revision beers I bet. While I'm not golfing with What What, it will be with me at the pool, the lake, mowing the lawn, walking the dog, painting the house, playing cornhole, and all other non-golf activities. Keep making beers like this Jeremy, and I'll keep drinking them.
  13. Solid idea. Actually just found a refurbished on on amazon for $98. No experience with the refurbished ones but the price is right. https://www.amazon.com/BOOM-Wireless-Speaker-Black-Refurbished/dp/B00U8FJUDU/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1493256393&sr=1-6&keywords=ue+boom Brother snagged his first on craigslist.
  14. Similar. I think that this one does a bit better at volume than the roll, but I definitely like the Wonderboom shape more for golf and as a around the house speaker. I currently use the Roll on my kayak. The low profile sits next to the boat nicely.
  15. Envy of my brother's UE BOOM is what got this whole speaker thing started for me. Granted we were playing frisbee golf rather than traditional golf, but the speaker was amazing.
  16. Golf Tunes? With a new golf with music thread developing, it seems timely to talk about another speaker option for playing music while you golf. You are free to debate the pros and cons of playing music while you play in that thread, but here, I'll just be focusing on a speaker you can use, should you decide that your round requires a soundtrack. Today, I bring you Dave's Take on the Ultimate Ears (UE) Wonderboom. This is the fifth model of UE speaker that I have run through my sound trials. For the curious, you can find reviews of the UE ROLL, UE BOOM, and UE MEGABOOM, by clicking on those links. My Recreational Golfer blog article last summer included the UE Boom 2 and MEGABOOM as well. Only UE Speakers at Casa Dave While testing the UE Wonderboom, I came to the realization that all of the non-headphone music in my home is currently being played through UE speakers. That trend was emerging back when I reviewed the UE ROLL, but now the UE domination is complete. Phone paired with UE speaker is the music mechanism for my wife, son, and daughter as well. All of them are currently “borrowing” one of my UE speakers. Ah family… Additionally, until I scratch together the scratch to replace the dead factory car speakers, the UE MEGABOOM has been the audio delivery device for my ‘99 Z3 as well. I just drop it into the cargo net in the passenger footwell and all's good. The sound is definitely loud and clean enough for top down driving. I may never replace that car stereo. Anyway, today's speaker, the UE Wonderboom, is priced at $99. For reference, the MSRPs on the ROLL 2, BOOM 2 and MEGABOOM are $99, $149 and $299, respectively. This puts the Wonderboom in direct competition with the ROLL 2, and that is really how I tried to approach its testing. It's probably not fair to put the Wonderboom up against the more expensive speakers, but that ROLL is definitely in its crosshairs. Shape and Portability/Golfability The UE Wonderboom is cylindrical, but at the same time rounded. Imagine that the ROLL and the BOOM had a baby. It's a squatty, rounded cylinder. I find the shape to be very visually appealing, and comfortable to hold. Think large ball, with a bit less rounded geometry, and a flat bottom that allows it to not roll away. For day to day usage, aka non-golf, I would definitely pick the shape of the Wonderboom over the ROLL, maybe even over the BOOM. On the course though, the choice is not quite as clean cut. First of all, as I said with the ROLL, I think that the narrower cylindrical shape of the BOOM works a bit better for the riding golfer, as it will fit into a cup holder in a cart, or even into the drink pocket in a golf bag. You can see from the photo that the Wonderboom just doesn't fit into the cup holder. The saving grace for the Wonderboom though is the loop on the top. Add a carabiner to the loop and you have a very stable attachment system, one that I trust way more than the elastic strap found on the ROLL. With the clip, I was able to attach the Wonderboom to the cart windshield as well as to my golf bag. That nylon loop seems to be very stable and strong. I'd be shocked if it broke or pulled out of the unit, even with that friend driving the cart like a maniac. Battery will fully charge in 2.8 hours and provide you with music for ten hours. That seems like magic! Technology is amazing. You'll easily get two, maybe three rounds on a charge. The Wonderboom had no problem keeping my team musical though a slow charity scramble a week ago. Should you drive your golf cart into the water hazard, the Wonderboom will just keep on playing. This little thing has no problem in the pool, or the pond (IP67 rated: 1 meter deep for 30 minutes). Splash away! Sound Like every other UE speaker I have used, pairing the UE Wonderboom is very simple, and super fast. No technological barrier here. Like the ROLL, the volume produced by the Wonderboom is pretty amazing for a small speaker, and similarly only distorts once you are above comfortable listening volume anyway. Again, like the other UE speakers, volume is controlled by the large + and - buttons on the front. At the top of the Wonderboom, you'll find three additional buttons, one for power, one for Bluetooth pairing, and the new one in the middle that controls playback. That new play/pause/skip/double-up button is a great addition, especially when golfing. You can just hit it to quickly pause the playback, not needing to find your phone or completely power down the speaker. You can still check battery level as well by simultaneously pressing both volume buttons, but gone is the voice that tells you the percentage of battery remaining. Instead, you get different tones for high/medium/low charge levels. It's still totally functional, but I'll admit that I miss the soothing voice telling me the exact percentage of charge. Charging the