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  1. I want to, but I am doing my best to "play smart". On most of the long par fives I am trying to get to the 100/150 marker in 2. Less doubles that way for me.
  2. Rates and word of mouth. I am shopping for an instructor. Rates are about $40 for 30 minute lessons at the closest course. I wish there was a ratemyprofessors type site for instructors. Plus the course does not have a grass range and that makes me hesitate.
  3. This is good to hear. I look forward to seeing the finished models.
  4. The $2 range session go me thinking. Most local ranges are about 10¢ a ball ($4 for 45, $9 for 95). How does this compare to where you are?
  5. Probably doing stuff with my two kids. Not really a hobby, but golf is a real time consumer for me. Living in California, I cam play year round. If we had winter I would probably figure out something though. I guess going to the gym is kind of a hobby.
  6. Be careful with the DIY model though. The heavier head can make quite a dent in the shed wall if one was not careful...
  7. Accurate assessment of one's ability only makes the game easier. I will take straight over long every time at this point. The proclaimed extra yardage in the 09 Burners that I bought was nice, but I bought them because I hit them straighter than the other irons.
  8. That is great. The other gripe I have is with walkable courses that force you to ride. That extra $15 is annoying. I guess more people get on if they all ride. Maybe?
  9. Can the quality survive? I became aware of Honma after I found a Sinker putter in a thrift store. What an amazing cast putter. They had a booth at the big Golf Expo in Sac last Spring. Seems like amazing equipment. The inheritance law seems terrible. Outsourcing is the norm I guess
  10. Walking during the week is about $25 for 18 around here with another $15 to ride. Country Clubs are deep dollars to join with high dues and food. There are some great courses in the area though, nearly all under $100 riding on weekends. Great deals are available with Golfnow.com too, but I have yet to use that site.
  11. This happened with the headcover photo I posted, but I assumed is was a photo resolution/size issue. Is there a preferred photo characteristic that should be used?
  12. Seems off and on. Quick last night and then slow. Slow now.
  13. That is outstanding. The copper and the great texture. A real winner. That texture seems like a great snow alternative. A little patina and this will be amazing.
  14. Looks a bit suspect to me. Way too much text on the page and too many buy now buttons. Anything that promises learning of a swing in a day is fishy. Maybe I am totally off, but that is my first impression.
  15. Those are amazing. The close-ups of the cavity are stunning. Thank you for this. Makes me want to get a second job to afford one...
  16. This is great information. I always prefer to support the local B&M, non-chain golf shop. But sometimes the price online can't be overlooked. Keep these great resources coming!
  17. Didn't even think about the focus aspect. Plus, green fees can be a bit steep on some courses. I can answer email for free at the office. Obviously some people have no choice because of work, but others in the "Hello? Nuthin' what are you doing?" group should leave it in the car.
  18. I would like some more data too. The Bridgestone ball fitting at our course was very convincing with the data from the launch monitor. If TM can do the same, I'd try it. I bet Bridgestone will have some Penta's to compare this summer when they make the fitting rounds.
  19. That is a nice newport. To those who know, how does Slighter's work compare with BOS? IS the pricing similar? The work speaks volumes.
  20. Wow! Another solid and extensive review. Thanks a bunch.
  21. Just reading this article made me fear for the potential wounding of my clubs. Maybe I'll get fancy shaft bands instead.
  22. I guess from a business approach, it makes sense to have it look good to catch the eye of the consumer. Cool progression of drawings, but it left me a bit depressed. I guess that I always assumed function would be first in a piece of sports equipment. Or at least the form side would be more overt. In the shop you can buy lots of golfballs with crazy printing. From money to soccer ball designs. I would never think that the ball was intended for real play. I would work, but the intention is appearing a certain way. Sitting in on the engineer vs. designer meetings would be quite entertaining I bet.
  23. FYI: Scratch wedge up on caddiesbag right now.
  24. I wonder if the brass colored dot works like the SeeMore alignment aide. Probably can't see it from address though.
  25. That one seems dead, here is another link. Blasting the watermelon at about 45s was great!
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