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  1. Got a XIKAR torch for that pesky wind. Last time we went at the end of May it was very mild wind and dry. Fingers crossed 🤞 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. We will be staying in Lily Pond on property. That worked out great last time as we basically got there and parked, then didn't go to the car again until we left. There are four of us heading up from Sacramento in a Escalade loaded with gear. Takes about 8 hours. Considered flying in, but wanted to save the money. Play plan: Sunday: Arrive-Play Shorty's and Punchbowl Monday: Bandon Trails and Bandon Dunes then Preserve/Punchbowl Tuesday: Pacific Dunes and Old Mac then Preserve/Punchbowl Wednesday: Home full of Advil
  3. I'm Going Back to Bandon, Bandon, Bandon Yep, you read that right, in about a month from now I will be making a return visit to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. No, that's not a humble brag. It's a 100% non-humble big huge brag. It's a I'm a lucky bastard brag. My prior trip to Bandon Dunes is one of my most memorable golf experiences to date. Thinking about getting to go back there gives me untypeable hands, as they are preoccupied clapping together with joy. I'm only half kidding there… For those of you not in the know about Bandon Dunes, follow this LINK to the resort site, browse aroun
  4. Just a bump here to let you know that they are expanding the voice commands of the UE BLAST and MEGABLAST. If you use Spotify, this is pretty cool... ------------ Voice Control for Spotify Coming Soon on Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and BLAST Enhanced App Features Available Now and Grouping Later This Year LAUSANNE, Switzerland & NEWARK, Calif. — April 19, 2018 — Today, Ultimate Ears announced new features for Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and BLAST, the recently-released portable speakers from the brand's Wi-Fi and BluetoothⓇ smart speaker range, with immersive 360-degree sound and A
  5. I have used the MLA system. Like the idea but it wasn't the killer app for me. At least with the head I had. Maybe I need to buy another MLA putter with a different head. [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I think that the insert has played out better for me than expected. So far so good, but the feedback is definitely different from a milled head.
  7. So far so good. Honestly, my putter slot in the bag has a revolving door. Partially because of my job here at mygolfspy, but also because of my putter addiction. To be fair, many of my rotating gamers pre-date my time as a MGS staffer. This marxman S has a better than average chance at longevity at this point, though there is an EXO in construction right now, and the Toulon Rochester and Bettinardi ZomBB0 would both like back in the bag as well...
  8. Well hello there MGS readers. Today, you are reading the first installment of a new putter series that I will be putting together for your reading pleasure. Welcome to Dave's Putter Profiles Rather than look at all putters head to head, like MGS does with the Most Wanted Putter testing, Dave's Putter Profiles will focus on single models, exploring the features of that individual model, and taking some time to show what separates it from the others in the corral. While the mission of mygolfspy is to be unfalteringly #datacratic, these articles will be much more editorial, and ideally con
  9. With the Warming Comes The Coolers! Truth be told, it wasn't that cold in NorCal in the winter. I've played some cold rounds of golf, but I'd definitely qualify them as California cold. That's the cold where I'm wearing three layers of pants, and those that live where that snow stuff falls would likely view the weather as tropical, and be playing in shorts. I'll concede the point that some of you are more winter resistant than I am. But the winter is finally going away. Even if it's still snowing like a beast on your driveway, the fact that it's The Masters week means that spring is here! T
  10. Congrats to AirJordan on the close win. Shoot me a DM and we can figure out how to get you the balls. Thanks to Srixon and to all of you for playing
  11. It's The Masters Week So I plan on watching a bit more golf than usual this week, and wouldn't you know it, that whole work thing is cutting into my golf watching. Now I'm not saying we should all ignore our jobs, but there must be a way for work and golf watching to coexist. Thankfully, we have our phones. Little pocket-sized windows into the coolness at Augusta. If you have a cable account, or Direct TV, you can get a little feed going from the security of your trousers. FYI, here is the Direct TV (in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) no less) coverage for Thursday and Friday: Thursday, A
  12. Tier 1: Tiger Woods Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Charley Hoffman Tier 4: Ollie Schniederjans Tier 5: Bernhard Langer Winning Score: -11 Low AM: +6
  13. Current state of bracket with UVA loss: (actually super happy that a 16 beat a 1, just wish it was Xavier instead...)
  14. So happy about AZ losing. Didn't have that pick, but #nopittyforthekitty So much for basketball at UofA. My Sun Devils stank up the court at the end of the season, but at least we will have a program next year
  15. Prize updated. Thanks Srixon!
  16. Pick a Winner! It's that time of the year again. Get the brackets in and you have a chance to win fabulous prizes. What prize? Well how about three dozen personalized Srixon balls? You pick the model, and you personalize them to your heart's desire. Put your name on them, or make a statement. It's up to you. All you need to do to win is pick more wins than the rest of us Follow this Link: http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2018/en/group?groupID=2509705 Password: mygolfspy Good Luck!
  17. Still have my white SLDR in the garage bag, but the G400 keeps making the to the course bag. Such a beast. Only real threat may be the G400 MAX... But I'll be damned if I'm getting rid of that SLDR. I've even got four different shafts for it when it needs a fancy new outfit.
  18. Wife had it. Still comes back a bit here and there. Epley maneuver was helpful to get the crystals back into the right part of the ears for her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epley_maneuver Pretty damn scary, but it does seem to go away...
  19. It's not just plating, it's whole different metals and a new scheme for construction but I agree that $500 for a 2Ball seems crazy. Much of the cost came in time expenditures. The top and bottom sections took about 6 hours to mill each. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Dude, Those are Sweet! So I totally dude-ed myself when I looked at the press release email about the new Scotty Cameron Select line. Truth be told, I kind of ignore most things Cameron these days since they really aren't that interested in working with us here at mygolfspy. I always look though. I'm just rarely that impressed with what has been coming from them as of late. That's feeling has now changed. I am super interested in the new Select line. Obviously, I've not had a chance to roll them yet, but the photos are showing some of the best looking Cameron putters in years. Cl
  21. Like the 8 a bunch. Hopefully we see these in hand soon
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