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  1. You can also regrip the Toulon-Stroke Lab putters with the adjustable weight super strokes. I've got a San Diego that has a SS GT Tour with the 25g butt weight. Feels spot on to the other traditional-weighted Toulon grips. More on this putter very soon on the blog page, but here is a teaser of the grip.
  2. DJ takes this one. He just needs to play four days and not his usual three... BTW, I'll be there next week. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed (@golfspydave)for photos and story updates. Let me know if you will be attending as well. Perhaps we can meet for a tasty beverage Plan for Saturday is to camp out on #7. Did that last Open and it was super fun. Loved hearing Poulter say "How the F00K am I supposed to play this hole." after hitting his tee shot.
  3. FYI Just started a contest to give away two of these up on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByFz4vRlymF/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet
  4. Here you go. Play at your own risk [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I’ll shoot and post the rules when I get home later. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. DivPro: The 6-in-1 Golf Tool: Multi-Tool Madness I’ve been a sucker for multi-tools since I was a kid. I think that my love affair with them started either with my first Cub Scout pocketknife, or perhaps a bit later with the mother-of-all multi-tools, the Swiss Army Knife. I loved having a single tool that could be used in every situation. I didn’t ever plan on an adventure where I’d need to scale a fish, cut a tree branch, punch some leather, and then pick something out of my tooth, but it was good to know that my Swiss Army knife had me covered should the need arise. The DivPro 6-in-1 go
  7. Please make sure to post your putts per round once it shows up. Gotta keep the number low if you are gaming that thing
  8. Introducing Palio Cigar Tools One of my favorite things about working for MyGolfSpy is the chance to try out products from brands that I have never heard of before. Sometimes the products are so uninspiring, that there is a good reason that nobody has heard of them. In other cases, trying something unknown leads to the discovery of a product that will become a constant companion in the years that follow. In terms of golf items, this is what I remember happening with both Pure and SuperStroke grips. There was a time when both were relatively unheard of, which seems impossible no
  9. That exactly how it works, and it doesn’t even need a car! [emoji41][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Quick Update Guess who has flown back into the putter well...
  11. It's Not Rubbing Two Sticks Together Now I’m not for a second going to recommend the two-stick ignition method as an option for lighting your cigars on the course. It just jumped into my head when I was thinking about the lighter that I have for you today, Xikar’s XFlame Electronic Lighter. This lighter is so high tech, causing my brain to rebel a bit and drift to the other, low-tech, end of the fire making spectrum. Humans have used fire for a long time, and although we now dress it up in fancier outfits, fire remains one of our most critical survival tools. Sorry for the refl
  12. The Major Check In Well since the first major of the year has passed (how about that Tiger guy?), I thought it a good time to update this thread with my project progress. Now some of you have just played your first round of the year, but though rainy, the NorCal winter was just mild enough that I was able to play golf, and generate some data to base my conclusions upon. Let’s take a look at the current bag and the club replacement threat status. Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Threat Level: GREEN This driver has performed better and better each week. The cool thing
  13. FFS. Didn’t make the top 40. [emoji35] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Thanks! It would be fun to see this happen. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Dave's Take: Xikar's Tactical Triple-Jet Torch https://www.xikar.com/products/lighters/tactical-triple/ The streamlined appearance of the High Performance Triple Jet Flame Lighter (Tactical Triple) is engineered for performance and precision. Easily inspect remaining butane levels in your tank through the oversized double EZ-View™ red fuel windows and fine-tune your desired flame height with a quick turn of the oversized adjustment wheel, centrally located at the base of the lighter. Earlier this week, I shared with you my thoughts on the Xikar VX2 V-Cut cutter. Having had
  16. It’s an imperial Baltic Porter from Porchlight Brewing here in Sac. 10% and dangerously smooth. Need to moderate pours [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Did a DIY tap handle for the 128oz growlerwekrs growler today. Local place does $10 fills on Wednesday’s so it won’t be too pricy to fill. CO2 keeps it fresh and flowing. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Thanks for voting. Voting is open for a couple of weeks so feel free to spam family with FB accounts. The eggplant emoji driver cover would be rad. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. I think it’s my new favorite too. Much as I love the ritual of the Xikar XO cutter, this one just makes for a better smoking experience. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. https://t.co/Lft9k97zcF Yep, it's a shameless begging post for some votes in the Dormie Workshop Cover vs. Cover contest. Not totally sure of how long the voting is open, but you will need to log in with Facebook to do so. Here is the rough draft (aka I suck at digital drawing). If it wins, they will make it. https://t.co/Lft9k97zcF
  21. Spring is Here; Let’s Open the Lounge Since the Masters is now over, we can all officially welcome in the 2019 Golf Season! Sure, some of you are still dealing with snow, and some of us never really stopped playing anyway, but at least symbolically, we are all now ready to pack our gear, and hit the course. Those of us who enjoy a good stick with our sticks know that “golf gear” also includes our favorite tools for lighting up our favorite golf cigars. Just like selecting the best ball for our game, we also must take the time to select the correct cutters, lighters, and other c
  22. I'd like to see him pass Jack, and then I'd like to see the next phenom come along and pass Tiger. I love seeing golfers perform super-human feats.
  23. Congratulations to BGH Bracket/espn19369949 Shoot me a DM and let's get that putter on its way to you.
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