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  1. Anchor Brewing's Los Gigantes Mexican Lager https://www.anchorbrewing.com/blog/anchor-brewing-teams-up-with-san-francisco-giants-for-second-collaboration-beer-release-los-gigantes/ We're very excited to announce our second limited edition collaboration brew with the San Francisco Giants, Los Gigantes, a crisp, clean, and crushable Mexican style lager. Baseball and San Francisco have gone hand in hand for more than 100 years. With roots that date back to the California Gold Rush, Anchor is intrinsically tied to the city and has been enjoyed by Giants fans for decades. Anchor Brewing and the Giants have been official partners since 2011, combining two quintessential San Francisco traditions: Brews and Baseball. Los Gigantes was inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of the city and Giants' fan base. An easy-drinking beer, it is the perfect ballpark brew, combining a light maltiness with crisp, refreshing flavor. “Los Gigantes is a San Francisco Giants nickname known and loved by many fans,” said Anchor Brewmaster Scott Ungermann. “We knew it would be a perfect complement to this Giants-inspired Mexican style lager. The beer's recipe combines a blend of 2-row pale malt, flaked maize, and Cluster and Tettnang hops. The result is a crisp, refreshing lager that is light and easy-drinking. It's the perfect choice for game day or any fiesta that comes your way.” Los Gigantes is the second release in a series celebrating the long-standing partnership between Anchor Brewing and the San Francisco Giants. This year's Mexican lager is the perfect ballpark companion for all 9 innings. Los Gigantes arrives in select markets just in time for the 2017 Major League Baseball season on draught and in 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans, marking Anchor's first ever release of 16 oz. cans. The packaging boasts a strikingly unique Los Gigantes design that Giants fans will come to know and love. The beer is available at select bars, restaurants, and stores in Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii, as well as at the Anchor Brewing Taproom and Anchor Brewing Beer Garden at The Yard in San Francisco. Find Los Gigantes using the Anchor Beer Finder. Bro, wait, what? Did you think that it was time to go all dank because it was 4/20? If you are looking for something that direction, scroll back to the Waldos Special Ale review. Fun fact, if you check in Waldos' today then you can earn a special badge in Untappd. Rather than go for another non-golf-ready hop bomb, this week I sought out something that would be cooler friendly. Something refreshing, that won't leave you sideways by the back nine. Something like a nice Mexican lager! While the sometimes-snobbish craft beer community looks upon many Mexican lagers with distain, there are actually couple of breweries out there making pretty good ones. 21st Amendment in the SF area makes one, as does America's Oldest Craft Brewery, Anchor Brewing in San Francisco. Anchor Brewing has been around for a while, with their Anchor Steam beer being one of the original bright points in the sea of big beer blah. Funny to think that only a decade or two ago, the beer landscape was very different. The Bud/Miller/Coors folk ruled the roost. Drinking an Anchor Steam was fringe activity. Anyway, they have been around since 1886, and in recent years they too are expanding out their repertoire of beers. Even the old dog is getting into new tricks beer. Like, perhaps, a Mexican Lager. DRINKABILITY: Refreshingly... I generally like Mexican lagers, in the right situation. That situation is usually either when out for Mexican food, or when it's balls hot outside. Winter is for dark and malty, and that is not this beer. Los Gigantes is a crisp and bright beer. It's a quick drinker, with nothing in the palate getting in the way of smooth, perhaps rapid consumption. Side note: If you are a lime in the Corona guy, I'm not going to judge. I'm right with you there. Just adds a little layer of acid and sourness to the lighter beer. Squeeze away, we're cool. GOLFABILITY: 100% Bring it along. Golfability is a two-fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. Los Gigantes is only 4.5%, so feel free to have ten or twelve during the round. You'll be fine. OK, so that may be hyperbole, but this is a low ABV beer that can refresh with out wrecking. That's good golf beer. It is also in cans, which is a plus. Good news in that a lot of the craft beer industry as a whole is switching to canning. This boosts golfability a ton, and makes it much easier to pack out empties from all events. I CAN handle that. Buyagainability: Likely As a Giants fan, I can see myself buying this just to watch games. Yes, I do sometimes put on my jersey when I watch games at home too. Lighten up Francis. I just told you that your lime in the beer was cool; give me some jersey slack. Los Gigantes is a solid summer beer, and I can see it getting into poolside rotation. Yet another advantage of the can.
