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  1. Kind of how the equipment game seems to go though. Some lines/names gain strength while others fade. Using the Hogan name with junky equipment is shady though. I have probably watched his swing on youtube 1000 times. That fluidity and grace deserves a better legacy imho.
  2. I would have liked random prizes too, but the game is already a foot.
  3. I like my 2009 Burners a bunch and it sounds like we are similar swing wise. Absolutely get fit. Mine are the stock shafts cut 1/2" short. Only the clubfitter could have figured that out. I think that they have great feedback on miss hits vs. pure contact. I received the free 6 iron from their promotion last year and compared to the RAC OS2s I was gaming, the Burners were better. Hit a lot of different sets. I picked up a set of X22s for $250 at golf galaxy. Love the look, but they felt muted to me. Same with the G5/G10 from PING. Wanted, for whatever reason, to play PING irons.
  4. Can I just hang it on my office wall and look at it. I do love copper.
  5. Hi All My name is Dave and I am in Sacramento, CA. Just took up this silly/amazing game two years ago at 38. So challenging yet so rewarding. I have issues with club purchase impulse control, especially putters. Had my current Byron in the bag since last June, but I keep looking around at others. Only working two days a week now, so I am hoping that I can improve my game this Spring with lots of time at the range. Drop the kids at school and beat balls is the plan. Providing the rain stops...
  6. The one with the red line reminds me of the Never Compromise mallets. NZ Ray or something like that. Different shaft position, of course. Will roll the 2 ball just because it looks interesting. I like that they are mixing it up. Head shapes are nothing new, but changing the shaft to the rear is different. Tour Edge would like to remind me that it has been done before.
  7. Got a pair for $4. No snow in Sac so Lowe's looked at me funny when I asked for them. Nice to use on the range in front of the ball to help me keep the target line in mind.
  8. Meh. Short post, but well, meh.
  9. +1 on the neck Huh? I too love raw copper. This looks like it has a satin finish. Big white site dot seems random with the lack of paintfill everywhere else. It looks engraved, not stamped too.
  10. Nice idea. Sometimes the red haze of three putt may scramble the yardages on the next whole. This would be a nice reminder tool.
  11. LOL, I may have rushed out to roll a SeeMore about that time.
  12. Whenever I see these wedges, my first response is that I want one. Then looking at the options I start to feel like my high handicap swing is too erratic to select the correct wedge. I think that a 60* FAW is the right option, but I just can't feel sure. Honestly, should I wait a few seasons till my swing matures before looking at these wedges? I get a bit of the 16 year-old driving a Ferrari vibe. Not like I am rushing into a set of AP2s either.
  13. I did not expect square from the top. First few frames reminded me of the Hogan/Betti Big Ben long putter in the garage. It would be sweet to see someone putt lights out with that hunk of metal. Can't wait to hear Faldo's commentary.
  14. I just had a friend who went through the Edel fitting. Sounded like a complete physical at the doctor's office. I can't wait to see the stick and see him use it. Should be magical... If not, I will of course laugh at him like any good friend would.
  15. I would say that I am brand loyal with my Byron Morgan putter. I have the worst wandering eyes when it comes to putters. In the past few years I have bought and sold a ridiculous number of putters. I am not sure why I ordered my first Byron last Spring. Maybe postings on other forums convinced me. Customization, customer service, and fine craftsmanship seemed a killer combination. I gambled and ordered the stainless completely blind/untested. Funny thing is that I sold it six months later. I had bought a LN 006 Carbon model from eBay and it has been in the bag ever since. It just fits
  16. Although it is nothing new, I sort of like this version. Not a fan of the white graphics on the top of the original spider. This one looks sleeker to me. I'll hit it in the shop, but my Byron is cemented in the bag too...
  17. Anyone else hit the Machspeed fairway yet. I am shopping for a 4W so I took a swing at the Nike. The head looks a bit bizarre at address. So much for me that I had to look at the grip to see how the face should be sitting. Hit the ball well, and I guess that is the real issue, but I can't buy a club that has that much Salvador Dali in the design. Is the driver the same distorted square shape?
  18. Looking at these makes me think of the ugly yellow insert on the new Adams putters. How do these design ideas get to production? Someone at Adams should have said, "Damn, that's nasty."
  19. Maybe this is the best place to put out the question of "Why are the MGS forums better?" I am not asking what have "you" done to make them better, but more like what will "we" do to make them better. I go to golfwrx and puttertalk all the time. What can be done by the members of this forum to make it unique an the spot to visit for golf related topics? The MGS main page addresses some of these issues, but I am curious what other ideas are out there.
  20. Did anyone else just get the email from Golfsmith showing the new Burner Superlaunch Irons? The cavity looks a bit off to me. I play and love the 2009 Burner irons. Are these GI or SGI? Anyone else think they look a bit goofy?
  21. I am not a fan of the super-stamped putter either. Nor snow. However, I love the creative ways that stamping can make a putter suit the owner. Another thing to think about, and stir up the debate is engraving. Some like it, some do not. I have a Byron coming with an engraved surfboard in the cavity. Looks cool to me, but not everyone agrees. Sort of like choosing a putter in the first place.
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