Wonderboom is done via the included USB cable, with the port hidden behind a little waterproof flap. On to sound. When I fired up the UE Wonderboom, I knew not to expect the MEGABOOM, or even BOOM sound quality, but I was still initially a little disappointed. The Wonderboom is a small speaker, and it sounded like one. The bass was a little soft, and the highs a little tinny. This was the first UE speaker that didn't give me that Damn! feeling when sound first poured out of it. As I continued to use the Wonderboom in various locations around the house, course, and so on, my impression of the sound output improved. It seems like there is a critical minimum volume for the Wonderboom, and once you turn it up enough, the sound improves. This could just be my delusion, but I'd swear it's the case. During that scramble, we played the music a little louder than we would on a normal round, and the Wonderboom delivered all that we needed, sounding great. Full disclosure: BEER. The question of Would I recommend the UE Wonderboom? can be answered with a simple yes, assuming that you only have the $99 to spend. I do prefer it to the ROLL at that price point. Now if you can scrape up another $50, I tell you that the BOOM 2 would be the better choice at it's new cheaper price of $149, down from $200. The UE BOOM was the first UE speaker that I used, and I think that it's still the best speaker in the UE lineup. That said, I bet that you'll be pretty happy with the UE Wonderboom. All in all, it's a solid addition to the UE family, and should provide you with years of portable audio action, at home, at the beach, on the course, in the pool, in the shower, in the grocery store, on a plane, and so on, and so on...
  17. There are a couple of speaker reviews in the forum already. Search UE Boom and you'll find them. The newly released UE Wonderboom is next on the review list.
  18. New bluetooth speaker review will be coming soon
  19. I know... I actually realized that my "model" is a little scuffed and dinged. May need a new one, or I can send this one to the Cameron Custom shop for restoration. I hear they work miracles there
  20. New Shades: Bolle' Flash V3 Golf When this new pair of Bolle sunglasses arrived a couple of weeks ago, it came with the revelation that I have been wearing Bolle' sunglasses almost exclusively for the past three years. Once I realized this, I immediately doubted it, but more and more I came to the conclusion that I'm nearly always wearing Bolle shades. Casual sunglasses? That's the Bolle' TP9 King Cycling? Bolle' 6th Sense Golf? Bolle' Bolt The last one was the piece of data that convinced me. The bright neon yellow Bolle' Volt sunglasses have never left my golf bag in the past two years. Whenever I play, I swap out the glasses I am wearing for the Bolle' Volt. The fit, coverage and weight are still (obviously) ideal for play, and the lens is great. Here's the scoop, quoting myself from a previous Bolle review Photo V3 Golf Lens This lens does a great job on the course. It's dark enough to provide some eye protection but not so dark that you loose green contour or other vital targeting information. Unlike some of the other sunglasses that I have worn, I did not feel the need to take these off to get the correct look of the contours on the green. The V3 lens is a great golf lens. It's dark enough to take out the sun's glare, but no so dark that you lose the details on the course. The photo-adapting Modulator system works as expected, adapting shade level to light level. It's seamless. The only time I notice the change is if I've had the glasses sitting on my hat brim, then I put them over my eyes. They will be a bit too dark for a moment until they adjust to the new light level. So Will the Flash Usurp The Volt? Since I can only wear one pair of sunglasses at a time, that's what my take on the Flash frame really comes down to; are they better than the current Volt pair? On the plus side, the Flash comes with the same excellent V3 lens, and a similar frame architecture. I find that I really prefer not to have the frame extend to the bottom of the lens. Sunglasses with the bottom frame edge just seem more obtrusive when I'm addressing the ball. The bottom edge of the bare lens is less noticeable. The fit of the Flash is on par with the Volt. I have a larger than thought possible head and these stay in place. I also had my normal head size teenager wear these around for a while and he also found them comfortable and secure. They definitely can bend and flex to fit a variety of heads. All in all, the Flash came really close to kicking the Volt out of the bag, but there was one little structural difference that I couldn't get around. The one aspect of the Flash frame that I don't like is the fact that the frame material extends down the side of the nose. For my face shape, it was still visible in the peripheral vision, and distracting. Perhaps not at first, but once I noticed it, I could never not notice it. This has never been an issue with the Volt, as that part of the frame stops higher on the nose. YMMV, but for me it was the deal breaker. One of the best things about the Flash, and other Bolle' sunglasses in general is that they are not super expensive. These are right around $150. Also, you can find Bolle sunglasses all over the place. Here is a link to these at SEARS and another here for AMAZON. If nothing else, with wide distribution, you should be able to get in someplace and try them on for yourself. You may find that these are in your bag two years later as well. If you would like to read more about Bolle, here is a LINK to my first review, and here is a LINK to the second. Here are a couple more shots of the Flash for your viewing pleasure
  21. Had world wide but not the 120 yet. Gotta find that one. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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