  2. Just ordered this sampler from JR Cigars. All course enjoyable and quite inexpensive. Love RP, and also put in a vote for Connecticut wrapper. https://www.jrcigars.com/item/cigar-samplers/rocky-patel-nicaraguan-toro-collection/rpntsmp This AJ Fernandez is also a current favorite: New World https://www.jrcigars.com/item/aj-fernandez-cigars/new-world-by-aj-fernandez/navegante-robusto/ajnwr
  3. Nike Air Hybrid 14-way top and straps come off. Love the bag
  4. Strong American blond ale brewed with graham crackers and lactose, and fermented with vanilla beans and fresh local lemon juice. 6.5% ABV We live in a time when craft beer should be creative, exciting, and delicious. Enter the Curiosite' Series; an exploration of beautiful ingredients and flavors that pair with the season. Indulge in the one-of-a-kind, farm-to-glass creation. This week's beer is not so much a go find this beer suggestion as it is a go and find new beer mandate. Odds are, you actually have very little chance of finding New Glory's Lemon Meringue Pie Specialty Ale. It's a limited run beer, and New Glory is a small local brewery here in Sacramento. The point of sharing this beer with you today is hopefully motivate you to seek out the amazing beer options that are likely right around the corner from you. There are small breweries everywhere these days, and many of them are making excellent beer. This beer happens to be in a can, but some of the countries finest microbrews are only available at the brewery taproom. That seems like a drawback, but actually it's part of the fun. You get to go on an adventure, seeking out the new brewery in your town. You get to support a local business, and add a new watering hole to your arsenal. Win and win. The other point of today's beer is to encourage you to try random beers. Get outside of your comfort zone and order something that you are just not sure about. You'll either have your hesitations confirmed, or discover a whole new world of beer. Quick Cool Story Bro moment: A few years back, I was down in SoCal with a friend and we decided to hit a brewery called The Bruery for a few beers. They had a special sour flight on the menu, and having never had a sour, I decided to give them a shot. Turns out, I love sour beers. Like, really love them. Wife is not a fan, but often times I'll now choose a sour over any other styles. This is especially true if I'm out at a new brewery. I love to see what the different brewers come up with. So today's mission for you is simple: Find a new brewery, and drink a beer you are not sure you'll like. Now on to the Lemon Meringue Pie Special Ale DRINKABILITY: Interesting... I know that Kennedy said that the phrase “May you live in interesting times.” represented an ancient Chinese curse. (Fun Fact: No source for the statement was ever uncovered in Chinese history. FAKE NEWS!) I bring this up because interesting is the first word that comes to mind as I drink this beer. There is a lot going on. You definitely get the lemon, and a creamy mouth from the lactose. Vanilla plays around in the mouth for quite a while after the gulp is gone. Along with the vanilla is a lingering sourness from the lemon. New Glory's Lemon Meringue Pie Specialty Ale is a beer that lives on the fringe of the beer landscape, and for that alone, I'm happy to put it in my belly. GOLFABILITY: Questionable Golfability is a two-fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. I can see New Glory's Lemon Meringue Pie Specialty Ale finding it's way into the golf cooler. 6.5% ABV is golf friendly, as long as you don't go too hog wild with your pie eating. My only hesitation is that the beer has a level of richness that may not meet the required level of quench on the course. I'd actually go with New Glory's Key Lime Gose for links libations. Gose goes with golf for sure. Buyagainability: Maybe New Glory's Lemon Meringue Pie Specialty Ale is a tasty beer, and I respect the experimentation that went into it, but I don't know that I'd seek it out again. In the spirit of the style, I'd probably seek out something else random on the tap list. New Glory Brewery: HERE
  5. I like the toothbrush holder idea. I will sometimes just select cigars that are packaged in tubes as another way to take a single stick. Rocky Patel Vintage 92 being my favorite tube these days...
