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  1. I would say that I am brand loyal with my Byron Morgan putter. I have the worst wandering eyes when it comes to putters. In the past few years I have bought and sold a ridiculous number of putters. I am not sure why I ordered my first Byron last Spring. Maybe postings on other forums convinced me. Customization, customer service, and fine craftsmanship seemed a killer combination. I gambled and ordered the stainless completely blind/untested. Funny thing is that I sold it six months later. I had bought a LN 006 Carbon model from eBay and it has been in the bag ever since. It just fits. Plus, Byron even called me at home to clarify some items on my order. I like Cameron's stuff too, but I don't think that many non-pros ever talk to Scotty about a putter. Scratch wedges interest me because I have a sense that they work with the customer at a level similar to Byron... I always look at the adds, the GD Hot List, and all of that, but it comes down to hitting balls. Right now my "old" Nike 5000 that I picked up last year is still better for my swing than any new offering. Even the marketing of the balls is kind of nuts, but after doing the Bridgestone ball fitting at one of the local demo days last year, I could see that I would hit the 330RX farther than the Tour iX I was gaming. Even Bridgestone has made that ball 'better' this year. I am hoping I can find the old balls cheaper.
  2. Although it is nothing new, I sort of like this version. Not a fan of the white graphics on the top of the original spider. This one looks sleeker to me. I'll hit it in the shop, but my Byron is cemented in the bag too...
  3. Anyone else hit the Machspeed fairway yet. I am shopping for a 4W so I took a swing at the Nike. The head looks a bit bizarre at address. So much for me that I had to look at the grip to see how the face should be sitting. Hit the ball well, and I guess that is the real issue, but I can't buy a club that has that much Salvador Dali in the design. Is the driver the same distorted square shape?
  4. Looking at these makes me think of the ugly yellow insert on the new Adams putters. How do these design ideas get to production? Someone at Adams should have said, "Damn, that's nasty."
  5. Maybe this is the best place to put out the question of "Why are the MGS forums better?" I am not asking what have "you" done to make them better, but more like what will "we" do to make them better. I go to golfwrx and puttertalk all the time. What can be done by the members of this forum to make it unique an the spot to visit for golf related topics? The MGS main page addresses some of these issues, but I am curious what other ideas are out there.
  6. Did anyone else just get the email from Golfsmith showing the new Burner Superlaunch Irons? The cavity looks a bit off to me. I play and love the 2009 Burner irons. Are these GI or SGI? Anyone else think they look a bit goofy?
  7. I am not a fan of the super-stamped putter either. Nor snow. However, I love the creative ways that stamping can make a putter suit the owner. Another thing to think about, and stir up the debate is engraving. Some like it, some do not. I have a Byron coming with an engraved surfboard in the cavity. Looks cool to me, but not everyone agrees. Sort of like choosing a putter in the first place.
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