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  1. Thanks Foz. I think that it was the Cobra Connect Challenge stuff that got me thinking about this as well. Maybe I need to add a set of sensors to whatever I end up playing for the year.
  2. Maybe I should do it based upon the majors... Like the 80% idea a bunch. That gives me something a bit more concrete to approach the assessment.
  3. Ancil Hoffman GC is the current weekly stroll location.
  4. Ego plays a role in it for me. My foursome members looked at me funny when I said I was playing combo, but they also bomb it 50+ past me off the tee. Hitting 3H when they are hitting short irons is an ego blow as well. Makes it fun is my new life goal. The rest is just negative self talk and pride. And Marsellus Wallace taught us about the value of pride. That's a great idea for casual rounds.
  5. My usual course added blue/white combo tees this year, and I played them for the first time a few months ago. Drops yardage from 6700 to 6300. No huge difference in scoring, but way more fun to play. I'll definitely be playing these tees this soggy winter. Once fairway roll returns in the spring, we will see about going back to blue.
  6. It has been about two years since I've done the Optimizer. That's how I ended up with Nippon 1150 GS Tour shafts in the 850 Forged. Another set I probably should have stuck with, and the reason that I took a somewhat blind shot at the Srixon 756 with the Modus 120 shafts. That shaft really seems to have the right weight and flex profile for my swing. I can easily keep track of the club position, whereas the Recoil 780s in my prior set of Apex irons cause the club to seem borderline etherial.
  7. That really sounds like a solid plan. If the Callaway fitting doesn’t hold all of the answers, I’m going to work through the bag the same way. Thanks for the details [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Thanks for the positive feedback. I do welcome any of you to join me in the one set in 2019 crusade. Think of all the gear money that you can save and use for fancy booze instead. I'd have a case of Pappy Family Reserve ready to go based on 2018
  9. No F-ing Way You Can Do That! That's the response I received when I pitched this idea to my weekly play buddies. Somehow, they have come to the conclusion that I am a bit of a club ho. I've no clue where this idea came from! Sure, I've played with more putters in 2018 than most people have teeth in their heads, but that's just trying to be inclusive, I don't want the the garage multitudes feeling left out. Somewhere along the way though, I realized that swapping out gear all of the time could be costing me strokes on the course. Crazy idea, I know. What really got me thinking a
  10. Congrats all. My maps will no longer include the state of Minnesota [emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. We actually have had that for a bit. Cool concept paired with a crappy ball unfortunately. Still won't keep it out of the lake either. https://mygolfspy.com/prazza-golf-ball-finder-review/
  12. I wonder if I can actually make it through the day without buying one of these
  13. I actually like that they use their personal accounts. I like knowing that the person making the statement is on the hook for the statement. Seems more real to me. If it's just Odyssey, I have no idea who runs that account. Toulon and TM twitters are potentially fun to watch. Lots of history there.
  14. I agree with what you are saying. This type of activity has been a putter standard practice for decades. This just seemed a bit more than the standard Anser/Anser 2 - Newport/Newport 2 model. It would be like Odyssey releasing an actual red Spider and not just following TM's red color trend.
  15. Holiday Spirited Away? Normally, this is the post where I'd post a bunch of pictures of the new 2018 Scotty Cameron Holiday putter. I really want to post them too, as it's probably one of my favorite holiday putters, if not favorite Cameron putters ever. I really like what Team Cameron has come up with this time, and I could totally see myself buying and gaming the H18 Squareback. OK, here is one shot to check out. See, it's got a really cool look. I definitely want one for my collection, but I don't think that I'll pick one up this Friday when they release. The reason that I h
  16. FYI: Best Buy has the MEGABOOM 3 for $129 today. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ultimate-ears-boom-3-portable-bluetooth-speaker-sunset-red/6288529.p?skuId=6288529
  17. Pretty much. If the fit and battery are an issue then I would say spend $30 more and go with the X4 model. Otherwise these are solid. I'll post any durability discoveries should they arise through extended usage.
  18. Dave's Take: Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Headphones The Jaybird Tarah headphones may have entry-level pricing, but they deliver great sound, especially when paired with the Jaybird app. Jaybird is the Word The Jaybird Tarah is the third pair of Jaybird Bluetooth headphones that I have taken through the review process, having previously reviewed the Jaybird X3 and Jaybird Run models. In both of the previous reviews, I was definitely impressed with the Jaybird products, especially since I had never even heard of the brand prior to the first review. Well it’s been about a y
  19. KUCH! Looks like Matt Kuchar has finally found a way to get it done again. Been quite a drought for one of golf's most consistent players... Anyway, I thought it a fine time to take a look at his armlock putting style and splash a few photos of his Bettinardi. Any of you try the armlock style of putting?
  20. I figured if it's on the card then it must be cool. When I logged the round for NCGA, the app had the combo tees listed for HCP so all's good. Also played a "cheap" ball. The Callaway Superhot matte orange. Bought one at check in on a whim, and bought a box at the turn. Really fun ball to play, and definitely longer for me. No problem finding it in the leaves either. Now the one that I pulled with ferocity OB with the 3W, that one was not going to be found without a machete.
  21. Played the new combo tees at my home course yesterday (Ancil Hoffman). Only knocked about 300 yards off the total (6500->6225), but man was it more fun to play. Having the Par 4 12th go from 421 to 371 made a huge difference. I think I've shot par on that hole twice, and never with two putts to do so. I did feel like I was cheating a bit as I moved up to the white tees when the card said to do so, but I got over that. It was crazy how much more fun the round was. Didn't shoot any lower either. Actually scored two shots lower from the longer tees a few weeks back. I think that the stres
  22. They did have the Roll 2, but I agree, a ROLL 3 would be a welcome addition. I think that they thought that the Wonderboom would replace the roll...
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