  6. Xikar Travel Humidor Someday I hope to have a fancy humidor. Something ornate and wooden, stocked with great cigars from around the world. That humidor would, of course, be in my home's library, within easy reach of my leather reading chair and snifter of Pappy Van Winkle. This fancy version of Dave would also naturally be attired in a crushed velvet jacket and an ascot. Fancy Dave rolls fancy. Alas, the fancy Dave scenario is still in the future, but that doesn't mean that I don't need a humidor today. The context is just a bit different. I still don't want my cigars to dry out, but rather than enjoying them in the library, I want to take them to the golf course. That's why it makes more sense to look more closely at something like the Xikar Travel Humidor. Sticks on the Go Let's say that you are someone that wants to take cigars to the course. Even if you have that fancy wood humidor at home, it's probably not a good idea to drag its fine-grained fineness out to the links. You too need a traveler. As with seemingly all things cigar these days, I came across the Xikar Travel Humidor on Amazon while shopping for other cigar things. I'm not going to lie, the yellow color is what initially caught my eye. (Don't worry, there are also blue and black versions for those less brightly inclined.) What caused me to click the BUY button though was the Xikar name. I'll admit that I am not the same level of product expert in the cigar arena that I am in the putter corral. I'm probably level NOOB +1, or maybe NOOB +2, but even I know that the Xikar name means quality cigar accessories. I've played around with friends Xikar cutters and torches and they are badass. High quality construction, interesting designs, and all Xikar products are backed by lifetime warranties. I figured that the Xikar Travel Humidor was a no risk venture, and Amazon PRIME shipping was a bonus. Specs Airtight....Watertight....Crushproof Super-strong ABS Molded Plastic Construction Closed cell foam is Airtight and Watertight Stainless Steel Hinge and Latch Hinges Locking Clasp Made in the USA Lifetime warranty Also available in Black and Blue On The Course For my cigar transport needs, the Xikar Travel Humidor works perfectly. It is relatively compact, fitting easily in the side pocket of my bag. There are smaller options out there, but I like that it holds five descent sized cigars, plus a lighter (granted not a cool Xikar one in the above photo .) I'm a one cigar a round guy, but it is nice to have choices, and extras for your foursome when they forget their sticks and need to poach yours. I also like that the foam is not shaped in long troughs like on some other cases. This case seems to hold various size cigars much more snugly than those with that type of foam. The case stays air/water/everything tight, but is still very easy to open. Seems like a minor thing, but some secure latches are so tight that you risk a fingernail when you open them. These latches stay snug, but pop open perfectly. The humidor side of the Xikar Travel Humidor is also perfect for my current keep moist needs. I just added some deionized water to the humidifier disk, and it worked. I didn't even really measure, just poured until filled. I love lazy tech. Add water and done is a huge plus. I can load the cigars, and trust that they will be hydrated and ready for smoking. Nothing more could I ask. Without a doubt, I'm happy with the Xikar Travel Humidor. It does everything that I need it to do, and it really seems like it will last basically forever. Plus, it's less than $30 on Amazon. If you take cigars to the course, this is a must have.
  7. Local brewery called Bike Dog Retro Grouch IPA Hazy and huge citrus taste. Great find at the local pub. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Interesting anger there... You do understand that the Hammer X post was intended to be fun right?
  9. Hot Torch at a Hot Price I was actually checking out the Alaska Bear Cutter on Amazon when I stumbled across this little torch. I think that lighting the cigar may actually be my favorite part of the smoking experience. Pure primal satisfaction when I get to once again demonstrate mans' command over fire. That, or I'm just channeling my inner Beavis. Regardless of reason, I love lighters. I have a couple of prized Zippos, a few budget torches, and a great torch shaped like a Guinness tall can. There are a couple of fancy lighters out there that I'd love to own, looking at you Xikar, but for now, I flame economically. That's what led me to take a shot with the Mantello Catador torch. This sweet little torch was only $14.99. My prior torches are all single jets, so I was curious to check out the burn provided by the triple jet. Burn Baby Burn Three jets, no waiting. Damn this thing spits flame. Got a touch of char when I hit the first stick with this thing. Little different than the single jet. The lighter did arrive empty, but it was easy to fill with butane and it fired up right away. On the course, I actually had to turn down the flame a little, and yet it still held it's heat in the wind with no issue. Really happy with this lighter so far. Satisfying click and flaming woosh when you hit the button. Weight in the hand feels comfortable as well. Solid torch. The torch also comes with a retractable punch in case you don't have a cutter with you. It locks into the open position, then retracts when not in use, ejecting the disk of wrapper in the process. You'll never need to jab a tee in there again! Here is the LINK to Amazon. Flame on! From the Amazon page: The Mantello Catador Premium Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter This premium lighter features a ergonomic grip design for easy one handed use a cigar punch attachment for your favorite cigar, and a powerful, triple jet flame torch. **NOTE: Your Mantello Torch will be shipped WITHOUT butane to comply with DOT and USPS regulations** ​Mantello Cigars is your proud and distinguished manufacturer of reliable, high-quality cigar products for the demanding modern world. Mantello Lighters feature robust internal and external design to ensure long-lasting use. Back that up with piezo ignition and an ergonomic grip design. Whether you are kicking back at home with a cigar or simply want a sleek on-the-go lighter, This lighter will be your way to go. This refillable butane lighter features easy-to-use ignition and convenient adjustability: 1) Set butane pressure to the lowest setting: Turn butane pressure dial, located on the bottom side, counter-clockwise towards the (-) until it stops. 2) After filling lighter with butane fuel as outlined by the included instructions manual, turn dial clockwise towards the (+) AT LEAST 1/4 of the way. 3) Push ignition button.If it does not ignite,dial may have not been turned far enough. Turn dial more and press ignition button again. Use dial to adjust flame size as desired. **Please note: Lighter will not ignite at the lowest setting as there is no butane pressure at that setting. Disclaimer: Mantello Cigars and its subsidiaries will not be responsible for any and all liability related to improper or unintended use or modification of the Mantello Cigars Lighter. Keep out of reach of children.
  10. Happy New Brew Thursday! Tonight's beer is Lagunitas' The Waldos' Special Ale! Herbacious. Botanical. Dank. Resinous. In 1971, the Waldos met one afteroon at 4:20 in the front courtyard of their school near the statue of Louis Pasteur. They set out in a '66 Impala armed with a "treasure map" on a journey to find a secret garden near Point Reyes. They met there at the same time every day and continued their quest. They never found the secret garden....But they keep lookin'. The dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas was made with help of the Waldos for all treasure hunters. AVAILABILITY: April... 4/20/17 ALC. BY VOL. 11.9% BITTERNESS 100+ IBUs FOOD PAIRINGS: Good with Beer-battered Twinkies Con Queso…you can find out why if you google 'Waldo 420' DRINKABILITY: Dude! If I was to try and pin a style on this "Special Ale", I'd probably go with triple IPA. That would be close, and address the hop assault that Waldos' brings, but it also just doesn't quite describe the beer completely. In Waldos also has a whole bunch of sweetness, reminding me of Lagunitas other seasonal great, Brown Shugga. Sure, there is a ton of hop in this one, dank of the dank bro, but there is also a good measure of malt and richness. Honestly, it's tough to categorize. The color is an amazing, almost glowing copper. GOLFABILITY: Dude. Golfability is a two fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. Lagunitas The Waldos' Special ale is a dangerous beer. It is refreshing, and could actually be quite enjoyable during a parching round. However, it's a sneaky one. One moment you are fine, and one hit on the bottle later, not so fine. Dude, it's 11.9%! What did you think was going to happen when you had two before the turn. Too late now to get bummed out though. Might as well have a third and enjoy the extra strokes as you explore parts of the course you don't usually visit. Buyagainability: Duuuude! I look forward to the return of good seasonal/limited run beers, and I'd put Waldos in that category. I'd probably not survive having this one year round, but once in a year, it's a great treat. Hopefully you can find it near you. Lagunitas has even produced a map to help you find it. Link to Lagunitas. HERE
  11. https://t.co/6tpR5EGWWG Enter and win an Epic. Click that link to enter and give me another entry. If I win, I'll put together a Dave Won The Epic prize pack for a forum contest Only 2 days to go so get in there and win.
  12. You now have one extra
  13. This is why I hope we all get to hang out at some point. That's dedication to the craft right there
  14. Today we have a couple of beers from Firestone-Walker. Firestone-Walker is another great California brewery with some national distribution. Hopefully you can find these near you. I'm a huge fan of Firestone Walker. How can you not like a brewery that spans the gap between the solid performance of Firestone tires and the kick-ass power of Walker, Texas Ranger? To be totally truthful, one of the things in the prior sentence was untrue about the brewery. If you are willing to say that anything about Chuck Norris is wrong, then may the gods be with you... Anyway, I ran across both of these beers this week and I thought that I should drop both on you. Nothing wrong with a little two-brew on New Brew Thursday. First on the plate, Luponic Distortion 005. Luponic Distortion 005 Revolution No. 005 is driven by a mix of five different hop varieties, led by an emerging American cultivar from the Yakima region. Together, these hops deliver a complex spectrum of ripe tropical fruit aromas with notes of guava, mango, pineapple, orange, blackberry, green tea and Meyer lemon. In true Luponic Distortion fashion, bitterness is moderate but snappy, with a balance of light malty-bready sweetness and a soft mouthfeel. I'm a fan of the Luponic Distortion series from FW. Basically, they change up the hops each time around to create a beer that's similar, but has a unique taste profile for the batch. So far, my favorite has been 002 (released last summer). Somehow I missed 004. I may need to look around to see if I can run one down, but these are really made to be enjoyed fresh, before the hops fade in the can. DRINKABILITY: Tasty LD 005 is very drinkable. It tastes a bit thin to me, similar to some session IPAs that are out there. You get a big hop taste at the start, but it finishes a bit harsh, lacking the malt profile that soothes the palate after the bitter hop barrage. I enjoyed it, for sure, but it seemed like it was just a touch out of balance. GOLFABILITY: Totally Golfability is a two fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. Luponic Distortion is refreshing and would be welcomed as a thirst quencher during a hot round of golf. The relatively low ABV of 5.9% puts you into the sweet spot where it could take the edge off and yet not take you to total F-it golf. LD 005 could easily be enjoyed a couple of times during the round. Buyagainability: Perhaps As a series, I'd say Hell Yes, but the 005 is just not quire a mush horde beer for me. I'll never turn one down, but I don't know that I'd actively seek this incarnation out in the vast sea of beer choices. It's good, but not life changing. Bonus Beer: Firestone Walker Fortem That's right, two beers this week. I am willing to make the sacrifice of drinking a second new beer this week just so I can give you some insight that you can use to plan your weekend libation selections. Roughly translated, I felt like having a second beer this week Fortem represents the first brew in a new beer line from Firestone-Walker. They are pretty geeked up about it. The about this beer prose on their site (and the packaging) is pretty spectacular: Fortem is a new-age imperial IPA that draws upon a range of influences, all while exhibiting DNA from our own forays into the IPA style. As such, it blends newer hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest and Hallertau, Germany along with pale malt, wheat malt and flaked oats for a full body and rounded mouthfeel. Fortem presents an expressive mix of aromas, including mango, blueberry, raspberry, lime zest and lychee. After time in the glass, it opens up to reveal stone fruit blossoms and mandarin oranges, finishing with just enough bitterness to encourage your next sip. Fortem has been left unfiltered for a hazy appearance and full hop impact. Seriously, with a build-up like that, Fortem had better open the car door for you at dinner and finish you off later when you take a shower. Worth mentioning, it was $14.99 for a 4-pack of 16oz cans at Whole Foods. My "you had better be good" level was very high with this one. DRINKABILITY: Satisfying Thankfully, this beer is awesome. It's a big-ish imperial IPA, but it has enough balance to be a pleasure from the first sip to the lingering foam. At just from the fridge cold, it was refreshing, and as it warmed, it improved. Lots of citrus and other flavors as it opened. Not sure I could trace all of the flavors in that above description, but the complexity was delicious. GOLFABILITY: Probably a pass Golfability is a two fold category. First, would you enjoy drinking this as you play, and second, would drinking this put the stink eye on your golf performance. First pass says that the 8.2% ABV is golf unfriendly, and it probably is, but that is not the reason that I would not bring this one to the course. There is a lot going on here, and I'd rather drink this one on the back patio slowly instead of drinking it to hydrate as I push the cart. It's a complex beer that I'd rather slowly enjoy at home. Bonus cool: Hazy IPA West Coast breweries are all about the North East style unfiltered IPAs these days. To compare, here is a shot of the 005 on the left and the Fortem on the right. Definitely more cloudy with the Fortem. I like this less filtered beer movement. It may just be a trendy thing, but I'm on board the haze craze. Buyagainability: Perhaps To be honest, I pucker at the price of the Fortem. I do like it, and would be happy to drink more, but $15 a four-pack is likely out of my allowance range. I'll pay more for some beers, but I'd rather pay less. The IPA choices are so vast, that this one just doesn't quite hit my price to taste window. Check out all of the various beers Firestone-Walker has to offer HERE. Cheers! Bonus Bonus Sometimes the photography "helper" is not all that helpful...
  15. On the Lookout for you... One of my goals as the new proprietor of the MGS 19th Hole is to try and find the products that will make your on course libations more enjoyable. Sometimes, I'll be actively seeking out specific stuff, and other times, I'll just fortuitously stumble across stuff. Regardless, If I find something cool, I'l definitely share what I've found. Today, I bring you the ALASKA BEAR® - Antique Copper Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine Double Cut Blade in Black Gift Pouch. How's that for a mouthful? I actually stumbled across this cutter when I was looking around Amazon for cigar clips that would work on a pushcart. (Cigar Minder review HERE) As you know, Amazon always shoes you what other folk shopped for after looking at what you are looking at, suggesting things that you may also like to buy. Sometimes, it's kind of annoying, but this time I'll say thanks to Amazon, because that's how I ran across this great little cutter. Looks Fancy, But Not Pricy One of the things that attracted me to this cutter was the copper finish. Now I doubt that there is a spec of copper in the cutter, but I liked the look so I took a risk. That's a $14.99 with free 2-Day Amazon Prime shipping level of risk if you are keeping score. That's right, Dave is a thrill seeker. I didn't need another cutter, I've got a plastic cutter in the golf bag that works fine (aka, it cuts). However, I'm never opposed to adding a bit of fancy to the gear arsenal, and maybe one of you desperately needs a new cutter. Ultimately, I figured that if it sucked, I would only be out the price of a good 6-pack. Thankfully, the AB Cutter doesn't suck. The copper finish looks even better in person. The coloring has some depth and variation. It also has great weighting/balance. That was the first thing that my playing partner said when I handed it to him. Heft in the hand is spot on. Best of all, it cuts well! Obviously, I have no idea how long the sharp edges will last, but for the maiden half dozen cigars, it cut cleaner than the French Revolution (too soon?). It snipped right through all of the ring sizes that we brought along, keeping the edges tight even when the stick was a little on the dry side. (Yes that before shot does show a punch cut. We will return to that at a later date... ) Anyway, I'm a fan of the AB Copper cutter so far, and I have no reservation recommending it. If it falls apart, or dulls to a cigar-smashing edge, I'll let you know. Here is the LINK so that you can check it out for yourself and add a little budget bling to your cutting game. It's not as fancy as those Xikar cutters I covet, but it's cool. It even comes with a case! About the product (from Amazon listing) Premium metal, custom design by Alaska Bear brands. Smooth finish with luxury look, the handles are well polished and your fingers won't get injured by any case. Self-sharpening double blades and cuts cigars clean and with precision. Size: 3.7"×1.7"×0.36"; Weight: 3 ounces; Hole diameter: 0.892 inch. Comes in a cool gift bag, to keep and protect the cutters.
  16. One should always hit the big boy size. Places with liter mugs make me smile
  17. Now that is a totally different cigar holder discussion
  18. Bought these myself a month ago. https://www.budgetgolf.com/Mizuno-JPX-EZ-Forged-Irons-steel.html 4-G XP105 Stiff only. $349 Very happy with these irons and with the budget golf shopping experience.
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